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Zip around LEGOA® City in this little compact car for a fun day of driving with style and ease! LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Minifigure, DUPLO, BIONICLE, LEGENDS OF CHIMA, the FRIENDS logo, the MINIFIGURES logo, DIMENSIONS, MINDSTORMS, MIXELS, NINJAGO, and NEXO KNIGHTS are trademarks of the LEGO Group. I just received the Mill Village Raid recently and am excited to add several Lego animals to my Lego universe. Yeah I found that the brickbuilt chickens as found in the MMV are pretty much redundant now that there are moulded ones.
I'm with princedraven a bit mixed with the free molded elements compared to the combined element designs.The Lego group has increased lots of new specialised large elementsincluding some of the animals which take away the creativity to a point. I see princedraven's point, but then again Lego established Lego animals pretty early with the horse in 1984. I have to say I love the animals, they are well made and the new goat especially is a must have for me. Rather than a zoo, a safari theme would be more appealling to both children and collectors.
Anything which can be brick built well should be left IMO eg llamas and sheep, with new moulds reserved for smaller animals which cant be brick built e.g.
I actually like the animals because, like the mini-figures, they're meant to represent living creatures so having specific molds for them helps to distinguish them from structures. I agree with prof that animal molds are consistent with minifigs as being living creatures. Lego Titanic is a project started in early 2005 and it presented the largest Titanic model made from Lego bricks at the time. We cannot estimate the exact cost, but for comparison the largest Lego kit produced is the Taj Mahal and it contains around 5.900 bricks.
While we appreciate you finding an error in the model, it is known that Lego bricks can not always achieve the most exact shape.
The size of RMS Titanic was 269 meters, so using our scale, the model would be over 4 meters long and about 0.6 m high (without the masts).
Jonsanpedro has created a project for an official Lego Iron Man: Hulkbuster set over at the Lego Cuusoo page. The Iron Man Hall of Armor has proven to be a very popular Lego MOC build, even Lego has offered an official version of their own. Some of the custom minifigures featured in the Stark Industries Armory are: Stealth Artillery Suit, Silver Centurion Mk. There are many units from StarCraft and the Space Marine is the most basic Terran infantry unit. Thanks to this compact cara€™s modern size and styling, youa€™ll be able to avoid traffic jams and squeeze into tiny parking spaces wherever you go. After coming out of the Dark Ages, I bought mostly Star Wars, but expanded to Castle and City with a big reason being Lego animals.
I would love more prefabricated ones, but also, some instructions for more minifig size brick built ones would be great. I don't believe its introduction had a negative impact in creativity in the Lego world, but complimented the playability of Lego with the minifig.
As long as its a novelty and not the main focus of a set it should be just like any other accessory.
I've got one in my Holiday Train set, and it just looks ridiculous.(off topic - why does the holiday train include a rat?
Thought it might be just a bit larger than minfig scale like a st.Bernard or something, but it's huge!
That is so cool and when I see the parts used it shows I really have a long way to go in my creativity.
There was one larger Titanic model built later in 2008, but it was nowhere near the accuracy of my model.
It contains over 21.000 bricks, not counting the bricks inside of the model, because the rendering would take too long. You can of course report the errors and we will do our best to fix it, but do not expect that the very time consuming errors would be fixed soon.
With the Mindstorms EV3 kit, the company tries again to inspire the makers of tomorrow and, at the same time continue what began with the NXT kit.With tons of Lego robots shared by the makers, the EV3 kit is an inevitable source of inspiration to build with bricks, sensors and an intelligent brick. 2, Deep Space Suit, Enhanced Reactor suit, Prototype Stealth suit,  Hot Rod Red, Deep Sea Hydro suit, Long Distance suit, Silver Centurion retro-inspired suit, Hyper Velocity suit, War Machine 2.0 prototype suit, Prometheum-armor inspired suit, War Machine Heavy Duty, Godkiller armor, Bleeding Edge armor,  “Bones,” War Machine, Mk.
