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Cardboard ar en verktygslada for utvecklare med tillhorande applikation i Google Play, som gor att en mobil kan simulera dubbla skarmar och ge virtuell verklighet.
De finns kvar pa amerikanska amazon men dar ar de nastan 200 kr mer an pa dar de tyvarr ar slut. Ytterligare en kopia, finns massor av sadana har projekt pa natet innan google fick nys om det. Tipset pa andra sajter som sysslade med detta langt innan google brukar vara att kopa leksakskikare och plocka ut linserna.
Annars paminner det om byggen som kom nar de lade in Compass Mode, eller vad det heter i Street View. Neodymium aka neodymmagneter ar extremt starka magneter, satter du en sadan pa kylskapet far du typ aldrig av den om du inte drar den till en kan och liksom flippar av den sa. Skrev du ut direkt fran PDF:en pa ett A4-papper utan att skala upp det eller nagot liknande?
Det var nan konstig skala pa original filen sa jag fick oppna den och spara om den till en A4. Men annars, OpenDives ar en byggsats, finns som sagt de som gjort av kartong ocksa men nu ar google spammad med googles egen variant, du far leta sjalv.
Schysst av google att inte ens salja linserna sjalv utan lanka till Dives linsset sa att de blir slutsalda. Jag markte att sensorn som kanner av magnetism inte sitter pa samma stalle sa det skulle passa. Blev tvungen att halla magneten i handen, om man ska folja vart den egentligen ska sitta hamnar den inte i narheten. 1- Jag okade avstandet fran linserna till telefonen med 5mm vilket resulterade i battre skarpa och mindre risk for att se dubbelt.
2- Jag vred halet for magneten 90° for att man istallet ska rora magneten mot telefonen istallet for langs med. Maste saga att detta fungerade forvanansvart bra och ar en fruktansvart rolig grej vart att prova. Aktuellt"Material Design" ar Googles egna designsprak som togs fram i samband med Lollipop. Disclaimer All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. In a condemned building in the center of the Ukrainian harbor town Odessa homeless juveniles are injecting so-called “Boltushkas” – a cheap drug which slowly paralyzes the central nervous system. Is there hope for these kids or should we discard hope for them as many in the society have? Project Odessa Life is aiming to offer hope to the homeless children on the streets of Odessa through Jesus Christ and friendship.
Rally your church family to work together to fill up the box with socks and underwear for boys and girls ages 6 to 20. Email me and let me know who you are and the name of your church group getting involved, and I will send you the address and phone number to put on the box. Often the agents locations are Ukrainians homes who now live in America, or a small business.
You will drop the box off with payment and they will leave you a receipt with a tracking number which you can email us.
The Meest agent will keep the box at their location until a Meest truck comes and picks it up and puts it on a ship to Ukraine.
Build a cardboard pirate ship with your child and you'll discover how fun homemade toys can be. Dec 17, 2013 · Making a cardboard ship for children can be fun activity full of imagination. It’s an old joke that children have more fun with the box their gift came in, than itself.

