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After the area around the leaky rivets is cleaned and well scuffed, heat the area with a propane torch to drive off moisture and warm the metal. Complete heating and filling each rivet or seam section before moving on to the next to avoid too much heat loss. Reproduction in any form, in whole or in part, is expressly forbidden without the consent of the publisher.
We re-sealed the firewall by covering the deteriorated foam with some good old fashioned caulk. Secured the copper elbow to the drain hole, sealed with JB-Weld, and put a heat-gun on it to speed up the bonding. Finally covered it all back up with a thin copper square, and slathered the edges with caulk. Here is a little write-up on how to install the Taurus fan into a z31 written by Z31 performance forum member Mike_GruiZinga. Remove your old mechanical fan assembly by removing the 4 10mm nuts which retain it to the water pump pulley. Remove lower fan shroud by first removing 2 lower 10mm bolts, then either cutting or breaking the shroud in half so you can pull it out from the top. For the other side of the fan shroud you can make a custom bracket, or use a radiator specific zip tie to secure the fan.
The relay has five terminals labeled: common (C), normally open (NO), normally closed (NC) and two for the relay coil, ground and +12vdc. When the temperature reaches an adjustable set point, say 170 degrees, the controller energizes the fan #1 wire and power goes through the relay to the low speed wire on the Taurus fan. Connected this way the fan can never get power to both the high and low speeds at the same time which could burn out the motor.

After wiring the fan in this matter, I read about another method for running a two-speed or dual fan. Anyways, that's all there is to it, besides a little engine bay cleanup I need to take care of.
I was quite surprised to find that every aluminum boat owner I talked to said they had some sort of leak. EPOXYWORKS, Gougeon Brothers, WEST SYSTEM, Episize, Scarffer and Microlight as used throughout this publication, are trademarks of Gougeon Brothers, Inc., Bay City, Michigan, USA. I used a hole saw as well but instead of the elbow joint I just used a long piece of rubber hose, bent it downward, and secured it using a clamp and caulk.
It covers the install, and how make use of both its speeds with an automatic control module. You can also remove the nose piece and radiator and pull the shroud out in one piece if you would like. You should notice that if you line it up on the left side of the radiator (like I did) one bolt hole from the E-fan shroud lines up with one of the lower shroud mounting holes. I chose to use a pull through zip tie with a rubber pad (the kind found in oil cooler mounting kits) to secure my fan. Different year fans have different color wires, so you should test your fan with a battery or check with someone down at the Ford dealership.
When the temperature reaches a certain temp above your set point the controller energizes both fan #1 and fan #2 wires which energizes the relay causing it to switch the power from the low speed to the high. This is optional, but I thought it would be good to be able to pop the hood and turn on the fan at the drag strip, or just in case I started to overheat. When the fan kicked on I noticed no difference in idle speed but my stock voltmeter did momentarily fall 1 volt and then rise back up.

For my Taurus fan I had to slot the hole in the shroud a little for it to line up perfectly. Connect the green wire from the fan controller to your switch, and connect an ignition powered wire (preferably the same one you wired the controller to) to the other terminal of the switch. If I manually switched the fan onto high speed (it wasn't hot enough to get the controller to switch it to high speed on its own) the engine RPM's dropped about 100 and then came back up.
When mine came on for the first time (on high) the fan literally swept the floor under the radiator.
Mount your fan controller wherever you want, just make sure the temp probe can reach the inlet side if the radiator.
Therefore, it would be possible to wire it in such a way that the fan was on low at the controllers set temperature, and then kicked to high when the water temperature reached 212F. I will eventually probably end up upgrading to a maxima (90amp) alternator when I start needing some more current. It's not any louder than the stock dual fans on my 94 Mazda 626, but you can hear it when it comes on. Connect your grounds from the fan, the relay, and the controller to a clean spot on the chassis.
It can be done cheaper, but I didn't have any wiring or connectors, and I wanted an under hood switch. It's quieter than the stock fan, and when it is off, it saves you a few HP and maybe even gets you better fuel economy.

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