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On last year’s opening day of duck season, the little wet spot pictured above was filled with water.
Before we had even finished, small birds were already showing up to enjoy the millet buffet. Next fall, if we get another chance to do this, I will rig up something I can drag behind the truck to work the seed in better. The consensus of the 25 people and one dog gathered today was to create a group called The Friends of Rice Lake Properties.
Butch Cook, Pat Miller, Dave Finney, Dave Asbell, Dave Anderson, Merl Cotton, Denny Guppy, Larry Guppy, Milt Wernsman, Don Tucker, Gary Stevenson and Tim Presley. Waterfowlers are always looking for ways to pass the time from one hunting season to the next. One sure way to make this offseason pass quickly would be to replicate this blind in your timber hole.
Chicago Sun-Times writer Dale Bowman is reporting on his Web log Stray Casts that there are rumors of a push being made for a fourth waterfowl zone in Illinois. We hear the IDNR honchos aren’t hot for it, but big shooters with connections are pushing a fourth waterfowl zone in far southern Illinois. The public hunting areas on Rend and Carlyle lakes, which tend to freeze earlier than private clubs (like the scene on Rend above four years ago), would remain in the third zone. The added zone would allow later season dates in far southern areas, but allow earlier dates at Rend and Carlyle. A fourth zone would surprise me, since I’ve always heard the federal government folks were against it.
The Farmer and I hunted Tuesday morning and picked up half the goose decoys and a few ducks. We left a few behind because my plan was to return this morning, shoot some geese or ducks as the other shallower ponds froze, and then get the dekes out to safety.
And then, while picking up decoys without a gun, I watched geese fly overhead for a solid 10 minutes.

I remember posting pictures of the frame but I dont recall ever having pictures of the blind up covered.
He lives in Elmwood with his wife Monica, sons Henry, Victor and Walter, and Llewellin setter Hawkeye. We still had some shots at geese from our blind, but the ducks wanted the shallow wet spot. I don’t love the name, but the Properties part is pretty important so people understand this group will also be working for the betterment of Banner Marsh and of the Double T Goose Management Area.
Right now, officers have plenty of work to do just to get ready for the July 25 duck blind drawings.
There’s a possibility of having meals served at both sites at the conclusion of the hunt. First a flock of 40 cacklers, two big honkers, one snow goose and three white-fronts soared overhead as I sat picking up decoys, with my truck running near the bling. Antiophthalmic factor simple lightweight frame is whole you need to support the camouflaged material that forms the blind itself.
After that unity took four plastic adjustable how to make a duck boat blind frame from wood.
I just put the blind on the boat this morning gearing up for the season you can tell we hunt in a lot of buck brush because the front of the blind is ripped to shreds. No wonder, as most corn was drowned and millet can develop seed heads in just 45 days (at least that’s what the seed sellers claim). We also scattered seed over the ground elsewhere and hoped it would fall in the cracks and find enough soil contact that way. That’s when volunteers will be taking names, signing up members and raffling off the impressive hand-carved decoy pictured below. We just didn’t feel like we could trust the state government right now, given the penchant for sweeping funds. It’s just that hunting all day Tuesday in the cold and rain with no luck took the starch out of me.

Bolted the clamps to my seats stuck in the pvc with 45's and ran 3 levels of conduit across to make it sturdy.
Outside of hunting and fishing, Lampe's main passion in Illinois was Class A boys basketball (which sadly no longer exists).
Home Ducks Unlimited Main meeting place Boats & Blinds design using adjustable iris pole holders on for each one side to detention the cross frame inwards place how to make a duck boat blind frame from wood. Since my elude boat is only 12 foot I am considering making my own Just make sure as shooting the frame fits entirely privileged the boat when collapsed.
Over 30 camo designs to choose from including Realtree, Mossy Oak, Advantage, Fishouflage, Avery, Digital Military, and Natural Gear.
Former publisher of the Class A Weekly newsletter, Lampe is a co-author of "100 Years of Madness" and "Classical Madness," both books focusing on prep basketball in Illinois. Shop Avery Outdoors flying curing evade Boat Blind Combo fourteen 16 groundwork astatine Macks Prairie Wings DuraMax WindBlockers total frame fits inside sauceboat Mounts to most.
Burlap was pretty easy to see thru, so I purchased a brown cloth and spray glued burlap to it. Only plans this year is to raise the front bar to reduce the opening while birds are working and also mound a duck strap on the rear bar behind my head to keep the birds off the boat floor. The chairs we are sitting in had the legs cut almost 6 inches to accommodate the lower blind.Got my front area painted. Got it painted double the area because I had to cut this piece in half and use both to completely cover the front.

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