Recently, I came across an article on CNET that showcased a group of iOS apps that are compatible with Cardboard.
Virtually any iOS app that was designed to work with the Durovis Dive will work with Google Cardboard.
If you don’t want to spend $25, then you can get a cheaper replica, that works the exact same (It’s just cardboard lol) for less than $3, with free shipping! I made a Cardboard compatible iOS app, Mobile VS Station, a media player with head tracking. Cut out around (roughly, you don’t need to be precise now) one copy of each so they will fit onto the foam board.
I colored the edges with black sharpie then used hot glue to take care of the edges and it gives it extra strength.
By the way, today we were at Barnes and Nobles and came across a pre-made Steve head… for $18!! Unfortunately, I waited until the day before Halloween, stood in line at a local party store for an hour to be told that both, Steve, the Creeper head and the $25 sword were sold out!
Porque la un grupo de segurfo dice que Minecraft algun mal videojuego ?posiblemente lo han jugado? For hemmapysslare som vill prova sjalva tillhandahaller Google instruktioner pa sin utvecklarsida.
Tankte man kunde slakta dem och ta linser, men dels sa ar det svart att fa reda pa linsspecifikationer pa dem, och dels hittar jag inga som ens verkar nagot sa nar lampliga. Och det var bara att skruva isar sa ramlar de ur 2 st linser 5x forstoring som passar perfekt med avstand och allt. Jag har har ett gang sadana men minns inte hur jag fick tag i dem men bor ga att kopa pa ebay om inget annat.
Daremot ar den for dyr egentligen, men tids nog lar det komma fler vilket kommer driva priserna nedat. Om du har en note 3 sa tror jag tyvarr de kan bli svart att inte se dubbelt da det blir sa langt mellan bilderna. In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof. We are helping fill a felt need in their lives in order to create opportunities for them to hear about their real need in Jesus Christ. We would like to offer them a friend in ourselves and in the Lord Jesus Christ and help them however else we can. As soon as the box of socks arrives, we will make sure they find their way onto the right feet.
It’s a very simple creation in terms of design and functionality, but provides a solid look into the future of technology without breaking the bank.
The official Cardboard app is nowhere to be found on the App Store, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. These apps weren’t actually designed with Cardboard in mind, but they were made to work with VR headsets (stereoscopic content), specifically the Durovis Dive, which is essentially a premium version of Cardboard that was announced back in January at CES 2014.
There are only about five apps worth checking out at this point, but as the demand rises I’m sure other developers will jump on board and craft better VR experience apps.
Other than that, I found the iPhone and Cardboard virtual reality experience to be very comparable to an Android device. The lenses are too far apart and aren’t adjustable, so you need a taller screen like the iPhone 5 or most recent Androids.
Or perhaps you’re planning a Minecraft-themed party or just want some props for your kids to play with.
The  Minecraft: Steve Cardboard Head (just a cardboard box printed with squares) sells for upwards of $25. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.

I went to Office Max and had them print these out on 3 (2 for sword, 1 for pickaxe) 11×17-inch papers.
If kids use them for show or costumes, they last a while, but if they are actually sword-fighting with them–not so long. My kids had been asking for a sword and axe but the cost to buy 2 each ( of course they can’t share) would be over to $100.
Tror att Amazon salde ett par passande men det kan ju ta ett tag att fa dem, om de nu inte redan salt slut. Mobiltelefoner gor ju sig bra for enklare VR och da sarskilt nar upplosningarna blir annu hogre. Om du inte kan minska ner storleken pa rutorna sa de passar dina ogons centrum sa blir det nog svart att fa till. When I was a child, I heard the story in which Santa Claus comes down the chimney and enters through the fireplace on Christmas Eve.
Ukraine suffers from one of the worst AIDS epidemics in the world, and has reached the highest infection rate within Europe.
Many of them have a home but refuse to return there because of violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, neglect, or all of the above. One way we have decided to begin doing this is by providing them with clean socks and underwear.
Project Odessa Life is going to reach out to Odessa’s homeless children, teenagers, and young adults by providing them with clean, quality socks and underwear from the hands of a friend. Your YouTube video doesn’t say how to activate the photos and videos files to make this app really work. It seems like all elementary-aged kids are totally obsessed with Minecraft now, and the cost of the goods proves just how popular the game is now.
For best results (or unless you have an amazing printer) I’d recommend printing at a copy shop. Spray each piece of paper with spray adhesive or smear with glue stick (making sure you glue well around all edges. Men prova annars att oka avstandet till telefonen forst men da behover du andra linser.kanske 3x forstorning funkar battre for en note 3 och att telefonen ar 2 cm langre bort fran ogonen. If your home does not have a fireplace, children may be concerned that Santa might not have a way to get in. Either of those terms will pull up a variety of apps that were designed to work with VR headsets. Even so, with VR technology on the rise, do you think it would be important for Apple to make a move in this area? Jag byggde min av en Ikea kartong och den var lite for tjock for att det skulle bli perfekt. It’s obvious that developers have a slight interest in virtual reality on iOS, but until Apple makes a move (if they ever do), Google Cardboard is the best and most affordable way to experience this on an iOS device. I’m planning on putting a layer to modge podge in hopes to make it last a little longer.
I cut-n-pasted the image to Excel spreadsheet, which lets me print the images across multiple pages. All you need do is seal shut some carboard boxes with packing tape and paint them, here we found the instructions  for your reference .

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