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First I cut 1mm thin stripes from the balsa wood, and for the bell's rail also a 0.5mm thin stripe and painted all with the enamel. The bells roof was made out of the pizza box carton taped with the foil and altered with oil paints (black on the outside and brown on the inside & edges).
The bell itself was made out of paper (bell body), some drops of CA (bell shoulder; unfortunately we had no baking soda, so I could not try out Glen's method) and card (bell tongue) and colored with a golden marker.
The bell crown and the hanging device (sry, no better English word found ) were made out of black thread. She's really coming along nicely, and now she is all dry s you can handle her without getting your hands dirty!
The visible end piece of the tiller was made out of the same card and painted with oil paints (burnt umber & burnt sienna). What an ingenious way of mounting the rudder and it looks good too Is there a source of plans free for the asking out there somewhere?
I am a descendant of Willaim Bradford who was the captian of the Mayflower, I would love to build this model. The ship docked at Plymouth to take extra passengers after setting off from Rotherhithe in London.The charity, which has already helped train 300 young people in skills such as carpentry, hopes its training centre will act as a "legacy" of the ship build.
North Korea has sentenced Kim Dong-chul, a naturalised US citizen, to 10 years of hard labour for spying.

Select picture or schematic to display from thumbnails on the right and click for download. High quality, high sensitivity FM only table model with large 10 x 6in speaker and push-pull output. I don`t know if anyone amongst the RMorg membership is also a member of the Hacker Group forum as I am, but if anyone is contemplating any major work on one of these truly brilliant valve radios, I did an article on the total re-build from chassis up, and sent the photographs to the Hacker Group. There is a downside, even if not a major one, if anyone would like access to these photographs - you need to join the Hacker  Group, as these are only available to members. On accessing, because of the security, you will be requested to join the Hacker Group as I said. There are 20 photographs in total, and show the errors I made when trying to refurbish the wooden case, as well as details which I didn`t cock-up, like capacitor replacement.
For any American readers of this article, the Hacker Group has recently been in contact with the Grundig Radio Group in the US, where these Grundig enthusiasts have just come across the Hacker radios, and there is cooperation between the two Groups over introducing themselves to one another. Perhaps someone who knows how to do these things, and has the time to be bothered and thinks it worthwhile, could add the links to both the Hacker Group Forum website, and the actual photo` file itself. I don`t really see the point however of adding my own Mayflower to the model page as it will just demonstrate my lack of ability when it comes to woodwork refurbishment: Bakelite I`m ok with, but woodwork surfaces I just seem to make worse. Therefore I opened the thread to make it thinner, applied some CA and formed it into the right shape (see pic.

The only thing I ever found out about woodwork surfaces & their improvement was the use of walnuts in obtaining a protective shine, but the Mayflower needed a bit more than that, and a bit more than I was capable of at the time, and I am no better now.
The rivets were imitated with a needle without its sharp end (was a waste form in the needle box, but very useful!). On a big build like this there's always the danger that when you advance your building style changes and evolves. On picture two you can see that I also attached a cord to the bell's tongue (whats the name for that cord?), but later rejected that idea.
I am not sure where that cord would go, how long it should be and anyway, it should be made out of brownish thread. It was a 30 boat vessel the Pilgrims brought with them, dismantled, to be used in the New World. Over the centuries the place was continuously being built up and the doors grew in dimension right along with it!

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