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Create an instant community get-together by hauling a barbecue smoker trailer to the park, sporting events, and concerts where large numbers of people are gathered. Just as almost any trailer works as a platform, so almost any large drums can be modified into smoker tanks. Any scrap metal tubing may be used for the chimney provided it can survive prolonged contact with hot exhaust without burning out. If you have built your smoker from scrap metal or if you have spray painted it, be sure to run a test burn after assembly but before food is put into the smoker.
Search for anything you need to make a great barbecue season by typing your search terms into the provided search bar and applying filters to screen results. From building airplanes, I'd say if you made the frame out of a harder wood not necessarly balsa.
I was thinking about other wood too, I used to be a finish carpenter so I'm really good at working with wood. Well I went to the LHS and they had some balsa and basswood however they didn't have the sizes I wanted.
I came across a fiberglass repair kit at ACE yesterday, it included the resin, 3sq feet of fiberglass cloth and was only about $14. I plan on posting pics as I go along, however I think I'll be busy with work for the next week or so and don't know if I'll be able to do a whole lot. Ok, did a little work, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with 2 axles, 3 would look funny because the boat isn't long enough. Do you really feel like spending $1300 for a utility trailer you could have built for $600 less? Both sets of utility trailer plans was designed and created in the same easy to follow, easy to master, way that all my other plans are designed. Here is my website for car rotisserie plans if you want to see how nice they are as well. Please have a look at the sample blueprints below so you can see the detail and quality of the plans you will receive. This is a standard utility trailer model that is currently on the market all over the United States. The building notes are put together as guidelines and are placed in no particular order of importance. You will notice on some of the 4 view drawings that some of the views are out of proportion  with the others. Good places to get your axles would be any local trailer manufacturer, Northern Tool, Freedom Axle, Dexter Axle. The tail light brackets should be able to accommodate most kinds of tail lights you would use for this type of trailer. The welds that secure the tongue to the trailer frame are what I would consider to be critical welds.
Use the proper trailer coupler to make sure you have enough capacity for the loads you will be hauling.
If you decide to make the ramp a little heavier, you will need to make adjustments to your material list as well as your cut list. By using these plans to build your trailer you assume responsibility to follow all trailer rules and regulations for your area. NOTE: A CLICK Here For you guys that have one of these IA RECOMMENDA you go to this site for a really great build out on this trailer by Lee Hoffman.
A large smoker trailer is a portable barbecue pit that's great for smoking all types of meat wherever your friends are. Smokers are generally light, as they are mostly open interior space, so your trailer doesn't generally need a heavy-duty frame or extra weight capacity. The basic design of a smoker consists of a firebox, to provide heat and smoke, a main chamber, where the meat is kept, and a chimney to vent the smoke. Weld the components together in any configuration, careful to preserve a path for smoke to flow from the firebox to the main chamber and the chimney.
These may be made of scrap metal, but use a laser level to ensure a perfectly level fit for each rack.

