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During our last visit, we took a look at how the lunch and dinner menus had changed drastically from what fans were used to. Wood is all around you everywhere, echoing that lodge-y feel. Seating is mixed, with table and chair combos, as well as booths. And speaking of the giant fork, Whispering Canyon is as well known for the crazy games and silly gags as it is for its Bottomless Milkshakes and Skillets.
And you can count on the fact that your straws will most likely be delivered in a less than gentle manner. Overall, the atmosphere is casual, fun, and charged, so prepare yourself (and your kids if they’re with you) for that. When it came time to check out our options, we started with the Beverage Menu, and noticed a couple of new items right away.
We made our last visit to Whispering Canyon Cafe in the wake of earth-shattering news — big menu changes removed the beloved skillets from the lunch menu, and took a la carte options off the dinner menu.
And one of our wonderful readers just informed us that Whispering Canyon has rolled out a new menu. Well, whimsy reigns supreme at WCC, and they have JUST rolled out this new menu as of the beginning of May. The Loaded Yukon Gold Potato Leek Soup has given way to Ranger John’s Chicken and Corn Tortilla Soup. Finally, what had been referred to as the Lighter Side of the Trail is now Main Claim Entrees.
As for taste, it reminded my friend a bit of tequila, which we both thought was interesting. But we also wanted to check out the Mountain Trail Cocktail, which included Whiskey, Chambord, Blackberry Brandy, and a little lemonade. Isn’t this gorgeous?
I wasn’t in the mood for it this time, but I had previously sampled the Moonshine Margarita, and loved the perfect sweet-tart balance. We started with Western Chips, featuring Tortilla Chips and a trio of Dips — Venison Chili, Cheese Dip (!!!!!!!), and Fresh Salsa.
The odyssey began with the Platter Salad:Mixed Greens tossed with the fan favorite Apple Vinaigrette Dressing.

To begin, I went with my favorites — Western-style Sausage, Pulled Pork, Kansas City-style Smoked Pork Rib, and Hand-carved, Oak-roasted Beef Strip Loin. Normally, the sides are served family-style for the table to share, and are replenished as needed.
Even though I was more than satisfied with everything we had sampled up to this point, I wanted to at least see the other meat options.
I joked with our server because I just knew that the chicken was going to be dismal — dry, overcooked, and tasteless.
My friend was in a comfort food frame of mind — how could you not be, sitting in a cowboy chair? And so, Whispering Canyon Cafe continues to get high marks from me — for a fun atmosphere, good service, and tasty food.
We like to eat here at 4:45 for a fun meal before heading over to Magic Kingdom ( they have a boat) on a Christmas party night.
We wouldn’t think of staying anywhere BUT the Wilderness Lodge, and we always have at least one meal at the Whispering Canyon Cafe. Assault Boats, based in East Tamaki, Auckland builds a wide range of craft to suit the needs of recreational, commercial and military applications. On March 3, 2012 at swell gallery in West Dundee, Landscape Designer Linda Haas of Tree Star Hollow will present two independent workshops allowing participants to construct their very own fairy garden house.
Whereas the rest of that area has a slightly more elegant Mission style, Whispering Canyon is more whimsical. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this means that something similar to the skillet is BACK on the lunch menu! So everyone should be a little closer to happy than they were during the menu hatchet-job a while back. Brushed with Citrus Honey and served with a chunky Tomato Jam, this unique appetizer is a winner.
Everything was decent, but the pulled pork and pork rib weren’t as flavorful as I expected.
However, I was the only one enjoying the platter on this visit, so I got cute little individual sides instead.

And actually, a few dishes that we weren’t expecting to be all that great turned out to be the winners of the night!
Great atmosphere, the food was delicious, and I loved the all-you-care-to-enjoy milkshakes. We have had our straws tossed on our table, ended up with a table full of ketchup bottles, waved our napkins in the air when asked and even pulled some pranks of our own on servers. Linda's Fairy Houses are constructed of all natural materials, which she has collected personally. I wonder if you could get something from Territory Lounge, or even the Artist Point wine menu? Featuring three different varieties of Troy & Sons Moonshine, we thought this was a really fun addition to the list of flights you can get at Disney World.
I have a feeling this is one of those drinks that could go down way too fast and easy if you aren’t paying attention! Served with crisp Green Beans and rich Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes, she thought the dish was pretty heavenly. You will note, though, that dessert is no longer included with the platter, as it was following the menu change. The Peach Blueberry filling definitely had the taste of something that was prepared in house, and not emptied from a can.
If you like chips and dip with a Tex Mex feel (and plastic cheese), you’ll like these. And so I asked for a serving of the Citrus Crusted Market Fish as well as the Roasted Chicken.

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