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Location: South Australia Home Built Jet Dinghy's from New Zealand Just thought some of you might like to see these little home built aluminium jet boats from New Zealand. There are quite a few on youtube, some with Jetski engines, others running 600 to 1000cc motorcycle engines directly coupled to PWC jet pumps. I just came across these on youtube etc and thought members here may be interested in seeing them, or even be inspired to build one them self.
I was merely searching the web for small 8-10' speedboats as I am wanting to build one suitable for a 25hp short-shaft Merc outboard I have. Location: South Australia Here is a link to the page showing the plastic sheet being made and fitted, with his explanation. We have a great jet-sprint series here in Australia, back 15 or so years ago we even had a course here in South Australia at Currency Creek built on the side of our lower Murray River system near Goolwa.
It was a perfect location where the course sat in the bottom of a natural amphitheatre and the crowd watched on from the high land around it, and the sound of those big V8 engines at full power echoed off the hills. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Konrad advised the new jet is being built because customers have approached Scott Waterjet to fill the gap between jetski size jets and the 8.5 inch industry standard jet. The jets powering jetskis and personal watercraft are not rugged or durable enough for extreme jet boating. The new jet model SWJ-602 is a 6" two stage jet modelled on our very successful two stage sprint and recreational jets.
We believe this is a real advance in jet propulsion, as with its lightweight and small footprint in the boat it will be ideally suited to all types of smaller boats.
Scott Waterjet are confident, with the tightening EPA regulations in the USA, that there will be growing demand, particularly in rescue and recovery, shallow river boating and small recreational boats - for the new 6 inch jet. While this jet is still in development we would welcome feedback and input from boat builders, rescue agencies, and prospective boat owners on technical requirements.
The other requirements for the boat where - shallow draft and low wake just like the M-hull or the Inverted V hull. At the scale you're talking about, the jet drive suppliers would likely be Hamilton, Ultradynamics, etc. Speaking in very general terms, jets tend to be less susceptible to weed-related problems than outboards or sterndrives, but they can still suck up enough weeds to stall the engine.
Rocks, sand and other hard materials will do a fair bit of damage to the drive if sucked up. Location: spain Im not completely aware of the design of the shaft seals on a jet. While not designed for weeds, they are about the right size for your requirements, with shallow draft, and very fast. One who furrows the sea enters into a union with happiness - the world belongs to him, and he reaps without sowing, for the sea is a field of hope. Seeing that Phantom boat made me think again about jets and their advantages for such application.
Location: Juneau, Alaska I have never ridden in, or worked on those boats, but I used to work in the marina that the tour boats operated out of.

They are somewhat noisier than a non-jet powered boat of the same size, due to the drives being so close to the surface, but I'm not sure if it would be noticeable when running. Daniel I can say straight away that most of the water jets not tolerate aquatic vegetation. You should be alert to the possibility that the efficiency of propulsion that can walk on grass, will be slightly lower than usual. Location: Ontario If the water is too shallow or vegetated for a jet, it's probably also too shallow or vegetated for a sterndrive, outboard or conventional inboard.
Folks who live near mud flats have created drives specifically for this application- tunnel mounted, swept-blade surface props that can work on the mud and that shed weeds. Originally Posted by SKR I can say straight away that most of the water jets not tolerate aquatic vegetation. Originally Posted by marshmat If the water is too shallow or vegetated for a jet, it's probably also too shallow or vegetated for a sterndrive, outboard or conventional inboard. If this is your first visit, please click the Sign Up now button to begin the process of creating your account so you can begin posting on our forums! Very nice work ,looks like you know what your doing ,cant wait to see her when your finnished.Are you going to leave the strakes at the aft end on or grind em off?,just wondering if they will create too much lift mind you they might help as im asuming that rig is quite heavy ?. Been involved with serious jetski racing and one of the things that we worked on was to ensure the jets stays hooked and different scoop gate was tried to maximise the jet pump for max. PLEASE READ: If you have problems logging in with your old password, click the Forgot Password link in the log in screen to get an email verification to request a new password or click Here. So now that the Nytro is about finished for the next season, it is time to start this winters project: a mini aluminum hull jet boat powered by my 09 nytro motor. I hope this build is ok to post in the garage section being that it is powered by a yamaha.
I've got a couple questions for you, how are you connecting the stubshaft to the marine coupler? 70 items Provides you with the plans and will send them to the cut business firm of your choice.
Learn more close to use and selection of the proper channels on your boat’s radioRescue xxi Rescue 21 represents a John R.
In particular customers wanted smaller, aggressive jetboats to access river systems that normally require physically man-handling boats across, or around unboatable sections, or are simply too tight for regular jetboats. Braided or extreme rivers need jets that can maintain high thrust, while running with sticks and stones in the intake grate. It features a tough cast aluminum intake, one piece stator, high tensile impellors, full reverse and the Scott trim nozzle system.
Until a few days ago I was convinced that it will not work but since I have seen the videos with Phantom Jet boats I thought I might give it a chance here and ask. There's often a cleanout port in the top of the intake duct that extends above the waterline and can be opened while the boat's in the water. I suppose fishing line could damage the seals, and strands of floating rope are of course an excellent weapon against PWCs (if sucked in, they wrap around the shaft and jam the thing up). In general I am not concerned about the floating ropes and fishing line because there's little or none where I operate the boats.

Ok ish at high speed but don't ever slow down and hope to restart ,high intake suction will cause blockages in weed and damage in silt in shallow water. As I said I have no experience what so ever apart the few jets on the Danube I consider ancient dinosaurs.
Ultimately, though, if the water is so shallow you can't use a jet, you should probably be thinking of an air propeller or even a hovercraft.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. All the time has been working on getting a proper model that i can lay flat for the patterns. We are just going to connect using a modified coupler and hopefully be able to tune the impeller and intake size to allow the extra rpm. The Incredible SJX Jet Boat Shallow pee Aluminium reverse lightning Boat The unparalleled conception of this jet sauceboat changed all the rules and reigned supreme inwards the jet Aluminum Boat Plans.
The availability of high revving, light weight engines has now made the development of this jet practical. Importantly the low upfront cost of the jet, and very low operating cost will make it a very attractive alternative for smaller boats. The jet pump supplier should be involved fairly early in the design process, before the hull shape is finalized. So they're not impervious to damage, but are arguably more likely to survive impact and sucking-stuff-up than a typical outboard.
Water will follow are round edge making a bubble directs the water right into the intake and since water does not compress the water pushes up bubble. Their engineers see requirements like yours all the time and can help to ensure that you'll end up with a hull and drive that are appropriately matched. Noisy jet boats are nomally just not properly silenced underwater exhausts are discouraged as they add to cavitation in reverse. A reverse cut thread on the shaft is thought to prevent monofilament winding in and cutting the shaft seals Well Anthony I am afraid you are correct about this and this is also my fear. I know that weedless propellers are less efficient that's why I was trying to avoid them for high speed.
To close to the intake and it shoots the water right on past the intake and to far away t don't reach the intake. I am kinda shooting in the dark here so if anyone has further knowledge than i do on the subject feel free to chime in.
There are so many pros and cons that make almost impossible to chose a different type of propulsion than the traditional propeller with its shortcomings and all.
I have made a otiose attempt at finding plans for an aluminum jet sled aluminum jet boat plans.
10 fundament sooty gravy holder Cope Aluminum Boat Designs proven plans for highschool lineament welded Al boats.

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