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Location: south carolina building an aluma jet after 2 years i finally finished my jet boat project.
Well, as far as mine, I started on it in February of 2005, and by July of '05, it was on the water an operational. Unfortunately, this was metal-to-metal wear, and the flats of the shaft would wear out after about 100 hours, on average. The levers themselves were originally made out of aluminum flat bar, with the ends radiused.
The way I did my throttle cable was to buy the cable conduit like that used on motorcycle control cables. I also had to make my own cable brackets, for holding the throttle, steering, and reverse cables securely. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. PLEASE READ: If you have problems logging in with your old password, click the Forgot Password link in the log in screen to get an email verification to request a new password or click Here.
So now that the Nytro is about finished for the next season, it is time to start this winters project: a mini aluminum hull jet boat powered by my 09 nytro motor.

I hope this build is ok to post in the garage section being that it is powered by a yamaha.
I've got a couple questions for you, how are you connecting the stubshaft to the marine coupler?
After having that fail twice, I went with a spartan jaw coupler, the one used on the Kawasaki 750 jet skis. I used jam nuts and washers to control the amount of friction required to operate the levers. As well as designing a weedless grate system, using some stainless flat bar, and another push-pull teleflex cable, with a specially designed watertight housing where the cable goes into the intake scoop. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. All the time has been working on getting a proper model that i can lay flat for the patterns. We are just going to connect using a modified coupler and hopefully be able to tune the impeller and intake size to allow the extra rpm. Then, I took some small brass round rod, drilled and tapped it for setscrews, and then a cross drill for the cable to fit through.

By shutting off the engine, then, pushing down on a handle lever, I can drop the intake grate, allowing it to clear off any weeds.
Although they are still in the process of editing the footage right now, I'm fairly certain this boat will be seen on TV, as it was hauling members of the camera crew.
Sand and mud or muck bottoms will destroy all COMMON built jet drives and possibly you if you eject in a turn with a channel marker pole in front of you.
A mini scatter shield is a very good idea for the rare times they let go completly because no one saw the first of the 3 links opening. I used the existing design of the Sea Doo Jet Boat's weedless system as a model for my design. I am kinda shooting in the dark here so if anyone has further knowledge than i do on the subject feel free to chime in.

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