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A kayak is perfect for folder construction because the skin is an envelope that covers the framework on all sides and can help keep all the pieces together. A sailboat needs to have an open top so the pilot can move around for trim and to get at the sail and spars if something gets tangled.
An open topped framework will have to be more substancial because the skin is less supportive. I am less concerned about the structural integrity and the weight because it will live on the RV. The nauticraid boats can be sailed but the are only 3m and the hullform is not really a sailor. It should carry 2 adults and maybe 1-2 small kids although I will solosail it most of the time (and probably sell it after I have built it anyways) The performance is negligible.
Now I am going to tidy up these curves and bend them in again to create another flat bow that will work with laminated hoops. Then I am going to glue knees on the outside of these laminated hoops to form a hard corner that looks mostly like the original pram.
The original two parts Berthon boat looks also good to me but I am not sure I want a boat in two parts. I am interested in the concept of the folding boat too and made a 3D model of a small double-ender but without really considering any details.
I did thing about a folding canoe but then there is little fun in folding something that is long and is easy to roof in the first place.
The Isle of Wight Classic Boat museum has a Berthon reputedly from the 1850's in remarkable condition. Sorry no - aside from the size it has the lines of a rowboat and I think it is not suitable for sailing. Location: Western Massachusetts Design for a Cardboard Boat Race Hi All! A sit-on kayak or surfboard style design made up of multiple laminations of cardboard with the center portion cut out of the upper layers to make a seating area for use with a kayak paddle. As creativity and style may also help determine the winner, any crazy (yet doable) ideas out there?
4'x8' sheets of double corregated cardboard are typically available at cardboard supply houses. I know 4'x12' sheets of heavier construction double corregated are available, but must be ordered ahead of time, atleast around where I live. I (and it's only my person feelings) think this looks like the best little single-sheet boat around.
Guest625101138 Previous Member   If you want to go fast the best boat will be long and slender.
I would look at a central cylinder about 8ft long and 1ft in diameter with cones of similar length to form the bow and stern. The overall underwater form would not be a lot different to a rowing scull and it should go reasonably well. Location: Western Massachusetts Thanks to all for your well-informed replies. How would you fashion the conical ends to keep them watertight and how would I gain access to the inside of the main tube to fasten the ends to it? I like the idea of the outriggers for stability but how far apart would they need to be to allow clearance for the paddle? If the cardboard wants to crease then place gentle longitudinal creases at about 2" spacing rather than letting it crease uncontrollably. It really is better to make say a 4ft model out of light cardboard to understand the detail. THis boat will be fully sealed internally so should not get wet inside until the outside gives up.
Just because it is cardboard does not mean it cannot be well made and perform as good as a paddled rowing scull. Guest625101138 Previous Member   The seat will ned to be away from the cross-brace to allow full strokes.
Guest625101138 Previous Member   The attached shows a cylinder and cone hull made from aluminium. A tail and dorsal fin behind the paddler might complete the picture as riding a menacing looking shark. It would be handy to know if there are other people interested in taking the event seriously.

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Best width for solo rider lavatory variegate from 18 inches to thirty inches depending on s good cardboard boat designs. The Whitehall is a little larger, great for those occasions when you need to bring more stuff… and friends! The Hoy has a deeper draft than the Punt and Whitehall, you need 2+ blocks of water (depth) to sail her! I'll hire a local builder to make one for you if you want, then I'll take it apart and ship it to you when he's finished. You'll have to be satisfied with traditional Filipino construction if you want the lowest price of course, but the price will be VERY low this way.
This kind of hull could be built anywhere , so I don`t know if it would make sense to have this built in the Phillipines and then shipped here.It would depend on costs?
Location: Tasmania,Australia Shipping to australia would be problematic if wood is used. The way around it is to have the thing made of ply, and encapsulated in epoxy before launching, and build the simple Amas over here.
This kind of hull could be built anywhere, so I don`t know if it would make sense to have this built in the Phillipines and then shipped here.
