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How choose camping stove, There are a number of factors to consider when thinking about how to choose a camping stove. Diy wood gas stove instructions - ultimate hang, There ways build wood-gas stove, . Wood burning stove, grill & fire pit manufacturer buck stove, Buck stove manufacturer quality wood, coal gas heating stoves 40 years. Here at the DIYprojectsworld blog we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, home decorating, DIY projects and gardening tips from around the world. After a decade of happy stove making, the Heineken Company changed the design of the keg-shaped aluminum can to a standard straight wall can. In 2003 I posted the original instructions for a hiking stove that I had been developing for many years - one that is dependable, safe, lightweight, fast, efficient, but is still simple to make and use.
This site documents the response to the first alcohol stove that is good enough to compete with gas stoves and keep canisters out of landfills.
Independent tests document that it heats faster, uses less fuel, simmers longer, and packs lighter than any commercial alcohol stove.
Several YouTube videos show a normal pressurized stove with a penny covering the filling hole and represent this as a Penny Stove - it is not. Unlike pressurized stoves, it has no external priming flame and uncontrolled pressure buildup.
I have added the Penny to their chart showing how it relates to other stove and fuel options.
I started dusting off some memories when I got home and remembered your website from my previous research.
I took this stove on my 5 day hike through Northern Japan, and also cooked with it for 3 other days spent at campsites in towns. I showed your system to a friend of mine, a 28 year backpacking veteran, and he just about fell out of his chair when he saw the water boil.
There are 7 of us going on a 5 day trip to the Grand Canyon and 4 of us are sharing 2 of the penny stoves. By the way, I pulled out the alcohol stove this week to teach my boyfriend how to use it on his trip in the Ventana this weekend, and I just never fail to be amazed by that design.
I have made several other types of stoves from soda cans and have not been as satisfied as I am with the Penny Stove.
What really got me going was that it boiled (and I mean a solid rolling boil with pleny of burn left) 2 full quarts on 2 oz.
One of the best elements of this penny alcohol stove is that you need to drink beer to make it. According to Pantenburg, who's been operating the stove four or five times a day for the past month or so, it boils 16 ounces of water at 3,500 feet elevation in 4.5 minutes.
Since the the Original Penny Stove requires the unique shapes offered by that can, I have provided instructions for the Penny Stove 2.0 - built using two regular pop or beer cans. Most alcohol stoves will boil only two cups of water, but the Penny will sterilize two quarts of 45° water with only 2 oz. It can prime and boil a quart of water just 20 seconds slower than a gas cook-top, or simmer at max efficiently for almost an hour.

They are missing unique features that make this stove safe and efficient - including a top priming fuel area, high cup rim, jet area tuned to penny weight, spaced jets, dimpled burner, insulating base, Heineken rim spacing, and simmer ring. None are lighter, and only two of the many others can simmer, and only one of those (other than the Penny2) simmers well.
When alcohol is vaporized too quickly, it escapes through the jets without boiling, lowering fuel efficiency. Susan - I don't know if you've had a chance to use the simmer ring, but it works great too! The Penny Stove can actually be used as a multi-fuel stove by flipping it over, putting a piece of screen in the bottom and using an esbit, or fire starter. The penny stove has consistently boiled 24 oz of water on 1 oz of fuel with lots of left over burn using an MSR titan kettle. Throw in a weight of 1.5oz, a pressure regulator and simmer ring and you have an ultralight stove that makes the leading competitors seem Sumo by comparison. I was wondering one day about a better way to light the chimney and saw one of my little stoves and flash! The stove takes 50 milliliters of fuel to operate, which comes to 13 cents for each use of the stove. Users must still exercise caution because the flame can't be seen in bright light and it will float on water while burning.
You should try to use fairly fresh live wood, as it is less likely to catch fire and will surely last longer.Step 2). Aircraft, will build you one of the last remaining Heiny stoves - a genuine collectors item. Hell I even got myself a 12 of Heineken to do it (had forgotten that they changed the can design, bastards). I had to tweak the jets a little but being able to boil enough water for a freeze dried meal and a hot beverage on less then 30ml of fuel is just fantastic. I just finished testing the penny stove that I made with a pabst can and I'm excited to take it out on a 300+ bike trip from Portland, OR to Crater lake, then into the Eastern Oregon High Desert. It brought a camp pot with 32oz of cold water to rolling boil in 7 minutes (920' elevation) and had fuel to spare for the simmer with the ring on. I am taking this thing to elevation in the Rockies next summer to give it the major field test. Therefore we need alcohol stove, which, safe, cheap, eficient, durable, easy to make and has long burning time. It works just as well, if not better, and is much lighter especially for trips 1 week, or less.
The Penny uses a novel design to counteract this - a penny covers the fuelling hole and seals the stove until boiling alcohol accumulates excessively. I started my trip concerned about fuel consumption because I had to boil all of my water to kill a waterborne parasite that is rare but possible in those mountains. Instead of using paper I use 3 ml denatured alcohol and place the chimney over the stove and there ya go. What a disappointment, as it took me about 20 attempts in 45 minutes to get it to light off at about 11,000 ft.

I want to thank Bill - because of his extraordinary generosity over the years, the Sierra Club has received thousands of dollars in donations - $5.00 for every stove he has made. I had tried out various alcohol stoves (cat stove, pepsi can stove, cat stove with a wall, various penny stove copies) but never really had any real luck. Looking now at my Whisperlite that can't simmer very well and in comparison weighs a metric ass load I have no idea why I still own it.
The penny stove burned much more consistently without flameups, it did not need a special primer ring to preheat the fuel, and it actually brought 2C tap water (71F) to boil in 3.5 minutes!!!
After searching an learniing the nets for months, we decided to take your penny stove for our stove.
As part of my research into lighter gear, I stumbled across your design and decided to give it a try with both soda cans and the Heiny cans. At that point the penny lifts due to the pressure and the gas is released slowly and burnt off, preventing fuel loss. The Penny boiled tons of water, and in about half the time -- 4 to 5 minutes -- of other alcohol stoves.
I went into this test fully thinking I'd like the Mini Atomic over the penny stove, but the results speak for themselves. As a comparison, I boiled the same amount on an electric range and got a boil at 6 minutes and 30 seconds..! You can always hang your rope lower; but it will be difficult to raise the tripod without totally rebuilding. Also, thank you to those who sent donations to conservation organizations after building the Penny Stove. An insulated base protects from fires below and a wide freestanding pot support leaves the stove stable when pot is disturbed. I just wish I could buy everclear in ontario, a fuel that can't poison you sounds like a great idea. The stove took me a couple hours to make and is constructed of a couple ridged Heineken cans. I drained 1 ounce of fuel out of the stove, which means it used 1 ounce of fuel to boil 16 ounces of water in 4 minutes 40 seconds.
From a military point of view, the cooker is faster and lighter than solid fuel, you can put it out at any time, and a bullet through a bottle of meths won't blow up a ruck like gas would. We will introduce Bioethanol as alternative fuel because North Sulawesi has over 2 mio Arenga trees and price for kerosene fuel will be higher and higher.
Brace the feet with rocks for added stability.Just tie a rope from the top of the tripod and attach a caribiner.
It is very easy to make your own cooking tripod over the fire pit while there is no fire, but trying to make this contraption and properly brace the legs after the fire is made can prove to be difficult.Note that the most important part of making this camping tripod is ensuring that the legs have good stability. You should put each leg at least 2 inches into the ground and make sure to give them the extra support with rocks or logs as braces.

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