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In my opinion, Rambo has no idea that he's done enough in politics and needs to give way to new people in parliament by permanently retiring for good. This is the same SODELPA initially with de-facto Leader Qarase who I remind you who had stabbed SVT on the back for his own glory by forming SDL with a vote buying FHL $20m grant and Agri Scam. Good to stay away from SODELPA as they no longer have the bank cheque they had before to buy votes. They lost because educated Fijians wanted a change of Govt for new ideas with new policies, hence they out voted in a team effort via 3 separate parties. It was we the PEOPLE of Fiji who took ownership of our 1997 Constitution and it belong to us the People of Fiji.
Commodore Bainimarama abrogated the Peoples’ 1997 Constitution during the chaos and mayhem of the GS 2000 attempted coup. In the current political hiatus in Fiji, Rabuka is suffering from what psychologists would describe as a 'relevance deprivation syndrome'. Rabuka was naive, even rather ignorant when he allowed the defeated Alliance Party politicians to manipulate him into carrying out his coup in 1987.
By contrast Bainimarama and Khaiyum has done everything to undermine democracy in Fiji after parking themselves in power since the 2006 power grab- including the trashing of the 1997 constitution and the imposition of the fictitious " we, the people of Fiji " 2013 Constitution. Rabuka,Speight and Bai's coups accelerated Indo-Fijian migration and they are now thriving around the globe. In the guise of itaukei supremacy they have relegated them to spectator status with zero improvements to their education and economic status. These shameless thugs i agree should have been hanged.Today we have supporters of these thugs sitting on both sides of the House, what a legacy!!!!
Thank you Victor for your tireless and valuable efforts to share the truth about important issues that affect our lives. Rabuka continues to think he is an important factor in trying to resolve Fiji's national challenges. I pray that Rabuka shall chew on that before he harms himself further by falsely thinking that the nation needs him. What really is Rabuka's point in his mentioning that he still is the same person who led the coups in 1987? The very first step towards gaining forgiveness for our wrongs and transgressions is to feel deep sorrow for the harms and hurts we have caused upon those whom we have abused; many more times the pains we have caused upon others. The other thing too about seeking forgiveness for our wrongs is that the onus to forgive is not on us the sinners but on those from whom we seek forgiveness and God who commands us all to forgive lest we be not divinely forgiven for our own misdeeds. We of course know from our first experience of military force following Rabuka's coup just how terrible military force can be on its own people..
In his review of today's main news in Australian newspapers on ABC breakfast Professor Laurie Zion of La Trobe University's Journalism School said in reference to the Canberra Times article New York Times attacks Prime Minister Tony Abbot over ' Stop the boats' policy as " unconscionable " in a scathing editorial that many politicians today had no historical memory of the refugee crisis that enveloped Europe after WW2 . We must never let our historical memory slip away if we are to be guided to do what is right .
It appears "Rabuka saying he is still the same person who did the 1987 coup" is put out of context. This comment therefore is an internal argument within and not an interpretation of the comments otherwise. No more anti Indian slogan can buy I-Taukei votes as the more racist stand taken by SODLPA the more support Fiji First will get. A specially formulated sprayable mastic that immediately seals and repairs water leaks on a variety of roofing materials. Suitable for use on leaking roofs, guttering, pipes and drains and on caravans, garden sheds and greenhouses.
DuraPower Product's Pipe & Hose Repair Kit is a special resin impregnated tape sealed in foil pouch. On copper pipe you should clean the repair area with sand paper and muriatic acid (soldering acid.) then flush with water. To increase strength and bonding continue to tighten and squeeze the tape in the direction of the wrap until it is very tacky. A second application may be applied, and excess resin may be removed with alcohol or acetone before it cures.

