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I have created two accounts one in Romania where I am working and one in Greece at my home address using the same password. ActuallyI would like to buy this item from your European warehouse because the transportation cost is lower and my order to be sent to my home address in Greece.
I would kindly ask you to postpone my order at HobbyKing, #20012521647 which anyway is not paid yet so that I could buy the item from European warehouse and to be sent to my home address in Greece. I would also like to close my Romanian account in order to avoid any misunderstandings in the delivery process. This sailboat is finished really well,i would put it along with some of the IOMs which cost of hundreds of pounds,and also this model is in fibre glass its a cracking boat,now for the downside. The decals have got the model name MONSOON spelt wrong in places on the boat and also the sails, it really is a niggling problem,so you will see two lots of spelling MONSOON & MOUSOON on this boat.
Napstr Hi Roy - Hobbyking doesn't answer or generally look at these question and answer pages - only customers so if you want to do your order as you state best to go through and add the items to your cart then go through the checkout process or alternatively you can try the live chat (button on top right of your screen) - they tend to be very busy but do try to help as best they can.
Napstr Hi William - there is no difference between this newer white version and the other boat called the monsoon (apart from the obvious colur - good boat.

Further there are no instructions on how to fill the keel or with what in the instructions. Oh, I am an experienced model boatie as I have owned 5 other yachts, from a 600 through to an A class, so I can do the repairs but not amused.
Our business line covers in remote control toys and models, electric toys and models, baby ride on cars, hobby products, gas-powered toys, baby toys, educational toys, electric slot cars, dolls and novelty plastic toys.Ten QC employees with an average working experience of two years carry out strict quality control from raw materials, on-going production, semi-finished products to finished products before delivery. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
All you need to do is add your own 2CH or more radio system and battery!Boat hull is based entirely on an ocean going racing yacht and moulded in fibreglass with a perfect gelcoat and enamel painted finish.Don't be mistaken in thinking these boats are slow and boring. We source core parts like engines or remote controls from Japan.Our four factories cover an area of 3,000 square meters and turn out 200,000 units per month. Boats for adult use are typically more expensive, more difficult to control, and less durable than children s RC boats. Our products are well received in Europe, the USA, South America, the Middle East and South Africa.

We have tried hard to create a one-stop shopping service center for our clients from the beginning.To start sourcing our RC toys and gadgets, contact us today.
I am scratch building an RC yacht loosely modelled on this one and want the approximate keel length.
This nescessitated that I have to refix the tray stand and re-run the rigging lines which can be an issue.
Pick you fingernail under one of the edges on the end and then it can be peeled off and does not leave marks and any tackiness left can be removed with suitable cleaner. I have just had this model delivered,i am having trouble with the winch, for some unknown reason the cord keeps getting tangled in either direction,anyone know how to put this problem right.

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