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Refer to the instruction for the fiberglass kit and apply three layers of reinforced fiberglass to the surface and sides of the plywood mold. Position a pair of stainless steel butt hinges along one edge of the cover with the hinge pins aligned at the outside edge of the cover.
Insert stainless steel bolts into the pre-drilled holes in the hinge butts and through the pilot holes in the fiberglass cover.
Stand the three-sided cover and re-check your dimensions to make sure the cover is uniform. Refer to the instructions for the fiberglass kit and apply one layer of fiberglass to the sides and top of the raised cover. The Vortec 350 is an eight-cylinder marine engine block capable of 5.7 liters of displacement. The Tailor made Collection's fiber glass model ship hull, model ship fittings and accessories have been designed and selected with care and attention to detail.
Location: Chilliwack British Columbia Canada How to make snowmobile engine work in a small 11 ft.
Location: north Markham If it's a small engine than it will work but a snowmobile engine of that size should produce 40 hp plus. Location: USA I have a old arctic cat 500 motor that I have though about doing the same thing with.

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Cut a plywood top that is flush with the outside of the front, sides and back edges of the three-sided cover. The holes should be 6 inches apart and 3 inches below the surface of the cover on all sides. Inboard engines for recreational boats install below deck or at mid-deck, with the upper part of the engine above the deck. Sand the rough edges and surface of the fiberglass cover using a belt sander with medium grit sandpaper. Drill pilot holes for stainless steel bolts at each of the pre-drilled holes in the hinge butts. Measure the distance from the surface of the deck to the top of the air cleaner on the engine and add a minimum of 6 inches for clearance. The engine would have to be rejetted, its way too rich for mild temps I would look for a cheap 50 hp you can find one for around $200 bucks today. If you have the old cross drive shaft from the snowmobile you could use that as your prop shaft. Large luxury cruise ship and it's engine propellers churn the water into waves and wakes.

Engine covers for commercial vessels are engineered using thick steel plate or heavy composite materials. The size of the pre-drilled holes in the butts determines the size of the pilot holes and stainless steel bolts. I`m in Chilliwack BC and a cheap 40 or 50 hp outboard here is no less than $1000 or more, I have the snowmobile engine allready and if it needs to be rejetted that`s cheap enough, it will be a matter of couplling the engine to to a drive unit and exhaust, this is just a toy and stranger things have been built..
You can make a flush or raised inboard engine cover for a recreational boat or pleasure boat using fiberglass and marine hardware.
Would the prop size yeild me a speed of aproximately 40 mph cause this my goal, the hull weighs about 120 pounds+ 325 pounds of passenger,and engine of about 55 pounds, this just a project but I feel it should work, can I run the exhaust right into the water without damage to the engine? I run my air cooled 440 all day long in the spring snow when temps get well above 60 or 70 with only minor jetting changes.

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