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Coleman Aluminum Jon Boat - Not only are these boats easy to power and work with, but they are easy on your wallet and just make sense to have one of these to maneuver around for hunting, fishing, and other boating activities. Coleman Aluminum Jon Boat - Built with high end material, these Jon Flat Bow boats are perfect for fishermen and hunters that need a reliable and durable boat to get them right where the action is. Using this web site acknowledges your agreement to the Terms of Use and Online Privacy Policy. Location: MA help identifying make of aluminum jon boat hello, first post, hopefully someone can help me. Location: Eustis, FL The boat looks new enough to have a HIN, which will be embossed, stamped or engraved into the upper right hand corner of the transom.
The previous owner had bought it used in the early 90s, and said there was never a Hull id tag.
What else I find suspicious, is all boats in the USA will have an affixed HIN, if built after the fall of 1973. This sort of thing happens all the time by folks that haven't much experience with boat registration processes. Lastly, if the previous owner never registered the boat, he still had to do a title transfer.
Location: California I did a little browsing, and that capacity plate isn't necessarily out of line for a narrow aluminum Jon boat. Of course, the next size up is only 6" wider -- but it's rated for three people and a 10 hp motor.

Location: Eustis, FL The formula the USCG will use will permit (my assumption of size, based on the photos) at least a 15, likely more.
A trolling motor equipped jon boat in Mass, still needs to be registered, so where's the registration?
Location: California Is there any guarantee that boat was built after 1973? I don't know how things are on the east coast, but out here I wouldn't be at all surprised to run into an old aluminum Jon boat that's been flying under the legal radar for thirty or forty years.
Location: Eustis, FL Even it it was a 40 year old boat, without a HIN, I find it hard to believe it's been missed by Harbor Patrol all these years, when they focus on precisely this very thing as probable cause to board and look around for PFD's. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
With two bench seats there is plenty of room for a few anglers or hunters as well as plenty of gear and equipment. I looked over the inside and outside of the hull, under seats and removed the board to check behind it. One usually goes hand in hand with the other, so someone is blowing smoke up someone's butt. I also see a hammer tone finish paint job on it, which could hide a lot of sins (and registration numbers). With durable features like strong lifting handles and durable paint finish both inside and out this boat will last through the ages and provide for many enjoyable afternoons of fishing and hunting.

It's very possible the previous owner doesn't actually own the boat, because it's still registered in the name of someone else.
Doesn't mean that there wasn't a stack of plates still in somebody's drawer ten or twenty years later though. If it doesn't have a HIN, the state it was last registered in will have assigned a HIN, along with a registration number (MS something in Mass).
Simply put, the boat looks newer then a 1973 and coupled with the lack of registration number means it'll be a real pain in the butt to get a registration or title for (you can preform a title search and file an abandoned vessel claim). My understanding of MA boat registration requirements is all motorized boats, except USCG documented, must be registered, unless it's a visiting boat (out of state registry). I see boats like this frequently, where someone thinks they can remove the registration and HIN numbers and re-registry it. I built some Dooley dinghies in Florida whose HINs came from a batch supplied thirty years earlier.
This number can lead you to the last registered previous owner (who still owns it, unless you've preformed a title transfer), which will have a title associated with it and the manufacture may be listed on it. The local sheriff or Harbor Patrol will assumed someone is trying to apply for different registration numbers or that it's stolen.

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