The first burn is likely to scorch away and evacuate any residual paint or other contaminants, leaving your smoker safe to handle food.
Maybe pine would be better, I was thinking balsa because it works well with CA glue and is super easy to cut. I have the wood, straightened it out, came up with a design, a joint method and am ready to start working on it.
I really wanted to do a 3 axle design too but I just don't think it would look right, however I might build another trailer since this one is going so quickly. Why not just build your own and save hundreds of dollars and have the ability to customize it the way you intend to use it.
If you run a search for utility trailer plans on Google, you will see for yourself that no other website’s plans have 32 pages (per set of plans) of information to give you. After payment is made you will automatically be able to access both PDF files from a link sent to you in an automatic email. If you are not sure of what to do at a certain step, be sure to watch the video since many different viewpoints are given about building the utility trailer.
This is for clarity and to give you the biggest view possible for standard paper from your printer.
I have come to the conclusion that you really can’t build a good set of fenders as cheap as you can buy pre made fenders. Some places you might need to order it online but, I have found out that even with the shipping the prices are really competitive.
The wiring diagram I included with the plans shows that 3 marker lights are needed on any trailer longer than 80″. Please make sure you are up to the task, since I might be following you on the highway someday. A standard 2” coupler with a 50 degree A-frame should be fine.  Be sure to mount it according to the coupler manufacturers instructions. These plans are only guidelines for the construction of the trailer and are not meant to cover all the possible rules and regulations that need to be followed. Part of a trailer smoker's charm is the simplicity of its design and the ease with which it can be assembled. Any street-legal trailer can be prepared for installation by welding or bolting a large sheet of diamond steel to its bed.
Opt for steel tanks, as they are unlikely to contaminate food with chemical residue or heavy metal particles.
Shield the smoker from the elements, and provide some shade for yourself, by attaching an awning.
When you find what you're after, closely examine the seller's profile for positive feedback, then place a bid. I took some pics with two and three wheels to simulate axles to see how it will look, give me some opions, I still can't decide. Tomorrow I plan on finishing the cross braces and starting on the rails that the boat actually sits on. I bought a Nikko boat about 6 months ago and I was going to covert it to regular electronics and put in a better motor. If you are looking for easy to build, easy to follow, and easy to afford sets of utility trailer plans plus over an hour of video, keep reading. You will be lucky to get 5 pages with all of the information crammed together making it hard to read and follow. Once you get rolling on this project, you will see for yourself how easy the design changes and customization can be. In that same email you will get a link to my private page that hosts the step by step video. This creates a strong firewall that protects the trailer from falling embers and escaping heat. Weld a tubular steel frame to the forward part of the trailer bed and bolt corrugated aluminum sheet to the top as a roof.

My first idea was to use small aluminum stock such as C channel, angle iron, and small nuts and bolts to fasten it all together.
Maybe I'll cruize down to the LHS and see what they have in stock, they might have that other kind that you are thinking about.
All I'm using is a small hobby miter box and saw, glue, a small drill bit, and some 1 inch brad nails. It's actually a bit larger than this boat and I think a 3 axle would look just right under it.
When you get done just reading through the plans and watching the video, you will know exactly how to build a utility trailer. Even if you decide to follow the trailer dimensions and design to the letter, you will have a very nice and solid utility trailer when you are finished. You can pay by credit card through PayPal or if you wish, you can send a check or money order. This is because it’s sometimes easier to show certain things on video than to clutter up the drawings with too many details.
It would also be very time consuming to try to match the better look you will get with pre made fenders.
I think three axles would look cool however it may not look right if the boat is not long enough. In the second pic you can make out the center beam of the trailer, that is about how long it will be. There is a pretty good chance that you already have the tools as well as the skills to build one. The plans also come with a complete material list as well as a full cut list so there won’t be any second guessing when you need material. If you have any problems figuring something out, just look at another print that has that part on it or a picture view. The answer is simply, the 2000 pound axles are almost just as expensive and I always tend to overbuild just about everything. Cut a large flap out of the main tank's side and reattach it with steel hinges to provide access to the interior.
I designed them based on common sense and in an easy to follow way that anyone can understand.
If you plan on using a different size tire, you should check to make sure it will fit under the fenders. I don’t know too many people that wouldn’t want a heavier duty trailer for almost the same amount of money as a lighter one. I think these rules apply more for a company selling trailers rather than building one for personal use. I think I'll just paint it and put a good clear coat on it to keep water from saturating the wood.
If there is something really important I made a note of it on the drawing or building notes page, otherwise it is no big deal. I would use TC tires on it and haven't figured out how to mount the axles yet or come up with a general design yet. If you don’t like the idea of leaf springs you can also use a torsion axle for this trailer.
A good rule of thumb for axle location is: 60% of the trailer frame should be in front of the axle and 40% of the trailer frame should be behind the axle. When you order your axle be sure to get the mounting hardware for mounting the leaf springs.

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