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Location: Smithtown, New York, USA free plans for simple model My daughter is taking drafting at Stuyvesant High School.
Location: Queensland Simplicity Boats David Beede has some nice easy dinghy designs, plans free from his web site, that would be simple enough to build.
Location: Auckland, New Zealand Yeah, there's those and I'm sure there are others available as well.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
In a series of discussion (text and pictures), I would like to submit to the community of this site the PLANS of a 13m X 4m long Vessel free of charge. It should be clear that no responsibility shall be taken by people who participate to the forum, if one builds the Vessel and sunk right out of the harbour. Starting with the next section, we will have a closer look to how the plans are started and elaborated using a very popular and easy to use software : Rhino. Sorry, that's about all the French I can remember for right now, but what a nice thing to do!
Each step, since the very first lines, are going to be clearly explained, exposed and discussed.
8 - In the aft some storage space accessible only from the aft deck using a watertight hatch cover.
Starting with this last part, we will have a look to all frames giving the final hull structure. Thanks again and before I start to rebuild a new set of plans make your comments and remarks. Is there another way I can recreate a maxsurf model of the hull, I have attached the images that i have of the boat.
Alex Attachment 98172 Attachment 98173 Attachment 98174 TANSL 02-16-2015 03:55 PM With this information you can make a similar model but that surely will not equal the existing boat.
My program allows, unlike Maxsurf, get easily and exactly the desired boat but must be available at least six cross sections, along the longitudinal profile and main deck.
I have made some rough sections in Auto-CAD, however I have had no luck trying to construct these into a maxsurf model, would these be of use to your method?

If professional advices how to prolong work are necessary for you or that to find out, write in the forum or on my e-mail address which you will see in my profile on site Linkedin.
Calculations of resistance and power show that 2 х750= 1500hp quite sufficient for achievement of a top speed 27kts.
Wholeheartedly gratitude and that which understand, but for different reasons do not write in the forum. Full Displacement is necessary to be no more 27t, differently it is impossible to receive the service speed 25-26 kts.
Well projected vessel in displacement position on a still water before to glide, it is necessary to be on an even keel, that is mean LCG=LCB.
NA Razmik Baharyan TANSL 04-25-2015 10:05 AM I am convinced that you are able to understand the dates of the various threads, although they are in English. If you wish to advertise on our site, please contact the advertising department and inform them on what pages and in what positions and in what form would like to see your ad.
By the way, the author as Yacht DESIGNER, will not accept any responsibility by offering these plans to the public.
Mostly, the owner whish to live inside of some structure, well protected from bad weather conditions.
Any further reference to one of this celebrities and also others, will be clearly mentioned in the text.
A wide opening (hatch) to access the engine at the floor (or ground) of the Wheelhouse is on the plans. That is a whale of a lot of frames for a metal boat, adding cost, labor, weight to a recreational priced boat.
I see that in the forum already there are people understanding those that I make, how I was to make it and in first-order for what . Because the model is made on program Delftship Professional and import with IGES file in Maxsurf Modeler and in the other program. If you will select on Maxsurf Modeler from Data\ Coefficients\Draft for Coefficients\Draft to Baseline menu then the keel does not enter in calculation Cb and value about 0,437 for draft T = 0,9m is received . In that case it is possible to accept LCG=5,717m from the beginning of the coordinate system.

Therefore, I have no doubt that your purpose can not be to help Alex, who made his inquiry over 2 months ago. Crosby (designer of the Snipe, among others) for a 24" developed surface sailing model made from cardboard.
The builder of the Vessel, should verify through his preferred Naval Architect or using his own knowledge and experience the seaworthiness, stability and whatsoever is useful before engaging the construction. But, no one will claim to win any speed competition on French Canals where the speed is limited. So, asuming the boat doesn't trim (does it trim by the stern when fully loaded?), you'll have around 30 cm of water over the top tip of the propeller (?). I think what you intend is to show us your homework so that we express our opinion on them. But I have decided to not do them because still it will be not known what engines and propellers for new ship.
A flatter one still with submerged sections in that zone would avoid having the free surface just over the propeller, so improving efficiency. And it is possible to change the shaft angle and to construct the propeller with smaller dia but with major disk relation, with major vanes and other pitch ratio.
Could, in any case, calculate the position of the g c for the equilibrium position has a zero trim. You need to work a little about it if you want to improve but it is more than enough, imo, for previous calculations.
The door of the superstructure, depending on the regulatory coaming, may be more appropriate. Study of wind and waves (weather criterion):The wind force must be calculated using a specific formula.

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