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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Set the ledger against the house wall or other solid structure and attach with lag screws. Cast concrete footings in the ground, then attach the concrete piers on top to hold the posts.
Cut a post longer than the required length, then set it in the post anchor on top of a pier.
Follow the same procedure for all other posts, marking and cutting them individually to allow for any height variations.
Set posts for railings, benches, and overheads in place, and install any plumbing or wiring.
Cut the decking boards to the correct length, then start laying them across the joists, beginning at the ledger and setting the convex side up if attractive.

Adjust the width of the final board as needed, either by setting a slightly wider board in place or cutting one so it is less wide. Subscibe To Our News Letter And Get Exclusive Discounts And Unadvertised Special Offers Only For Our Subsribers.
Composite, Vinyl and Aluminum Decking Alternative deck materials are a great choice for people who want to enjoy their deck without all the maintenance required by wood.
The advantage of a floating deck is that it is possible to be moved to any location in the yard. The reason for asking is that someone said it would allow the snow and water to run under the deck where it meets the house where it is attached to the house. Avoid disturbing the soil where the footings will go because footings need to set in undisturbed soil to prevent settling. Then use a line level or water level to mark the post so it is the same height as the bottom of the joists.

On all Outdoor Cedar Wood Patio Furniture including Adirondack Chairs, outdoor garden arbors, potting benches, planters and handcrafted wooden dog houses. This is where the person was thinking of the rot that would occur under the sideing and between the house and the deck. If the joists are to sit on a beam set on the post, subtract that height, then mark and cut the beam.
What would the joist be attached to for strength and the sona tubes would they go near the house?

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