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Nettleton’s nitpick blind is built onto an 18-foot aluminum johnboat with an open hull design. The boat blind has a 27-inch high front section and a 36-inch high back section, with both sections curving into the boat gunwales contours.
The boat blind is 14 feet long, stretching from the forward deck of the boat to the transom.
Nettleton had tried many different materials for constructing the frame and skin of other blinds. Nettleton found aluminum sheeting about half the thickness of his johnboat hull at a metal supply company. Uncertain about welding the frame because he had no welding experience, Nettleton went home and checked his garage. The U-bolts fit over handle-like conduit loops welded to the bottom of the frame and projecting to the interior of the boat. To cover the access aisle during hunts, Nettleton cut camouflaged Cordura fabric to fit and fastened with zip ties along the high side (back) of the blind. This powerboat is moored through both bow chocks with two of the new Cyclone Mooring Pendants. A permanent mooring must remain secure for long periods while unattended, occasionally under adverse conditions. Concrete Blocks: Many boats use 50-gallon drums filled with cement, concrete blocks, auto engine blocks and other types of dead weight. Mushroom Anchor: the most common type of mooring anchor is the mushroom, which, under ideal conditions, with the right kind of bottom, can dig in, create suction and develop good holding power.
Pyramid Anchor: The cast-iron Dor-Mor pyramid anchor is a superior alternative to the mushroom.
Helical Screw: while the above types rely for holding power on sheer weight or a combination of weight and embedding themselves in the bottom, the helical anchor is screwed into the seabed, usually by a barge-mounted hydraulic device.
Two styles of Taylor mooring buoys are shown on typical systems with primary and secondary chain. The buoy must have about twice as much flotation as the suspended chain has weight in order for it to ride high enough in the water to be visible. Effective chafe protection is recommended for the point where the pendant passes through a chock.
Cyclone Mooring Pendants, a new product line made from STS-12 Dyneema line, was developed by Nantucket Moorings in conjunction with MIT. Hurricanes making landfall in locations along the Eastern Seaboard have wrecked hundreds of boats over the past twenty years, many of which were driven ashore with their complete and intact mooring systems still attached.
A two pump system is the preferred system of boat builders wanting to provide a superior livewell. He has owned and built 12 boat blinds over many years of waterfowl hunting, including three commercial blinds and nine of his own design. If the blind has an open top, he has noticed that many ducks flare away as they spot the hunters attempting to hide inside. He found the materials he had used — canvas, burlap, PVC and other materials — were not durable.
He also found 1-inch square tubing, but it was expensive, and he was advised to weld the frame for durability, rather than bolt it together. Nettleton discovered that cleaning the aluminum with alcohol and using a base coat of metal primer help paint adhere.

