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Using AutoCAD I tried to design a boat hull somewhat similar dinghy, yachts and powerboats hulls.
My disposal I have a woodworking shop, CNC machining center, stainless steel welding equipment, AutoCAD using experience, joiners tools and experience.
Well, I still think I can build this boat and am looking forward to constructive criticism from you. If honestly I think that for better sailing lines need more boat wide, smaller transom and may be deeper keel.
Trying to resolve the situation with the springy rubber hose pieces pierced with wire hooks.
The second layer of mahogany cross diagonal bands is finished and sanded for outer 2,5 mm layer gluing. Location: Samogitia Build of small mahogany sailboat with water jet propulsion I began to build a mahogany boat with water jet drive and and own design wingsail.
Location: Samogitia Few pictures of boat building process CNC machined and assembled form for machogany boat build. Location: France Man, it's already looking very good - specially when you say you have no experience with boat building. Location: Eustis, FL You don't really think that's anything close, to a reasonable set of sailing lines do you? Location: Samogitia More of boat building process Showed that the first layer will not be easy to put correctly on the curved boat hull form. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Speedster ContinuedThe weekend was pretty much spent working on the boat.I polished and buffed the outside around the engine bay area.
Probably it is possible to add lines slightly differently to achieve full developable surface. I've watched many boats images as shown on the internet and I have not bad joiner experience. The most importantly - the boat will have to be small and beautiful, will have low weight that I can carry it on my car's roof.

I didn't want to get rubbing compound all over the place with the motors in.Here are some shots of the buffed out body panels. I Rubbed the hull with epoxy resin, with six hand-help put fiberglass and dip the cloth by epoxy. And now it's too late to correct boat hull problems because, sadly but the hull is finished.
Very nervous job.Will need to apply extra two layers of fiberglass without for preparing to warnish. I tried to get is out, but it wouldn't budge.I went over to the Sea-Doo dealer, and they wanted like $50 for one. I went over to the shop, chaulked some hardened aluminum in the lathe, and made my own in about 35mins. Here are some shots of the exhaust before, with primer:This is after they were painted back to factory colors.
Tomorrow, I will wipe them down with pre-paint cleaner, hit with some adhesion promoter and paint them to match the white of the exhaust manifold.The colors are actual Sea-Doo with PPG. The hope was to have done this summer, but the realistic time frame was to have it ready for sale next spring.It will be up for sale for $5950.
It will have two rebuilt engines, both carbs completely rebuilt, two rebuilt jet pumps, the hull completely buffed out, the seats are perfect. It will have a depth finder, and a new CD player with a built-in drivers seat remote control.It will have two brand new batteries. I ended up using laquet thinner to get the crud off, the took some rubbing compound to them.
I also want to pull both wheels and check the bearings (they have been sitting for over 7 years). Then I have the sand the trailer down and spray it with marine paint and apply the new Speedster decals on it.
I am now connecting all the water lines, throttle linkages, choke cables, oil lines, etc.I got some shots of the complete engine with exhaust. I got the engines lined up, the throttle cables finished up, the gas lines finished up with new filters, all the oil injection lines done up with new filters, all the electrical finished up with the exception of the new battery tray.

I also got the jet pumps filled with 75w90 Mobil 1 synthetic lube, the jet pumps mounted, the carbon rings lined up and the steering connected back up.I need to get the new reverse cable for the port side jet pump and the new battery tray for the stock battery. It should go pretty quickly from here on out.The next project is to get the stroker motor put back together and in the Jeep, and I should be good to go on shocks for Monster Performance after the Labor Day weekend.
Those will also run off the big battery. Here?are the reverse controls on the throttle block. They both thread through the T at the bottom of the first lever.In the second picture, you can see how it is broken. I then filled the oil tank, and blead all the line for the oil injection pumps.The PTO side of the port motor did not want to prime. I ended up pulling off the new check valve, and found a small hole in the oil line from being removed. I shorted it up, and then reattached, and all is well.I just have to set the low and high idle speeds outside with the garden hose hooked up to the inlet port (to keep the engines cool). It is very large, and the stuff I have will not be drawing a lot of current, so a regular switch may work just fine. After I get the motors broken in some, I am going to take the Rhino GPS and see what it is according to the GPS, not the speedo.I have an appointment next week to take it over to the Sea-Doo dealer to check the timing, carbs and give a good once over. Once I get that made, I can get it out to my powder coater and have it coated white.I have another buddy that is going to make the lettering for the cabin lights and aux power switch. I have all the lighting hooked up to the main aux battery shut off, as well as the radio and depth finder.
I am waiting for the decals for the aux lighting and shut off so they will be labeled like the rest of the switches.You can see the green underwater lighting for under the rear deck.
It is partly for looks, and partly so when swimming at night, you don't bang your feet on the the jet pumps directly below the platform.I also converted all the lighting over to high intensity LED's so it doesn't draw as much current.

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