He has been made with an assortment of Lego parts, mostly Hero Factory, mixed in with normal Lego pieces. The whole thing takes place in the Hall of Armor, which is probably one of those sets everyone wishes Lego would create. Feel free to contact us with your MOCs or Custom Minifigures if you would like to see here.

Any new set that comes with a unique Lego animal is pretty much a must have to me, such as the Farm and PoP sets.The set that got me to expand from Star Wars was the Medievil Marketplaces. My creativity is sadly lacking in this department.I'd love more zoo animals and farm animals too. I never really liked brick built animals, unless it was a really inventive giant squid or something. I think in terms of minifig scale, it is only natural that more animals are Legoed (not sure about the proper term) as the horse.
A zoo as I can imagine it would be boring to an AFOL for sure if it was a few molded lumps and some grass and fences. Our goal was to reach approximate scale of Lego mini figures, but since it is very hard to define their correct scale, we stayed with 1:60 scale. The model is divided into several parts, which allows us to easily edit and work on parts at the same time.
You can however try to build the model yourself, but you will have to purchase parts on your own from either Lego factory or another retailer. Also consider the price for supporting bricks (to support the hull and super structure), which you will also need 1-2 thousand of them. It’s probably the best prototyping platform for anyone who loves to build different things.All the LEGO robots reflect the abilities of makers to build things using simple LEGO pieces. The X78 is a larger hard suit, perfect for tanking, that accommodates a Minifigure sitting down. In the last decade or so, Lego has really made it easy to create Minifigure scale mechs, robots, and hard suits. Although there is a certain charm to seeing a such a massive Iron Man, having a more proper scale version is awesome.
Custom Iron Man minifigures are practically a whole separate genre of custom minifigs at this point. Although criticized for their lack of usefulness, the Hero Factory Lego parts pop up from time to time in amazing builds. We believe the scale is large enough to build the ship with tremendous detail and it allows us to use many stock Lego parts in LDraw library, such as windows and doors.
All bricks used in the model were at some point made in Lego factory and can be purchased online (with the small exception of custom colored tile corners, but a sticker can solve the problem).
The only exception are two bricks used to create light housings on wing cabs, but white parts painted red and green can be used.
In the following, I explore fascinating robots like rovers, robot arms, drones, mobile caterpillar, and more.Tic Tac Toe Robot Tic Tac Toe is a smart robot designed to entertain the users by playing the a strategy game called Tic Tac Toe. All of the newish pieces, and bricks that clip, and fit into small spaces are perfect for this type of MOC. Coming in at 5 stories, 4 of which store Iron Man suits, this build has to be one of the most ambitious. With the Mill Village Raid including proper Lego chickens, I'm wondering how many people are content with displaying both versions of the birds to their diromas. I would think the dog could have been molded first.Some people consider this period of Lego popularity to be a Golden Age.
Remember that the plans provided do not contain inside structure, you will need to build that yourself. Check out those tan Minifig arms holding up the cage, or the nozzle pieces bing used in multiple places.
By not having to design a full pilot cage for an Iron Man Minifigure, Ka.Lor is able to focus on mobility and structure.
The first floor features Tony Starks lab, and the top floors contain the workshop, and even storage for a huge Hulkbuster Suit. The C-14 rifle is also a great example of the standard Lego bricks being put to good use, and looks like it could take out a few hundred Zerg. The only non-Lego piece is the face, which is a painted custom part. I hope Lego continues to add more Lego animals to future sets and re-release other animals such as the elephant. I think a good reason for this is attributed to the expanding library and colors of Lego pieces. The platform has attached two wheels and two EV3 intelligent bricks to control a variety of sensors and motors.EV3 Robot Arm 360 DegreeRobot arm H25 With just a LEGO EV3 educational kit, two kids develop this autonomous robot arm with the ability to grasp and manipulate objects. I wonder what people's wish list are, but I'm sure the goal is to eventually have every animal represented in Lego form. Back when I started with Lego, there was only the horse and each minifig had the same expression. Robot Arm controlled via Bluetooth PS3 controller This responsive and precise robotic arm is built with LEGO pieces and has attached a Raspberry Pi board. Some of the details here are great, such at the Lego binoculars being used for fingers, Minifig hands being used for various clips, and even tiny Lego pistols being used to define the chest shape.

