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First we bought some really cheap A4 punched pockets for documents from our local pound shop.
When you have finished pressing, take one of the open corners and fold it over to the opposite corner and press to crease.
The crew at Barefoot Books is coming together and everyone is making paper boats to celebrate the release of Starlight Sailor in a new format—a large board book!
Learn how to make a paper boat using these easy-to-follow instructions from Starlight Sailor. Put fingers into bottom hole, and gently pull outward, so that you can fold it into a diamond shape (above left). Again, put fingers into the bottom hole, pull gently outward, to refold it into a diamond shape (final shape shown above). Put your fingers in the opening and pull it apart as wide as you can until the shape flattens. Well me and my KKC crew came up with an idea and are going to show you how to make a waterproof boat!

This is an easy summer craft that takes about 15 minutes to make and the rest is fun and games outdoors in a paddling pool or along a small stream. Place an A4 sheet of colored paper inside the pocket and cut off the punch holes as near as you can to the seal line.Pretend that the see-through pocket is invisible.
Tuck the loose corners one behind the other, lay the shape flat on the table and press to make sharp creases on all the fold lines. If you love making things to do with holidays or vacations then click your way over to our summer crafts page. If you’re in the neighborhood of our Oxford, UK or Concord, MA studios this month, stop by and make a paper boat for our maritime displays! Our Design intern Megan decorated the office with boats made of beautiful paper (and was a great hand model!), and our PR intern Carly photographed the excellent how-to photos featured above. Caution: Make sure there is adult supervision anytime children play in bodies of water.So let`s begin! Now fold your paper in half and crease it, then make another fold to quarter it and crease it.

Do the same with the opposite corner.Next, take the top layer at the open end of your paper and fold it right up to the triangle edge. Again, pull the open edges away from each other as far as you can until the form flattens and press on the table. Carefully open out the paper boat by holding the two top points and pulling them gently to the sides. Place the cocktail stick down between the center folds of the mast and stick it in place with clear adhesive tape.

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