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In celebration of this kickass holiday and as an entry for September’s Mini Build Design Contest, Flickr user polywen created this awesome LEGO brick pirate, complete with a creative wooden leg.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts and updates via email. LEGO Elves got off to a good start this year, but I was wondering what compelling twist TLG could put on the theme in order to keep the momentum going strong in 2016. I really like that The LEGO Group (TLG) created the Elves theme for little girls who want to build brick adventures that go beyond going to the mall or being a rock star, and that adventure is about to get a whole lot fantastical with the Elves Dragons sub-theme this winter! Five new Winter 2016 LEGO Elves sets are on the way, and all of them have to do with a new storyline involving human girl Emily and the Elves teaming up to save baby Dragons! The set that I think is the most visually-appealing from this new wave is the Fire Dragon Adventure. The Secret Mark Place 41176 is the largest of this year’s sets, and includes several companion animals such as an owl and a fox in addition to male and female minidolls.
It’s not immediately obvious to me what element this green dragon is meant to represent. The 2016 LEGO Elves The Water Dragon Adventure 41172 set includes a grown-up water dragon, which is actually quite beautiful, along with a Naida minidoll (the one Elves character that I can actually remember the name of!). The LEGO 41174 Starlight Inn set includes the baby Fire Dragon, Spark, as well as two minidolls (one of which with green hair I totally don’t recognize), and what appears to be the front of a building which is an inn… for dragons?
Emily, the sole human girl in this theme, also appears in the LEGO Elves 2016 Emily Jones & The Baby Wind Dragon 41171 set.
In the first wave there was also an Elves set with only a male one, the `Earth` elf Farran and his Crystal Cove.
I already want to build one for my desk! This is really simple but effectively and subpurbly done. This is a feature that I liked in the manual, it shows an overhead view of the baseplate so it's much easier to find where to put the piece. The older LEGO sets have a really different look to them than the new sets, and I think it's nice to have a mix of new and old.

As I've already said somewhere on this forum, this is the largest Islander set I own and therefore my favourite.
I think it would be interesting to see some new Islanders sets released in the new pirate line to see how TLC would make them. This set is pretty standard as Islanders go, but it is such a cool subtheme that I don't care a bit. Another very nice review, and im glad to see it has some nice pieces as well as characters too. Only I would have liked another cutlass, a musket (instead of 1 of the pistols) and for 1 of the pirates to have another head, but those things are no big deal, it is still a lot better than sets nowadays. The bright orange adult Fire Dragon is very striking visually, and this is a case where I think that the various decals actually do add a lot to the overall appearance of the dragon.
This 2016 Elves set also has a unique dragon color that no other set does–a green dragon! Sadly, you can see that the adult dragons feature only basic swivel joints and not the awesome ball-joints that the Ninjago dragons get.
Does this storyline choice reinvigorate your enthusiasm for the theme, generate interest you never had before, or fail to make any impression on you whatsoever? I should mention that your photos are of Khafre's pyramida€”its higher plateau makes it appear to be the tallest of the three.
It won't be easy, King Kahuka and his loyal warriors closely guard the treasure 24 hours a day. This set comes with 5 of them which is quite good for a small set like this, especially when compared to the sets of today. I think the colors and the design make it really feel like a different part of the LEGO world. One thing that's great about this which I mentioned earlier, is that this and all of the other pieces with designs on them are printed.
Add to this the great printed pieces and that old Pirate charm, and you get a very nice set that I can certainly recommend.

5 minifigs and plenty of weapons to go around, adding up to great playability, what more could you want? The LEGO Elves 2016 sets definitely won’t just feel like slightly more colorful Friends set with 2016’s heavy emphasis on brick-built Dragons! Khufu's Great Pyramid is the northernmost of the three pyramids and is missing its top. Do you think that it would be possible to use on some side elements hinged 1x2 bricks with grillie pattern? Will the Pirates with their trusty pistols and cutlasses be able to defeat the Islanders' spears, pet alligator and powerful leafy skirts? It looks more like someone snuck up on them while they were going about their duties and snapped away rather than something that was planned.
For example, the zebra print tile, as well as the pirate flag nowadays would almost certainly be stickered. It is well built with grey slopes, curved pieces for the mouth and nose, headlight bricks for the eyes and feathers and horns for detail.
I picked mine up for only 5 pounds along with Crocodile Cage and King Kahuka, but I can't help you with the original price.
This is a cute little set that will sell well as an impulse buy, and also includes the only Wind Dragon so far in the theme–baby Fledge.
Secondly, the throne itself can be easily combined with the other Islander sets or even with other pirate and non-pirate sets.

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