But he decided to use woven palm mats because of their greater durability and lighter weight. For peace of mind, it should be properly sized for the job, and determining the minimum size has a lot to do with the conditions under which the boat is moored, the amount of fetch for waves to build up, and whether your mooring is a temporary one, designed for overnight use in fair weather, or a mooring capable of riding out a hurricane. This type provides the least holding power, working on the principle of sheer weight, but is reliable if pulled out of the bottom.
Mushroom anchors work best in a silt or mud bottom, and are not as effective in rocks or coarse sand. Its smaller size, concentrated weight and pyramid shape allows it to embed itself more rapidly, and its holding power (at a scope of 3:1) is up to about ten times its weight. The two preferred designs for mooring buoys are a traditional buoy with hardware or a buoy with a tube through the center. The Taylor Sur-Moora„? T3Ca„? buoys allow you to pass the chain through the center of the buoy, and attach the pendant on top. Large-diameter three-strand nylon line is used because its inherent elasticity (stretching about 10 percent under a load equaling 20 percent of its tensile strength) allows it to act as a shock absorber. This is critical, as failure caused by chafe at this location is one of the main reasons why boats end up on the beach.
For real holding power, we would use real anchors instead of the concrete blocks in Taylor’s diagram!
Traditional pendants are made from three-strand nylon, to absorb shocks by their elastic nature. Their high tensile strength allow smaller lines to be used, so they fit more easily on boats with smaller cleats and chocks.
Weather forecasters predict that we’re now in a period where we can expect more storms of greater destructive force. It holds three hunters, and can hunt a fourth if everyone is familiar with the blind’s confines and layout. The front and back sections curve an equal distance inward from the gunwales, leaving the access aisle open in the center for great stability when hunters are walking amidships. But the bow of the boat is not covered, leaving the factory installed forward deck platform open for easy hunter access.
Then, the nuts were tightened and the tips of the U-bolts cut off and ground to remove sharp edges. He painted the blind with a finish coat of flat tan and added dark stripes.Using metal pipe straps, he fastened sections of 2-inch-by-4-inch wire fence to the outside of the boat. On a typical hunt, the two decoy bins hold 15 Canada goose, 20 super magnum mallard, 60 magnum mallard and 12 standard mallard decoys. If a mushroom gets pulled out of the bottom, it is less likely to reset itself completely, and will merely skip along across the bottom. These professionally-installed anchors, originating in the offshore oil industry, have gained popularity with recreational boaters since the 1990s, and have the most extreme holding power in relation to their weight.
Both offer reliable flotation and will last for several seasons, depending upon the salinity of the water. Secure the mooring chain at the top using a 4" galvanized O-ring, such as Model 201105, and add the T3Ca„? Mooring Collar to protect the buoy from wear by the anchor chain and extend its lifespan. Polyester line, Dyneema line or stainless steel wire is preferred by some for better chafe resistance. This stretch, while allowing your boat a comfortable, cushioned ride, allows the line to move across the bow chocks, creating friction and causing chafe.

Just how large does a mooring system need to be, in case you’re caught by extreme weather with the boat swinging on its mooring? The forward deck also provides a place for a retriever to shake off water outside of the blind and allows better visibility while the boat is underway.
For additional support, conduit fasteners were also screwed to the frame and gunwales using self-tapping screws. Each hunter rolls up the section at his shooting port and the fabric stays in place at the ports without hunters to keep out the elements and assist in hiding the blind.Each hunter station also has a grass mat that folds down to cover the aisle. Note that concrete loses over half of its weight when submerged in water, so a mooring designed to withstand a 500lb. The secondary (riding) chain, is connected to the ground chain with a galvanized shackle or swivel. Also, because the top and bottom sections are just looped together through spliced eyes, you can replace a damaged section without replacing the entire pendant. The following chart gives an estimate of the wind loads (based on the windage of the vessel) and the required size of a pyramid anchor.
Additional features include decoy storage, gun storage, stove and heater, and hunter seating. To remove the blind, take out the U-bolts and the screws holding the conduit frame to the boat. A piece of 4-inch-by-4-inch wire fencing secured with wire ties folds from the rear to cover about half the distance across the aisle. A gun rack welded to the top of the frame secures firearms in soft cases.The blind is almost completely enclosed when set up for hunting.
Diameter should be as large as is practical—it must be able to fit through bow chocks and around a bow cleat.
This will allow fish to remain healthy while the standard livewell pump is off when the boat is in contaminated water, or when the pump is air-locked.
A grass mat is secured to the fencing with wire ties, leaving enough grass to hang down to provide cover for the shooting port.
The doors lay flat for easy access and also rotate into the decoy bins to create shelves for gloves, ammunition and other gear during the hunt. 238 Free Do It Yourself Backyard externalize Plans Covered Outdoor animation Spaces Deck Patio Designs Plans Ideas Pictures by river dock ideas.
The heavier chain is not used for the entire run so that the mooring buoy does not have to support an excessive amount of weight. Single would like to build a relatively inexpensive dock on the small river creek we have at one adjoin of our property river dock ideas.
Chain should be as large as possible—make the riding chain at least double the size of the chain on your anchor rode. When the boat is on a plane, the intake of the pump is out of the water and is ineffective.

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