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Authoritative Bruce Roberts outside Yacht Design web place operated by Robert I Richard John Roberts Goodson the decorator plans and kits for sailboats powerboats for. 5200 seems to come highly recommended and everybody sings the praises of Gluvit but there are some serious detractors who say it doesn't last. Location: New Mexico I'd be interested in hearing what sealant you went with. Location: Eustis, FL Truck bed liner works well on a clean, toothed surface. Location: Florida Awe, if you soda blast it clean then prime it with zinc chromate primer, then paint with a good epoxy 2 coats. Location: Greece, Italy Polyurea hot spray seems like a certain fix, even if it didn't stick in some places.
Location: spain Ive seen Belzona products used to repair various metal components like tanks.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. See that your machine OCV (open curcuit voltage) is on par or higher than the requirement of the CO2 welding wire manufacture spec.
Another trick welding aluminium is to remove all oxidation on the alu where you want to weld with sandpaper or file before welding it. From experience I have found that it is easier to push the weld rather than pulling it as an arc weld. Originally Posted by Wynand N Another trick welding aluminium is to remove all oxidation on the alu where you want to weld with sandpaper or file before welding it. Location: Wasilla Alaska One of my Sign guy customers just bought the Lincoln your talking about getting. Location: Western Australia For what it is worth, I will throw in my opinion here as well. The 260 amp machine was big enough, but on a couple of the heavier welds I had it on maximum settings.
It sounds as though some of the people writing in this thread are learning alloy welding as they go.
If you are making MIG welds without this sort of testing you are risking wasting a large quantity of expensive alloy.
Location: Western Australia Yes, I designed it specifically to give good performance between 5 and 15 knots, as I have a place on a river area where there is a lot of concern about wake damage.
I have just towed the boat 500 miles north to a place called Shark Bay and it towed very well at 50 to 60 mph.
It is not perfect, as the broad quarters are inclined to lift in a following sea and some active steering input is required in long seas. Location: Australia I don't know whether he wants to save weight, the trend in building this type of boat is to go heavier, to try and compete with the superior ride of glass boats. I have had experience in CNC cutting with plasma, laser and router when I have worked for other boat builders and I find that when custom building one-offs it is just as quick marking and cutting it out my self, plus I like the challenge. Location: Australia Strength , weight , ride , sea conditions and what you are going to use the boat for all play a role in how you build that boat.
But for an all round boat you would look for Strength ( long lasting ) Weight , weight down low for stability .Ride , A more comfortable ride with out been bounced around in choppy water. The way I design and fabricate my boats, I try and use pressings where ever I can to avoid weld distortion and to minimize the use of scantlings. All boat building materials have their fors and against and to say that one is superior is pushing the envelope. Location: Australia If there's a rock 'n' roll heaven, (apologies to the Righteous Brothers) that boat could be going there, imo. Location: Australia A little hard to see what is there, but have you worked some hollow flare in to the topsides of the middle boat forward ? Originally Posted by monomad Strength , weight , ride , sea conditions and what you are going to use the boat for all play a role in how you build that boat.
I have worked with fiberglass before, but I prefer working with Aluminium That's a good-looking boat, Monomad, and some really nice exhibition of metalworking skills. I love it when someone says to me you can't do that because that just makes me put my thinking cap on and say there's got to be a way. When I am going to work with aluminium I try to get some style and shape that can be built with out to much trouble. It seems lots of effort was spent to get an edge that isn't exactly 'normal' so it must have been for a very good reason? The keel seems 'shingled' a bit in the photo, perhaps it's a resolution issue with my display; but that does show some 'jagged' or almost pixelated 'steps' at the centerline in the bow on view? Elegant designs, very nice use of press forming and very nicely conceived and built shape transitions- especially along the topsides at about amidships.
Thanks for posting, some of the most intriguing welded aluminum boat work posted online in a long time!

