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We take the time to help you decide which is the right boat for your needs, whether it's a solo, tandem, day tripper, expedition or fishing boat. Ray Klebba is a master craftsman with 15 years of experience in designing and building award winning boats.
Select your boat from one of our plans or if you have a boat design of your own then contact us today and we will build your Dreamboat tomorrow. The combination of elegant lines and lightweight wood-stripper construction, she is the rower’s dream. She responds instantly to a light pull in the oars and gets up to hull speed with a few strokes.
The Cosine 10 footer is designed as a yacht tender or for wherever an easily carried and stored boat is needed.
She can be rowed for either of two oar locks stations, though the forward position may be tight for a large person. Parallels is a worldwide leader in virtualization and automation software that optimizes computing for consumers, businesses, and Cloud services providers across all major hardware, operating systems, and virtualization platforms. For the Cloud, Parallels automation and virtualization software enables cloud services providers to rapidly and profitably deliver the widest range of cloud services that small businesses want and need. The best solution for running Windows, Linux, or any of many other operating systems alongside OS X. Not only is the Cosine Wherry a beautiful looking boat, it is a boat with plenty of stability. This boat will keep you dry in rough weather, carry up to 500 pounds, yet is lightweight (approx.
The Polar Star is 18' long, is fast, has a narrow 22" beam, and is very responsive with 1?" of front rocker and 1" in the stern. The moderately shallow hull design and its narrow width hull, soft chine, along with a deep "V" bow and stern makes for a smooth entry though the waves.
The hull is "Swedish designed" meaning the paddler sits aft of the center, which reduces the paddling effort in waves, and provides for a drier ride when the going starts to get fun.

Hatch covers are designed to fit flush with the deck so as to keep the smooth looking deck lines. When you first look at one of his boats, the remarkable shapes and artistic designs will draw you to the boat. Instead of individual pricing for each canoe model canoe, sea kayak or row boat, I have changed my policy for the pricing format on the web page. She is designed to be strip-planked by an amateur, wood worker working in a small area, without expensive tools. Our software includes key building blocks of cloud service delivery - self service control panels, billing, cloud service provisioning and virtualization. Our Virtualization products allow personal computers to run several operating systems on one computer (like OSX and Windows) and for individual servers to function like many servers at once for creating cloud computing environments. The combination of elegant lines and light-weight wood-stripper construction, she is the rower’s dream.
John built and tested this boat on lakes, rivers, and the harbors around Puget Sound, near Seattle, Washington. The 2?" waterline gives this beautiful kayak a 16' "foot print" with a 190-pound paddler aboard. The Polar Star's unique bow has a little more flare above the waterline so the boat is lifted up by the waves. When the waves wash over you deck or you pearl into a large wave, these flush hatch covers keep the water from splashing onto your face, unlike the hatch covers that are constructed like a lid of a shoebox.
Upon closer inspection you see that both shape and contrasting colors of wood have been woven together to create a powerful visual effect.
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It is strong and well-suited for racing, yet practical for fishing and ideal for leisurely excursions on quiet lakes. John built this first prototype, it rowwed, funtion perfectly and looked so beautifully, he decided to keep this design.

The narrow "Greenland" bow provides for a faster ride in waves, has less wind resistance, which reduces weather cocking. However, the keyhole cockpit design allows for you to raise your knees from a seated position for that all-important stretch break. His specialized woodstrip construction method and plans are home to the "Stars", the award winning sea kayaks.
The price changes with types of exotic wood, modifying the boats patterns and the time frame the boat needs to be finished. The Polar Star has a moderate initial stability, and because the hull is flared the entire length of the boat from the waterline up to the sheerline it has great secondary stability.
This is helpful on surf launchings as it doesn't let in water as much water due to the narrower opening.
The hatch covers sit on a lid with a rubber gasket so they are water tight and securely sealed.
Build or learn to build Wood Strip canoes, kayaks, woodstrip sea kayaks, row boats, rowboats, cedarstrip, Cedar Strip. Add a drop down centerboard, a retractable rudder and two different sail configurations and you have a boat for all kinds of fun. It also allows for comfort on long trips where it allows your knees to be raised from the seated position. And finally the weight is important (around 45 lbs) not only for paddling but the all exhausting carrying for the car to the shore. The Cosine Wherry will give years of exercise, pleasure, and the greatest satisfaction to build and row.
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