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Repairing the HullAfter thirty years, a boat needs a little attention.The hull may have noticeable hairline cracks, spider webs, blisters, dings, and tiny holes that have developed over the years. We sanded the bottom of our trawler, a 34 foot Marine Trader, down to the fiberglass and repaired blisters and pin holes to prep for an epoxy barrier coat. We also made repairs to the hull (spiderwebs, pin holes, dings, hairline cracks, etc.) of the boat to prepare the surface for fresh paint. Two Part Epoxy Barrier CoatAfter sanding the hull down to the fiberglass, we made repairs to all the dings, spiderwebs, and tiny holes with a putty that hardens.
When the repairs to the fiberglass were finished, we applied a two part epoxy that hardens to provide an effective barrier coat, a strong exterior surface over the fiberglass that will keep water from getting into the fiberglass.
We applied one coat of the two part epoxy above the waterline and four coats to the bottom using alternating colors (white, gray, white, gray), so that we would not miss any spots when painting each coat. Note: The two part epoxy barrier coat has to be put on quickly because once the two parts are mixed together, the hardening begins. Hint: By alternated colors (grey, white, grey, white), it is easy to avoid missing any areas.
Preparing the Hull for PaintAlthough we applied four coats of the two part epoxy barrier coat to the bottom, we applied the first coat over the entire hull, including over the waterline. After the epoxy hardened above the waterline, we noticed that it dried as a rough surface, so we had to sand the entire hull above the waterline to prepare for the primer and paint.
Important: Never paint over the HIN (hull identification number) that is engraved into the transom of your boat! The first coat of epoxy (grey) has been applied to the entire hull (above and below the waterline).
Do-it-yourself SANDING: Using an orbital sander, sand in a circular motion or up and down to avoid making indentations by keeping the sander in one place for too long.
After sanding the hull (above the waterline), we could see some tiny pinholes that we missed. Applying the Bottom Coat (ablative anti-fouling paint)After applying four coats of barrier coat to the bottom, we applied the bottom paint that will prevent barnacles from attaching when the boat is in the water.
The ablative anti-fouling paint prevents barnacles from building up on the bottom of the boat while it is in the water. Do-It-Yourself: BOTTOM PAINTPour into a 5 gallon bucket and mix well by hand or with a drill mixing attachment.
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Nielsen Beaumont has a full service fiberglass repair facility specializing in fiberglass and gelcoat maintenance, reconstruction, and collision repair. Our fiberglass repair facility meets all ASHRAE California standards for building systems, energy efficiency, air quality, dust control, advanced vacuum systems and sustainability. Call us today at 619.223.BOAT (2628) - Our team of fiberglass repair and maintenance specialists will make your boat look like new again!
Southern Marine Specialist, LLC specializes in gel coat polish and restoration of boats; including wet sand, polish, wax, detail, fiberglass repairs, paint, and bodywork. Did you boat suffer bumps and bruises this Memorial Day Weekend?rn rnSouthern Marine Specialist, LLC specializes in gel coat polish and restoration of boats; including wet sand, polish, wax, detail, fiberglass repairs, paint, and bodywork. North Lake Fiberglass uses years of experience to bring you the best boat detailing service on Lake Norman. The Ultimate Package $29 per foot.* We remove the boat from the trailer, acid wash the bottom, lower unit. When brining in your boat for interior deatil we recommend removal of all personal belongings.
There are many ways to make your boat look new again, we have found many places will clean the boat but wont have the knowledge of how to make the boat look new again..

