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You must have heard about various solar powered things; a solar cooker, a solar heater, a solar pool heater and the count goes on with this rising demand for solar powered stuffs. Now check if all the parts of RC10L and servo fit to the plywood pieces and later on check if these pieces do fit into the cavities of the cutouts.
Firstly put the suitable spur gear on the wheel assembly and later on fix the motor to the mounting bulkhead with the cross brace that comes along with the motor. Now attach the Power Pod and fix the Shock to the upper Pod and plug the servo extension to RX. While test driving the car, you can check the functioning of the motor pod using a battery of voltage similar to that of solar panel. While attaching the POWER POD to the T-plate use the Outer screw holes, not the center ones.
While fixing the parts, it is recommended to glue one piece at a time as glue takes time to set. Test the car in various driving situations, such as full speed, hard starts, sweeping corners, slow starts as well as switch back corners. It could well be that other brands do not work this well but this is someting you will need to test out yourself. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
In this step we're making a motortower for the thrust-motor and we're going to start making the rudder. For testing the motors, you first have to solder an electric circuit to connect the battery to the ESC's and motors.
In this instructable I will show you how I build my hovercraft, powered by electric motors and controlled by a radio transmitter.
As you're using two ESCs, did you program the lift motor ESC to provide constant running?
The Remote Control (RC) Helicoptes we see on TV or at the park are spectacular electronic toys. The combination of spy products and a remote control helicopter simply intrigues me, can you blame me? This Do It Yourself project creates the Helicopter from left over electronic products and their salvagable parts, such as Hard Drives. You could also find additional aerial solutions by simply getting Electric RC model airplanes already built for aerial photography or stick to the spy cam area by learning how to build spy cam sunglasses.
If you are a Geek who likes New Gadgets, cool Technology or fun Designs and want to write about it, let us know! I have some broken small RC car without remote control and I was interesting to hack the H-bridge of these car and connect them to micro controller circuit  in order to make for example a line follower robot or obstacle avoidance robot. 1-Receiver circuit which is define the frequency that the car will work on( for example 40Mhz or 27 Mhz). 3-Dual H-bridge circuit for driving two DC motor (one for backward ,forward and the other for the steering).
By connecting +5 volt to these pins you will be able to control the motors but be careful don't connect 5 volt to right and left or backward and forward on the same time ,you might burn your circuit (depend on circuit design) . Now you can remove RX-2 chip and connect the H-bridge pins to a micro controller  but it's better to connect a 330 ohm resistor between them for current limitation. I am planning to buy a new DC motor driver board which can run 5amp motor but I don't know how to connect it with Atmega 8A chip.
1- yes you should make two circuit, that's why I suggest you to use L293D or L298 because with one IC you can control two DC motor .
Install your electronics, drive the car around in front of your house to make sure everything is working correctly (steering trim, steering end points, ect). Example, this one below - it's seemingly ready to run and should be under $100-120 when the auction ends. As all have said building a custom car is not as easy as it sounds.In addition to having the know-how to use the tools you need to build the car,you also need to be well versed in things like weight distribution, and the basic physics behind the car that make it work the way you want it to.

