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On Feb 29, 2012, Steve Sammartino tweeted that he was looking for funding a very interesting project. Build using 500,000 pieces of Lego, this air-powered Lego car can reach upto speeds of 20mph.
The track is based on suggestions found in the old LEGO train book.Turning the curves on their sides, allows them to become steep hills.
Roller Coaster Kingdom is a Facebook game that allows you to erect the best theme park in the world!
Brick artist Nathan Sawaya unveils his latest creation, a life-sized cello that supposedly "sounds different from a non-LEGO cello." Continue reading to see a video showing the building process. This month a book with instructions on how to build four of the world’s most iconic firearms with LEGOs goes on sale. Streat shared his creations on YouTube and his dozens of videos have received over 16 million views. While Streat’s fan base is psyched some parents might be concerned because the book recommends using a well-loved children’s toy to build replicas of weapons designed to kill.
While the LEGO guns only shoot plastic bricks they are strikingly realistic to warfare weapons—and this makes Jon Trew, a father of two who lives in the UK, uncomfortable. We’re always disappointed to hear our LEGO® sets are being used in this way…It’s over 50 years since we decided not to make toys with a military theme, and we’re still sticking to that decision! But playing with toy Nerf guns and Star Wars LEGO figurines holding lightsabers is one thing.
Just before it was to be published, I was offered an opportunity to review LEGO Heavy Weapons by Jack Streat (published by No Starch Press).
All the designs use rubber bands to store energy and Streat goes into detail before each set of build instructions to explain the mechanisms with which each design operates.
After watching the video and reading part of the book, I decided that I would attempt to build the AKS-74U.
I found the seller that had the most items that I needed and placed an order for all of those and then removed them from my wish list. The Stock Lower, Lower Plate (not shown previously), Butt, and Upper Plate join together to form the Stock.
The Frame Wall Left is built onto the completed Stock and, at this point, it is clear how the pivot mechanism will operate allowing the stock to fold to the side.
Steve and Raul Oaida are being very careful while driving this thing on streets in Australia because they don't want to cleanup all these Lego on a street in case they hit a pothole at high speed.
Should parents be concerned about “LEGO Heavy Weapons,” a book that was written by a 17-year-old yet intended for geeks who get off on gun porn?

A video on building an AK-47 was viewed more than 3.3 million times and received nearly 6,000 comments. That’s why No Starch Press, a small San Francisco-based publishing house, approached the teen about producing a book, and this month LEGO Heavy Weapons goes on sale for $24.95. When the same publisher released the book Forbidden LEGO: Build the Models Your Parents Warned You Against in 2007, Britain’s Daily Telegraphed dubbed it the “the Anarchist Cookbook of the nursery,” according to Fox News.
But the Denmark-based company has long had a policy “to avoid realistic weapons and military equipment that children may recognize” from war zones around the world. He quickly received a response and posted it on the site BoingBoing where there’s a discussion happening around the book. Thompson adds that there’s no research showing that playing with toy guns can lead to aggression. Even though it isn't part of what I normally cover on Cooking For Engineers, I did find the concept of the book quite interesting (I enjoyed building with LEGOs as a child and in a college robotics class, and I partake in several marksmanship sports including pistolry, riflery, and archery). I read the introduction of LEGO Heavy Weapons as well as the intros to each of the four builds. It's a great learning experience just reading about how the LEGO versions of the guns operate, but I found that actually building one and then taking it apart to fix errors that I introduced was when I really got a good understanding of the specific mechanisms and how everything fit together. This particular design had 792 total pieces (107 different pieces) and some weren't easy to find.
I then looked for the seller who had the most items from my remaining wish list and bought as much as I could from them. It was similar to the part I needed, but not the right one and the part I received wouldn't work. This made the instructions pretty easy to follow and also provided good stopping points for taking a break and returning later. A statement in the 2011 Corporate Responsibility report reads: “We have strict rules for the use of weapons and violence in our products.
In fact, these days many of LEGO’s sets sold in toy stores all over the world include gun-toting figurines.
Understanding Your Son’s Development from Birth to Age 18, understands this geeky male attraction to guns.
LEGO Heavy Weapons provides build instructions for four classic guns with three of the designs fully functional (actually shoots LEGO blocks).
Streat presents instructions for building replicas of the Desert Eagle pistol, AKS-74U assault rifle, Lee Enfield "Jungle Carbine", and a pump action SPAS combat shotgun.
In addition, to facilitate building and modification, Streat builds all the replicas in modules making instructions easier to follow and to fix if a problem does arise.

I used an online service called BrickLink which connects LEGO buyers with LEGO sellers around the world.
The first two sellers each had around 35 different items (out of the 107 different items I needed). I immediately put in an order with a twelfth LEGO seller for the missing component and started my build in hopes that I wouldn't hit a dead end too early with that missing part.
And all we have to do while sitting infront of our laptops and tablets is just admire this piece of art and engineering.
I agreed to write a review and decided the best way to go about reviewing the book was to actually build one of the designs.
The Desert Eagle has an operational slide that moves back and forth when the trigger is pulled, a removable magazine, and a working safety.
In the end, I placed orders with 11 different LEGO sellers (9 in the United States and 2 in Europe) in order to source all my parts. In a Star Wars kit, Storm Troopers carry guns that are practically larger than the figurines themselves. With 107 different pieces, I didn't want to enter them in manually, so I put off the project for a couple weeks with the plan to find a few free hours to type into a spreadsheet the list of parts and number needed and to write a script to convert it into an XML format for input into BrickLink's wanted lists. Luckily, I procrastinated long enough that Jack Streat provided BrickLink XML files available from No Starch Press (mirrored on CFE). The AKS-74U features a folding stock that can lock folded as well as fully opened, uses a bolt action to fire, and has a removable magazine that can feed 13 LEGO blocks into the rifle before needing to be reloaded.
He provided a couple versions for each design which, after importing, would designate the desire for new parts, used parts, and wether or not BrickLink should notify the user when a seller has an item in stock. The Jungle Carbine is primed by pulling a charging handle back and also features a removable magazine. I imported with the new (no notify) list into my BrickLink wanted page by just copy-and-pasting the contents of the XML file into the XML text form on BrickLink's page. Finally, the SPAS shotgun loads from an internal magazine by racking the fore grip back (the folding stock is cosmetic on this design due to the force required when pulling the grip and rubber bands back). In truth, it wasn't so simple - BrickLink just happened to be down for a couple weeks due to security issues and had to initiate a database rollback. Many of the pages, including the wanted list, weren't operational when I got my hands on the XML file, so I had to wait a few more days.

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