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Some friends of mine recently had a house full of family who had come to say goodbye to their beloved mother and grandmother. Brittney was trying to decide earlier on a gift for an aunt on the one-year anniversary of losing a daughter. I'm really going to try to be good about my holiday checklist this week (if you missed the original, you can get it here).
If you want your bread to have a crunchy crust (like when baking french bread, for example), bake it with a ceramic dish filled with water. A little more fun for your coworkers, with *almost* everything coming in at $15 or under (I couldn't resist the porcupine, even if he is a tad spendy, I mean look at the little guy. You need enough water to completely cover the cans.A  Place the cans in the center of the pot, unopened.
It's so nice to feel like you have something to offer when someone close to you needs to feel your support.

As you can imagine, things were a little crazy as the family tried to prepare for the funeral and keep everyone housed and fed. Brittney makes journals, and ended up making this: it's a 52-week journal that will give this mother a chance to journal thoughts to her daughter.
Last year I pulled Christmas decoration boxes out of the shed and into the garage after Halloween and it really helped. It's a fun place to visit for craft and recipe ideas (like the candy corn bags featured here). Keep the pan at a simmer, not a hard boil, for 90 minutes to 4 hours, depending on how solid you like your ddl. Several friends helped with meals, and one thoughtful friend stopped by with this: A stack of fluffy white bath towels and a apothecary jar full of beautiful soaps. You can read the details as these lovely women have shared them and the other very thoughtful ideas in the comments here.

One of the best memories of growing up was smearing a gloppy cornstarch and dye mixture over paper to make the sky and landscape, and sprinkling it with glitter. Last week these lovely ladies stopped by and mentioned they are looking for coworker gifts in the $10-$15 range. CAUTION: The can becomes pressurized when cooking, so for safety reasons, don't allow the water to boil vigorously. My friend said she had so many house guests that they'd been pulling beach towels off the shelves. And as a bonus (as if you needed one), you have the multiplication tables printed right on the lid.

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