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Follow Steps 1-7 five more times and you will end up the 6 sides you need to make the Lego ball.
I'm hoping the pictures are clear enough that you can build the ball solely from them but I have included text on each step just incase you get stuck. I'm including a parts list of the parts I used in this Instructable so that it will be easier to understand.

Awsome ball- i finished all the sides but i cant find any of the 1x4 bricks with knobs :( . Though this doesn't do it quite the same way as the Lego Circle, I'm going to again show you how to use rectangular bricks to make round shapes.
Of course you can always substitute for parts that you don't have with ones that you do (like using two 2x4s in place of the 4x4 or using two 2x4s in place of the 2x8) but just be cautious about maintaining structural integrity.
LEGO actually featured a similar ball on the cover of a catalog a few years ago but didn't tell how to construct it or even sell the set!

I know rainbow warrior (using bricks in any and all colors) is sometimes the only option but the shape of the ball shows up better in solid color so if possible, try to stick to just one color.

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