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In the first image of this design, which can be seen below, the fishing house is showcased from above.
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Will all of the excitement surrounding the upcoming updates and all the features it has to offer I thought I would share with you some Concept photos that some of the community members took upon themselves to make. I Totaly Agree With All Of These Comments!But Hopefully Everything In Those Pictures Come Out Shortly.I Just Can’t Wait!!

The entire design is made out of birch wood so it would be pretty easy to make a design like this on survival mode. As you can see it’s not exactly that huge, but it’s big enough to fit a few things on the inside.
This design was recently created by TehFluufyKitteh and their friend and it features a small fishing hut. The hut has been built in a small lake, but it would look just as good at the edge of an ocean.

There are some seats on this deck and these seats are made out of nether rack and quartz, but if you make a similar design you could always use alternative materials.

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