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The Rain Tree Lodge is located directly adjacent to the Colo-i-Suva national rainforest and park outside of Fiji’s capital, Suva. The boat is composed of modular sections of plastic bottles glued together with a layer of foam underneath to further aid in flotation, and some plastic sheeting for the seats and floor deck. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. This is so fabulous, my friend and I are collecting bottles for this very purpose, to paddle around the Hamilton Lake (New Zealand). Kate, I made these boats with my son last weekend and he LOVED every aspect of this project – from eating a lolly before we started the project (to get the lolly stick), to looking for the twigs, tying them together, and testing whether the boats floated.
Looks like I am the most stupid person here as no-one asked about tieing the string and I’ve tried today and failed miserably. I was just wondering, have you only used string or have you also used some glue to stick the wood pieces together? The boat is built out of plastic bottles (including Fiji water bottles!) and a layer of foam, held together with glue. Tom, the owner of the lodge, built the boat earlier this year with the help of his employees.

The boat building crew is also experimenting with a sandwich-style floating platform that could be used by farmers in Fiji to float their crops down river to the market. We’ve been having so much rain in Sydney lately, there is a smally torrent running down our street. I just discovered your lovely, colorful blog this evening and am having the BEST time digging through your archives and bookmarking fun projects to try with my girls!! We even did a ‘science experiment’ to see how many pebbles the boats could carry before they sank! My son is at the door, rushing me to go outside with him and hunt for sticks to make the stick boat. It may look dainty, but surprisingly the boat can remain afloat supporting three large Fijian men as they paddle around in it. Thinking that David de Rothschild and the Plastiki would be making a stop through Suva, the team had the boat all ready to welcome the world-famous plastic bottle boat. The Rain Tree Lodge’s owner hopes that his experiments and designs can be used by Fijians to make use of the many plastic bottles being discarded in the country. We have just moved here after a seven year stint in Perth and it’s taking some getting used to.

I’m holding out for a little sunshine at the mo…then we are gonna go sail them!
I used the instructions given and found out the the sail is much shorter than the one in your picture.
The owner of the Rain Tree Lodge claims that this is be Fiji’s first plastic bottle boat and he hopes this boat will inspire other Fijians to reuse materials in their personal lives.
Unfortunately, the Plastiki didn’t stop in Suva, but they still make use of the boat on the resorts lake next to the restaurant. I also wanted to know how to make newspaper hats and that origami boat should do just the thing.
I’ll write a post on my blog as soon as is possible about it (with your pinterest link).

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