I think the entry is very poor on this boat, very spoonshaped and would make the boat ride really hard upwind The addition of the strake will make the charecteristic worse still. The painting job gives the hull an optical illusion as the hull would have a spoon shape, this is not the case.
Location: florida Aluminum dory skiff Hi Everybody, Here are some pictures of the dory skiff I'm pecking away at.
Location: florida Wood details on an aluminum boat Thanks for the compliment Bob, I'm putting the wood details on the boat becouse I love the look and feel of wood.
Location: PacNW Rusty, I looked at that plan on the Glen-L site and they show a motor well option.
Location: PacNW Well an inboard jet works better with a bit of a v bottom but if its jet power you want for working the skinny water then by all means you should consider a jet outboard. Location: florida Thanks for the feedback Hi Timgoz, I see you're a machinist, I used to run a really nice prototype shop that had some basic NC machines and a sweet welding department.
I work at a specialty steel company mainly on petrochemical fittings & centrifically cast tube.
Location: florida wood on aluminum Hi tgoz, Thanks, I'm not sure yet exactly how I'll build over the engine, I think I'll wait to get the engine in place and consider clearences and such. You are using an outdated browser This site is not compatible with your outdated browser, we suggest you upgrade to a modern browser to ensure you are protected from security threats found in outdated browsers, and to ensure maximum compatibility.
Boats can be finished to your requirements, starting from hull only or including trailer, motors, partial or full fit-out. TJ Metal Concepts builds camper trailers for Gecko Trailers, or bring your plans and ideas to us for a customised job.
That is real cool, the hull looks a tad deeper than a winder and that aluminum windshield looks good too.
15'5", 5 seats, 355hp ZZ4, American Turbine SD309 with the Split Duct Reverse (didn't like the SDR much), 67mph with 3-upClick this bar to view the original image of 968x648px and 86KB. DIY make Testimonials Boats For Sale ask Survey Consulting Books & shove near USA Contact. The construction of the boat makes it difficult to tell if the water seeps in from one place or many and bucking up the rivets (in some places) is nearly impossible. Lucie, FL New to welding Aluminum I was on earlier about MIG machines and you all warned me against buying a cheap machine. Because of the torch nozzle size, it is easier to see where you are welding and it produce a better looking weld.
You can remove the closed-pore oxidation (old and foggy), and it would be replaced by an open-pore oxide layer (new and shiny). I have built several steel and wooden vessels over the last 20 years but designed and built my first alloy (28 feet) boat two years ago. This was when welding 5mm plate to 10mm flat bar for the chine weld and 28mm round bar to 5mm plate on the stem. Helium mixtures are better for high penetration in thicker material and being lighter are also better for overhead welding.
It should be degreased and sanded clean of all old mill scale before assembly and it should also be wire brushed with a clean stainless steel wire brush immediately before welding. The spool gun might be OK, but if I had used one, I would have to build the boat differently, beacuse I don't think I could have got the bulkier unit into all the places I did. Lucie, FL Thanks for that; I am going to take a MIG course in the next semester.
It is not very efficient above 20 knots, as it causes a lot of turbulence as the water tries to follow the twist or warp in the hull. The mark 2 version that I am just finishing the desig for, will hopefully fix this problem. I really enjoy trying to parse how others come to understand things and manipulate their environment to achieve ends. I'll most likely build a cover over the motor to serve as a sort of poling platform, although I doubt I'll be doing a lot of poling. I can do the basics but things like cutting gears and broaching and stuff like that are beyond me.
Noah Thompson Design offers a range of designs and kitsets for Alloy Boat Plans Power 9m cristal 3m Aluminium Flybridge Sportfisher Thompson This is a. We have the outdo chain of mountains of professionally designed blade aluminium and timbre plans Building angstrom unit Boden gravy boat Plans design leave reward you with the personal. I bought the heaviest single phase (240 volt) machine available, which was a 260 amp machine with push feed on a 10 foot stinger.
The oxide on alloy melts at a much higher termperature than the metal and if you do not get rid of it it will sit in the weld in flakes and weaken the weld. Although this style is not my forte, I know what it takes in the design, developing, and construction aspects, to get a finished aluminum boat to look this nice.
I will tell you that your style is not mine but nonetheless, I really appreciate your explanations of technique and how you derived them - everything you say makes sense to me.

I just turned 57 last month and I've spent my whole adult life building things out of metal or wood and I really appreciate the various properties of both, to combine the two just seems natural to me.
The shoe (suction box) runs about even with the boat bottom so whatever you draw you can run in. Sizewise I've seen guys put aftermarket jet units on 200 horse tiller motors so sky is the limit I guess. Contrive and estimator cad lofting of welded Al boats aluminium kits kit out boats and landing craft aluminium boats plans.
Bring forth Aluminum Fishing Boat Plans here http NewBoatPlans The Internet is broad of boat plans. I have held off on this particular welder because I am still unsure of it's ability to handle the stock I generally use. I appreciate the offer of the spool guns but I had better hold off until I settle on something for a powerhead. The suppliers all looked very doubtfull that this was a big enough machine for what I wanted, but I did not want to go for a 440 volt three pahse machine, as this would limit its resale value. Because MIG is a semi-automatic process, machine settings and weld procedures are critical. With new plate material you can get away with just the wire brush but with weathered plate and all extrusions you have to sand or grind the mill scale off. Top speed empty has been around 15 knots and she cruises very comfortably in any sea conditions at 13 to 14 knots at about 10 to 12 litres per hour consumption. Most boats in Western Australia are designed to go 40 miles offshore and come back the same day. Not sure about the grass, around here they suck river rocks which can cause some premature wear. Usually we have pretty loose tolerances, which is good as most of our machines are ancient. I have three outboard motors now and I couldn't say much about them except that the little yamaha 25 seems to be bulletproof. Cope Aluminum Boat Designs proven plans for senior high school quality welded aluminum boats. Now, what will hurt your weld is oil, dirt, the white residue that is left during oxidation, etc. If you make a bad weld in alloy, you will not know until it fails, which could be catastrophic.
Though my goals are much more modest and my welding will be mainly in fabrication on trailers and other gear. I would appreciate any input about the jet setup, this boat has a fairly narrow flat bottom, not like a jon boat. The other two are mercs and I've put 2 stators in the 60 bigfoot which means you get towed to the house. If I were commercial I wound not hesitate but as a hobbyist I think my wife might think about murder.
In a MIG welding course, you are taught what causes a wedl to be rejected for visual faults and whwn you are making welds that pass visual inspection you are taught how to cut the weld test piece up and acid etch it to see just how good it is inside. Just a note that the Lincoln 175 turns out to be a lower end model built for the mass market and the price jumped to $617 so I bought a new Hobart Handler 180 from Airgas. I stretched the boat 3' and changed the framing schedule so that I could use whats commonly available in my neighborhood. Is it true that you need twice the horsepower for the same performance as a prop setup, and how big do they make them?
She was a 48' twin inboard diesel which had been donated to the school by Evinrude's widow, "Francis Langford Evinrude. The gunnels are clear pressure treated pine 1x1's laminated with polyurethane glue and stainless steel sq.
Around here we have these grass flats with this floating wire like grass that tends to clog the foot on the jet motors, some people are willing to put up with it and some arn't so you get a lot of conflicting opinions. This boat I'm working on now really dosen't lend itself to a straight inboard, too many hard oyster bars inshore.
If this worlks, you note down all the machine settings in a procedure and use then settings next time you make this kind of weld. This boat I'm building now is sort of a trial run to develope some ideas for a little bigger boat later.

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