Custom Fiberglass Work, Marine Electronics Repairs, Boat Repairs, Furuno NavNet 3D, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia - Mid-Shore Electronics Chesapkeake Bay and Ocean City MD for marine electronics help, installation, training, sales, parts. Get that sleek, new helm you've wanted - Custom Fiberglass Work and New Marine Electronics. In addition to the latest marine electronics systems and installation, Mid-Shore Electronics offers custom fiberglass work that will make your old boat look like new. One of our custom marine electronics installations with extensive fiberglass work to the helm. See the photos photos below as an example of our fiberglass work being done in conjunction with the through-hull installation of a Furuno Searchlight Sonar System. And, once our work is done, every part of our work is tested and re-tested, both at the dock and in sea trials. While much of Mid-Shore Electronics fiberglass work is done in conjunction with marine electronics installation, we also offer general fiberglass repairs.
It is important to repairs these problems in order to prevent water from migrating into the fiberglass and causing damage that will grow over time. It is recommended that at least three coats are applied in order to build up the thickness (for strength). Apply with paint rollers quickly as the substance begins hardening once the two parts are mixed together.
We used the grey color for the first coat so that we could fill in any tiny holes, nicks, or dings that we had missed repairing. The more perfect the sanding job, the better the final surface of the painted hull will be.
The spotty (white and grey areas) are where we have begun sanding the hull above the waterline smooth in preparation for painting. Sand up and down to create a smooth finish that will be unnoticeable on the hull after paint is applied. Luke is still sanding the hull above the waterline smooth to prepare the surface for paint. This is important because when the boat is pulled out of the water (dry docked or for repairs), if there is no buildup of barnacles, the surface is ready for another coat of bottom paint.
A boatyard may apply only one coat which would mean that you would have to pull the boat out of the water sooner. They briefly dropped anchor during their travels at the docks in Beaufort so we could snap a few photos. This covers up previous paint lines, which saves you time, eliminates prep work and maintains a clean appearance. The corrosion was most likely the culprit, but we’ve seen leaking windows in the past that has resulted from a combination of corroding aluminum frames and deteriorating rubber seals.
The installer, Tony (call for contact information) was extremely satisfied with the windows and the easy installation process. Southern Marine is an up and coming business in the Southeast Louisiana region with over 10 years experience. Southern Marine is a highly qualified business in the Southeast Louisiana region with over 10 years experience.rnrnGive us a call today and we will make your boat look like new tomorrow. Southern Marine is an up and coming business in the Southeast Louisiana region with over 10 years experience. If so call Southern Marine Specialist at (225) 229-1559!rnrnSouthern Marine Specialists, LLC specializes in gel coat polish and restoration of boats; including wet sand, polish, wax, detail, fiberglass repairs, paint, and bodywork. Southern Marine is a highly qualified business in the Southeast Louisiana region with over 10 years experience.rnGive us a call today and we will make your boat look like new tomorrow.
We will use a special acid solution that will remove all algae and buildup from your boat spending time in the water.. A 1999 SEA RAY 210 SIGNATURE SERIES We turned the boat into a awesome watersports boat with the latest in electronics, a custom waketower, cruise control and looks. Just by replacing out-dated electronics and re-working your helm, your boat becomes the sleek, attractive vessel you've dreamed of. With the addition of a new Furuno 15" monitor with Black Box NavNet, new Furuno NavPilot and a new Icom VHF radio, plus repositioning of the engine instrumentation to accomodate the monitor, years of service life and value are added to her name.

You can count on us for top quality fiberglass work and top quality electronics installation with factory trained and certified technicians. Then we'll make sure that you know how to use all marine electronics equipment we installed or repaired. Whether you need total boat re-glassing, crack and scratch repair, or a new gel coat, our team is here to help.
Or maybe you'd like to see a demonstration of Furuno Searchlight Sonar, Furuno NavNet 3D, a FLIR Thermal Imaging System, or a Paradox Marine Safety and Security System in action.
Since the fiberglass is white, the tiny holes would show up white after we applied the grey epoxy. If there are barnacles, it is very time consuming to scrape them off and sand the bottom before applying a new coat of bottom paint. Each year a layer of the paint wears away, and it is recommended to put another layer on each year. Wear protective suit (you can buy a breathable white suit for this purpose) when painting toxic substances. The interior frame is finished off so nice and fits so snug, there is no need for interior trim around the frame.
For this Hatteras owner, the choice was made to replace the windows with fiberglass frames instead of repeating the problem with restored or new aluminum frames, that will eventually lead to the same leaky problem.
The customer was satisfied with the new windows and the new look. You can see the installation process in the pictures. We are using our gelcoat restoration experience and over 20 years of detailing to provide a full one stop shop for boat detailing and gelcoat repair. Once clean we will look for problem areas such as blisters, boot inspection and out drive condition,, Acid washes run from $150 to $225 depending on size of boat. Stop by our showroom, give us a call, or contact us through the link above and we'll set it up.
Many people dry-dock their boats for the winter, so one coat is usually all they would need. We use only the finest products that we have found over years of experience to clean your boat, disinfect the surfaces and provide a lasting look to your gelcoat.
We remove all of the interior and scrub each cushion with a cleaner that will leave you seats soft,clean and protected.
We will show you the newest marine electronics solutions, including searchlight sonar, thermal imagers, security systems, and NavNet 3D, but we'll also make sure that we stay within your budget. If the first bucket is completely dry when you are ready to mix up the third batch, you can use that bucket again. As the hours pass by, and your arms ache, it helps to remind yourself that you are saving the cost of labor (about $90 per hour) by doing it yourself! With two coats, one coat will remain after a year, and with no barnacle buildup, your boat will be ready for another coat. We wanted to apply at least three coats because we were starting out with no bottom paint at all and we want to avoid dry-docking the boat for as long as possible as we plan to live aboard the boat. We use chemicals the kill mold and viruses yet are gentile on your upholstery and wont cause premature aging of vinyl and discoloration of fabrics. You can depend on Mid-Shore Electronics to give you the highest quality of sales, service and training available on the Chesapeake Bay, in Ocean City, MD, in the tri-state area of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia and beyond.
We applied four coats of bottom paint so that we do not have to pull the boat out of the water for awhile once we drop it back in. We will dry the entire boat, then hand wax bow to stern and interior, Shine the SS hardware and clean all glass.
This process is a 2 to 3 day process, We do this for dealers and manufacturers who are wanting a boat for a show or photo shoot.

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