Marlig Fix-A-Leak is also great for preventative maintenance, to coat surfaces and cut down on formation of rust & corrosion.
With pump running add Fix-A-Leak slowly through skimmer or in front of any other suction intake.
After the leak has stopped and given the proper time to cure, (24-48 hrs.) you may return to normal filtration.
If you suspect a leak around fittings inside the pool (such as return fittings) lights, skimmer(s) or steps, etc.Shut down pump.
Why is Leak Mate for the Plumber, Electrician, Joiner, Builder, Decorator and DIY Enthusiast? Let's picture it, you have put a heating system in and filled it up cold, you fire up the boiler and the system is getting hot with rising pressure and temperature, a fitting starts leaking, The time it takes to drain the system down, is enough time to cause damage to the customer's home, you put a bowl under the pipe to catch the water only to find you can't get it out again, it's messy and worrying and the last thing one wants is an insurance claim, or to reduce your bill because of damage caused by the leak. Leak Mate is a unique reusable tool that will stop leaks in seconds allowing time to safely drain the system.
Leak Mate is an essential tool for all Tradesmen and homeowners as a temporary fix allowing minimum disruption. Hippo Patch is the new way to repair leaks in Fiberglass Tents, pop up campers, tarps, waders, boats, boots, canoes, kayaks, aluminum canoes, canopies, flashings, plastic canoes, fish tanks, water tanks, gutters, rubberized roofing, PVC, EPDM, drain pipes, Canoes Livewells, Water tank, Raft, Boat, Cooler Trap, canvas, metal, nylon, wood, concrete, glass, brick, shingles and vinyl.
I hear the SODELPA youth wing had their worries about him due to his dark past of starting the first coup. It was Indians not supporting Jai Ram Reddy because he rejected poor farmers cry for emergency drought grant when during floods same Govt was quick to find funds to send rations to villagers on the mountains that never even got affected.
True, that we as a nation are yet to re-emerge from the resulting darkness of that tragedy - but maybe Rabuka has now seen the light. I would rather have Rabuka as a leader, even a ruler any day compared with Bainimarama and Khaiyum, whose greed for power and privileges have no bounds.
Once in power he educated himself on the values and norms of democratic good governance and made an effort to do the right thing by the people Fiji viz the making of the 1997 Constitution. The truth is that he needs the nation, but the nation foes not need him, until he publicly and thoroughly repents of his 1987 actions.
When you compare the skill sets to be a leader of Rabuka and Bainimarama, Rabuka stands taller.
In his request (or even demand) for forgiveness for his actions, was he just seeking forgiveness without really regretting those actions? And the subsequent military coups including the last one by Fiji's " benevolent " military dictator Frank Bainimarama should help keep that memory alive. As stated, he remains the same person who enacted the coup in 1987 to mean that whatever changes that may have occurred over the ages, he is still Rabuka in person. That was a real tragedy because their reaction to the current migrant crisis wth the thousands fleeing the war in Syria is without perspective, without a deeper grounding. Any I-Taukei will be fighting a losing battle against Fiji First as they got the $$$$$ that others don't. Suitable for use in adverse weather conditions the hydrophobic formula displaces moisture ensuring a watertight bond with virtually any roofing material. Once opened, the tape is simply wrapped a around any surface and will set as hard as steel in about 30 minutes, even under water to stop leaks permanently.
Once opened, the tape is simply wrapped a around any surface and will set as hard as steel in about 30 minutes, even under water. Fast fusing silicone, seals and repairs an almost endless list of pipes, connectors, joints and so much more. If the area of leakage can be pinpointed, extend the coating at least three inches past this point.
Flowing water must be sealed with a quick setting hydraulic cement before applying EPOXYBOND WATERPROOF SEALANT.
If this is not possible, the vacuum cleaner could be used alternatively, simply by placing the vacuum in deepest part of pool and connect to normal vacuum connection. It must be stirred back into suspension, either manually using a pool broom or mechanically with an automated pool cleaner every 4-6 hrs. The tool is supplied with reusable 10 15 & 22mm seals that have a recessed step moulded in every seal to fit copper fittings.

From a leak in your pool, boat or rain gutter, pop up camper, pool liner, canopy and many more, HIPPOPATCH IS A CONVENIENT, EASY TO APPLY, LONG TERM SOLUTION. If he is to be kept out of Fiji politics on account of that past, then the question is who are the people wanting to keep him out? It is truth that enlightens our minds, comforts our hearts, liberates us from the bondage of ignorance and gives us the power to see, to change and to make things better for others and for ourselves. Only then will there be a restoration of his own peace of mind, self integrity and peace and restoration with others might begin in earnest. He did not keep changing the laws to remain to power and ensured proper functioning of the institutions that supported democracy. More useful to analyse him for who he was then, how we see him now and what he can be tomorrow. And since Ro Kepa insisted to resign from SODELPA if Rambo was made the leader and even candidate for SODELPA she would resign.
This instant sealant ends leaks and seals cracks in metal, PVC, masonry, around roof vents and skylights,gutter, Caravans, even in pools.
The unique thickening system immediately structures on contact ensuring gaps and cracks are filled and repaired giving instant protection against water ingress. Its design facilitates repairs in hard to reach areas, such as inside walls or at connectors and fittings without the need to cut pipes. After it has been in place for more than one week or if exposed to excessive high humidity during application, a blush may appear on the surface. Our Gutter Liner is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to repair leaking metal or vinyl gutters.
The Leak Mate Tool provides a quick easy solution to a variety of sizes of leaking pipe and fittings and the tool is re-usable time and time again. Just cut a piece of the strip in the size of your leak, peel off release liner, and simply stick the product on. Because of this feature, the product will never crack due to differing weather circumstances. My dad lost his job because of Rabuka and his coup, but as collateral when the bakewa exercised their new-found macawa powers; the same kind witnessed in today's National vereverea leadeship!!! Developed to flex with the natural movement of the substrate Thompson's Emergency Instant Repair resists cracking and splitting ensuring protection against future leaks. Ideal for sealing roof valleys and repairing small areas on wood, asphalt, fiberglass, slate, tile, and metal roofs.
It is a single component, elastomeric, semi self levelling, high performance tripolymer sealant designed to prevent the passage of air and moisture through small joints or seams. Meanwhile you can't help taking a dig at people for example your former Son In Law can you and that woman who is someones daughter too mind you! He is so blinded by his ego and pride not to realise that the nation has never forgotten him, neither forgiven him.
Rinse out unused Fix-A-Leak from filter as required.*NOTE* Never let cartridges or DE elements be left to dry before they are cleaned.
In order for him to be a positive force for change in any capacity, he must sincerely seek forgiveness by demonstrating genuine repentance. May also use on lap joints, storm windows, metal awnings, vents, flashing, side corner joints, and thresholds when a small joint sealant is required. Secretary General, one cannot save a leaking boat by changing the Captain or the Engineer; one must fix the leak (no pun intended). The Reeves CRC enjoyed independence, respect and acceptability from all the People of Fiji.

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