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If someone had only told my seven year old self that, in the future, it would be possible to make a living building LEGO, I might not be sitting here writing this now.
A professional LEGO artist, Sean makes a living from various corporate commissions for the likes of Google, ABC, NBC and Mazda, to name but a few. Todd, Tim and Kellan Cook love Baseball, the Seattle Mariners and trekking around the country to visit stadiums and watch games. As shown above to the right, I noticed something really interesting:  there is a head level window above the urinals in the little boys’ room so the gents can keep an eye on the bar and CF from the john.
If you cannot tell, that is Matt Moore throwing a ball right at us (well, a little to our left) as we peaked over the bullpen wall from the warning track.  If you look closely, you can see the ball in the air.  How awesome is that, huh?
In the photo above to the right, check out the awesome dent in the green “HIT” light.  I love it!  I wonder who peppered balls off of that light to contribute to that dent.
Mortensen also commented about Avi’s O’s jersey, but then he told Tim that he couldn’t knock a Mariners jersey because he is from the Northwest. We forgot to bring a water bottle and Tim was getting thirsty so we left Avi on the field and headed into the concourse to grab some water.  When we bought our water, the cash register lady told us to be sure to get some free food for Tim and Kellan and the nearby concession stand – kids eat free in April at Fenway! And then they started to usher the fans off of the field.  We met up with Avi again in LF and the four of us dragged our feet as much as we could and ended up being the very last fans to leave the playing field! I think that photo really puts into perspective how tiny Fenway Park is.  Mentally compare that photo to any other ballpark…the others will look a whole lot bigger.

Oh, I guess that’s what the level at the top-back of the grandstand is called, the grandstand level. That is Pedroia getting thrown out at home while the Rays pitcher, Alex Cobb, lays on his back flaying his legs.
Next, we headed up to the foul corner of the Monster.  You can get up there onto the Monster in foul territory without tickets, but you need Monster tickets to get into fair territory. He had apparently noticed Mickey on our way up to section 18 and he needed some Mickey Mouse! Then (after running back-and-forth a bit because I forgot my backpack in section 10) we made our way back to section 9 where we chatted with the same lady who had forced us to sit in the expensive seats before the game.  She explained how we could get out to the upper deck porch out in RF. We decided we couldn’t leave during a no hitter.  Avi started to actively root for a Rays hit…I was fine hanging out longer if it meant we got to see a no-hitter. And then we were on the road for New York.  The traffic was terrible getting to the freeway, it probably took us 10-15 minutes, during which time the Red Sox scored one more run. Once we got to the freeway (aside from one quick wrong turn), the trip down to New York was all smooth sailing. After the people at Fenway being so incredibly nice, Avi was not feeling the customer service policies at Yankee Stadium, particularly the constant instructions for me to take Kellan off of my shoulders. After the game, Orioles bullpen coach Rudy Arias tried to toss a baseball to Tim, but it feel short.  An usher saw it all happened and made sure the ball was thrown back to Tim.

It was pretty amazing that he fit in there because there is almost no room whatsoever between Tim’s and Kellan’s car seats. I can’t wait to get out to there and visit some of our favorite ballparks again, and several ballparks we have never visited before.
This mechanism is a switch that you can use to trigger the light while playing with the saucer. Here is a compilation of 30 Lego creations which will leave you in awe of the creators imagination and creativity at the same time wondering how much time and how many bricks were used in creating this masterpiece. ANDREW !!Nigel Webster: I'm not a Yankee fan, but this is just so real to the Yankee Stadium. The 85-year legacy of Yankee Stadium ended on bitter sweet terms as the Yankees won on the September 21st closing night only to be eliminated from the playoff race for the first time in 13 seasons days later. Although, even with my considerable early promise, it’s unlikely that I would be able to rival the current King of LEGO, Sean Kenney. With his work featuring all over the world from The New York Times and Good Morning America to BBC news and The Wall Street Journal.

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