Working at this scale is not easy, and some of the connections on this Bobsuit look extremely delicate. I don't think Lego food was introduced yet and minifig accessories were pretty rare.Lego definitely has to balance playability and creativity.
Unfortunately creativity has taken a back seat with Lego spoon feeding us these great new set designs each year. The overgrown plants, crumbling walls and caved in roof all hint at a completely ruined battlefield. In such a fight, Tony Stark usually comes prepared and brings out his custom Hulk fighting armor… the Hulkbuster! Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. Created by Stephen Hillenburg.LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE are part of Merlin Entertainments, plc. Check out how the standard legs are removed and the power armor is incorporated into the torso. Built with LEGO pieces, the LEGO EV3 controller, and with an Arduino microcontroller attached, this mobile caterpillar is featured with a 3D printer extruder to print buildings and machines. Lego Drawbot Drawbot is a LEGO robot with pencils instead legs that draw when is moving.Lego DrawbotLego Bookreader This is a Lego robot that loves books. Bookreader is a digital book reader robot built with LEGO blocks, LEGO motors and has attached a Raspberry Pi prototyping board and a BrickPi.
The project allows you to compose and save tunes on the EV3 brick.EV3COMPOS3RRobot Mk 3 The Mk 3 robot has giant tracks and is powered by EV3 motors.
The Rubik’s cube is placed in the center of the boat and is handled by two arms: one arm rotate the cube, and another one detect the colors.
MindCub3r The MindCub3r is another LEGO robot designed to solve the Rubik’s Cube puzzle. It has a rotary plate and an arm that turns the cube puzzle according to the color detected by the sensor. Two-Wheel Self-Balancing Robot A LEGO robot with an Android smartphone attached to its chest.
The smartphone power and control the self-balancing robot, while the user control the robot wireless with another smartphone.
Spinning Replicator This LEGO robot has two rotating discs to scan and draws what it scans. On one disc is the illustration and on the other disc is an arm that draws what is scanned.
Lego Starcraft 2 Siege Tank Built as a copy of the Siege Tank in Starcraft 2, this LEGO tank has mobile tracks that drive and turn the robot in any direction. Lego Truck This LEGO truck has attached the EV3 intelligent brick and is controlled via a smartphone using a web browser and a simple application with a circle to drive the robot in any direction. Mercedes-Benz and the design of the licensed product are subject to intellectual property protection owned by Daimler AG. Two-wheeled robot This two-wheeled LEGO bot has attached an EVShield and can host a variety of LEGO components such as EV3 motors and sensors. Santa Claus’s Sleigh LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Santa Claus is coming to LEGO Mindstorms with two of the most favorite reindeers.
The legs of the reindeers are moving simultaneously, but the whole platform is moving on two wheels. Gripper EV3 Stage II This robot can handle large objects with a large gripper attached in front of the platform. EV3 telescope These are two synchronized robotic telescopes built from LEGO pieces.Synchronised model robotic telescopesStair climber robot This robot is built with two mobile parts that slide to climb stairs. The second part has a tank track that goes up and down the front part and two wheels to support the structure. Search and rescue robot This is an autonomous robot able to explore a room randomly and find “victims.” Based on caterpillar tracks, the robot can run over obstacles and send images from the room. Even the most parts used to build this platform are from LEGO, the Raspberry Pi B+ board is used to control most of the components.Search and rescue robotBraigo Even it’s built with LEGO bricks, the Braigo robot has real-life application. I play with robots, I enjoy writing articles about them, and I live somewhere in Bucharest, Romania.3 Responses al?n yaz?m 1 year ago its super Reply Rahab 1 year ago Walking robot?

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