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Maybe You can find some similar trailer (the trailers above are all made in Sweden and only sold here).
Here's what typically happens: You get the trailer in the water, untie the boat and begin to walk it forward. I have to deal with a fairly shallow ramp, so I've set up some trailers with rollers on the front third and bunks from there on. The trailer above that I have (and have given links to above) are self adjusting so the boat always lands level on the trailer so it is no problem like kerno describes above. If You look carefully in the video's there is a dolly that pivot and the supporting arms with the grey wheels are self adjusting. After spending a good part of last summer refurbishing the boat I was able to get it in the water at the very end of the season.
A couple of hours with a couple of good friends and the trailer was stripped to its bare bones. I dropped three come-alongs from eye-hooks in the girders above, giving me the ability to position the chassis where I want it. The metal needed to be pounded outward before it could be reshaped so I heated it from the bottom side and used a blunt chisel to reshape it from the inside. I noted that everything that was painted or zinc plated, rusted, and nothing that was galvanized was even blemished. I could have sand-blasted the frame and wheels but they only charged $.21 a pound to burn off the paint. After it's cleaned it's dipped into several acid and neutralizer tanks to remove any trace of zinc from the dip.
I then realized that my tap and die set did not have the 1"-14 die I needed to clean up the axle nut threads. Using a 3M grit pad I worked the surface of the zinc, smoothing and polishing it where it shows on either side of the cosnpicuity strip and on the top rail. I decided that the purpose of the boards is to distibute the weight over 10 points on the bottom of the hull and spread that weight along the length of the planks.
The mounting system for the bunks was carriage bolts that became inaccessible after carpeting the bunks. Beveled the edges of the wheel well cover to make the the arch look better after carpeting.

After a little spiffing up of the deck, glass and chrome she's ready to be reunited with her berth. From Dry Launch Submersible lights to Aluminum Bunks, the feature package on our trailers will impress you. Peterson Boat Trailers have been manufacturing high-quality aluminum boat trailers for U.S.
We are experts at building custom trailers that are compliant with individual countries' requirements.
This website is protected under the United States and International Copyright laws.No images appearing on this site may be reproduced, copied, transmitted, or manipulated without permission. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.
Im sure my technique could use a little fine tuning, but some equipment changes are also in order. For bunk trailers, have a set of bunks just to the outside of your lifting strakes and the bunks work like guides.
Obviously, it had seen a lot of miles on the road as all of the forward facing surfaces were pocked with rust spots where stones had chipped the enamel paint. I found many bent parts that led me to believe that the supports were not in their original position. There is definitely something about heating metal to cherry red and massaging it into a new form with heat that appeals to my baser instincts. The axle spindle has one wear surface and two bearing carrier surfaces that the bearings have to slide over. Unfortunately, I found that the machine shop that packed and installed the bearings didn't use marine grease and water got in. When they pulled the rims out of the molten zinc it pooled on one side leaving a noticable mass. I decided that recessing the heads of some button-head allen bolts above the carpeting would give me flexibility in fine tuning the supports. It's a carriage bolt who's square shank fits into a vertical slot that covers the length of the rounded part of the support. We specialize in saltwater boat trailers, including Austrlian and Australian-compliant boat trailers.

I also notice that a lot of people who have trouble centering dunk their trailers too much allowing the boat to float around on the trailer too much when retrieving. Since the boat has been invited to shows this year I thought that the trailer needed to go, or be refurbished.
Great care was used to drill holes into areas that would have trapped air, keeping the metal from reaching the surface of the cleaned steel.
Used the car trailer as a workbench to install the springs and axle, then pulled the car trailer out.
My wife got me the world's best birthday gift 20 years ago, a large Craftsman rethreading tap & die kit. All of the U-bolts were galvanized but the rest of the nuts and bolts are all new stainless. It expands and fills any joint creating an attachment that's stronger than the surrounding wood. We strive to build a long-lasting relationship with you, our customer, by taking time to understand your unique needs.
I researched what boat trailers looked like in the '50s and found that they haven't changed much at all. You can see the axle underneath the trailer and the pallet under the trailer contains all the other metal parts. Luckily the zinc shows white against the steel spindle so I was able to carefully sand it off using strips of sandpaper from sander belts.
The rest of the piping is secured to the frame with stainless clips and screws into tapped holes.
I cut half-way through each plank 12 inches from the end, creating a one square foot lap joint.
The concensus of people I asked said that quenching might make the trailer chassis too brittle for the use.

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