Now join the Pinion near the motor shaft, line up the gear and set the appropriate gear mesh. Join the parts of RC10L to the chassis and then the T-plate as well as Shock and Mount to the mount in the Chassis. Insert the wheel assemblies and connect the steering linkages to the steering block and servo. Before placing the panel you can place mock solar cells made of card stock to ensure fits on the poster board. All the planes below are very EASY and super CHEAP to build Twin Ducted Fan Jet for intermediate advanced RC pilots. I think it's intended purpose is for sealing the monokote on airplanes, but it works fine for me. They work on metal and plastic tanks and have adhesive backing for sticking to very clean surfaces. I use a 7ah sealed battery in summer time will take engine to 200 in about 8 to 10 min check temp under cooling heat at cylinder do not let it get to hot. I've bought them from a Dutch site, but I did some research for you to get the same stuff from other sites.
For example, when you throttle off the push motor for a turn, is the lift motor still running? In a sense they provide us the freedom to control flying machinery and also grant us the ability to fly (or an alternative to it). It goes through with detail how to build the Helicopter, attach the servos, and how to build a spy cam for it. I presume that you are wanting to build a car to race as this is mostly a racing oriented forum.
Typically when somebody wants to build a car completely from scratch it is because there is not a car that exist that fits their needs. For these items you don't want to go cheap because you will just end up buying better stuff later.
Normally when people scrarch build cars they borrow these items from other cars and mix them with their custom parts to build their vehicle.
Go to your local track and start talking to people, I almost guarantee you will be able to find someone that has a car for sale. After everything is in good working order get a set of the right tires for the track and glue them up on the right wheels for the car. To me they are the best part of the hobby and it lets people use their imagination and be innovative. If you have small foam sheets then attach two sheets together to make it in to a larger one.
Use one large piece to mount the shock and the T-Plate and the last piece to mount the servo.
Use some weights to avoid the polyurethane glue from escalating thereby preventing the shifting of the location of the piece.
If you wish to install a capacitor, then the male power connector would be a perfect to solder the leads of the capacitor. Now fix a female plug to the stranded wires to complete the final connection from the panel to the Power Pod. Flying RC airplanes is an entertaining way spend leisurely afternoon with friends and family. You must build a plane that is aerodynamically sound, then use the radio control fly it smoothly.
If you have questions or if I'm not specific enough about something, leave a comment and I will try to answer it. This DIY project outlines how to build your very own remote control helicopter that has a wireless spy cam for photography and view. Just imagine the ability to eaves drop or record people without their knowledge from the air – a little appalling isn’t it?

It's best to buy the best stuff you can afford right from the begining, and save yourself the headache. So unless you have access to a full machine shop, and an injection molding machine, you will need to borrow parts from other cars that already exist.
Find out if the on site hobbyshop carries parts for the car, also find out what the good tires are for the track. You dont know how many times I have seen someone new show up with the right tires on the wrong wheels and wonder why their car doesn't work right.
After you can fix other peoples mistakes really well it might be time to consider building a car from scratch, diving in head first with trying to build a custom car without having any real knowledge of what your trying to accomplish is going to prove very frusrtating. Its a technical RC forum for people with questions like this to get answers not be criticized for having an idea they wish to turn into a reality. CAN'T BE REPEALED (GUN CONTROL FORBIDDEN) THE TRUMP CARD ENACTED BY CONGRESS FURTHER ASSERTING THE SECOND AMENDMENT AS UNOUTCHABLEPEOPLE OF THE LIE: CANCER ! Make sure that the gluing surface is large enough that ply wood doesn’t get ripped off from the foam when under stress. You can take piano wires, sharpened and poked the wire through the tunnel from the steering wheel in the foam to the servo horn. In contrast to the left throttle stick which falls back to the center position when released. Vehicle dynamics are very complex, do you understand what it takes to make a car handle the way you want it to? I would not recomend buying used electronics unless you know the person you are buying the stuff from, and you know that they take good care of their stuff. Another thing to think about is with custom vehicles come custom made parts, if you break something you can't just go to your LHS and buy the part, or hop on the ol' internet and order it, you have to make it. After you buy a car familiarize yourself with it, read the instruction manual cover to cover.
Im not bashing on anyone but I have had question like this and no one will would answer them but more so criticize the idea.
Use double stick tape to attach the plywood pieces to graphite chassis in order to ensure the mounting holes of RC10L parts were accurate.
We have powered the receiver with a separate battery that came with the receiver and transmitter.
So in fact the lift-motor runs at a constant speed: you move the right throttle stick forward, and when the hovercraft is lifted enough you release and use the left throttle stick to steer and control speed.
Then take your time to rebuild the car, replacing broken or worn out parts, and put all of the suspension adjustments back to the stock setup.
Also the looks you will get at the track are priceless.I highly incourage you to try your hand at making a custom car. Its a RC forum therefore we are all here for a common interest and should be able to help each other other wise don't bother commenting. Measure the length from the servo center to the wheels’ connecting point and add some extra inches to it. If you buy something new and screw it up at least you can have it repaired usually at little or no cost, if it is used though sometimes it can cost alot to get something repaired. Before starting with the procedure plan, we need to arrange the materials required to get the car done. Make the cutout sufficiently long so that it can accommodate the shock mount as well as the T-Plate. I know I have a car I would like to continue working on but funds are not happening but it will get done.

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