If you have it built in a developed country it will easily cost you 2-3 times as much for the same hull since everything is so much more expensive -- and I think shipping to Australia is much less that to destinations further away too. If you value your time and want a boat that requires as little maintenance as possible you'll have to 'spend the money' to get a boat built using modern high-tech materials -- such as the Tunkil Reefer in that second picture you posted earlier -- and in this case you should NEVER hire a Filipino builder because they will do almost everything the 'wrong way' since they don't understand how to build boats for the typical first-world country citizen. On the other hand, if all you care about is having a cheap boat you can get 5-10 years use out of before you dispose of it, and if you don't mind keeping up with the regular maintenance such a boat will require, then just buy yourself a much less costly Filipino-built boat and you'll have a great time on it until the boat is ready for its final bonfire! The only restriction when shipping to the USA is fumigation, and that's a standard procedure here when shipping anything out of the country that's not made of processed wood.
I was under the impression that there was such a thing as " traditional philipino construction " as applied to Plywood !! My reference to wider waterline referred to a wharram style pahi hull , widened at the waterline.( It was a poor ref.
I don`t mind maintaining the thing , but it needs to be built well enough that you don`t become a slave to it. Filipinos don't know anything about fiberglass, so you should not ask them to sheathe a hull with it. If you're worried about rot it may make sense to treat the wood with rot prevention chemicals before it is installed (they have a good quality Zinc Naphthenate wood treatment pesticide here) although a local builder may not want to follow the proper procedures when using such a chemical -- and once again you're adding expense that Filipinos will not.
Don't let a Filipino builder fair your hull because he will more than likely use polyester-based auto body filler and this material invariably breaks off the plywood in chunks at a later date. You can get a Filipino builder to apply 3 coats of epoxy inside the boat if you want, but I think it's a waste of money myself.
Local builders typically use gloss oil-based enamel paint (gloss highlights every little imperfection in the underlying surface but they seem to be good at overlooking unimportant issues like these) and they only apply as much as needed to make the boat look good from a reasonable distance.
To me this suggests hiring a foreign boat builder who will manage the project even if most or all of the actual labor is performed by his Filipino employees. I think there are very few westerners who are capable of accepting a typical Filipino-built boat these days. The vast majority of Filipinos really don't care what a particular product looks like as long as it works. You should have a foreigner boat builder sheathe the hull after the local builders have finished building it but before they paint it if you really want glass on the outside of the hull -- but you'd be adding substantial cost to what would otherwise have been a very affordable boat.
I would expect it to be built well enough , that it would need very little fairing .All quite achievable in plywood.
K: To me this suggests hiring a foreign boat builder who will manage the project even if most or all of the actual labor is performed by his Filipino employees. After the hull is sheathed in glass there is a strong temptation by owners to want their hulls to be filled and faired a lot -- to make them look really smooth and sleek -- which means lots of additional filler, hours of long board sanding, wet sanding, etc. Then again, these boats are so affordable to begin with that this extra cost is typically not an issue with western buyers, especially when it often substantially reduces the ongoing maintenance requirements. Not at all, but if you've never seen fiberglass cloth in your life, and if the only type of epoxy you've ever seen and used is the kind that already has fillers and thickeners added to it in the can, and it is the consistency of paste or peanut butter, you might not have a clue of where to begin when someone asks you to sheathe the hull exterior in epoxy and fiberglass. That hull may be slim ,but it could still accommodate two double berths , settee and heads.Rather than stacking all on deck you lowered your cog , and air draft is kept lower , and you could just raise a relatively small pilot house to see where you are going. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.

It was so well engineered originally that it went almost unchanged for more than fifty years. Laminated hoops, hinged on a stainless plate on the bow or further down if the skin is removable. I cut through three places with a cutplane and extended the lines to a straight line forward. The edges of the laminated cardboard could be sealed using white glue (exterior if possible) covered by a wide strip of suitable tape (what kind would be best?).
I guess my original idea was bad in that it would have several long edges of the cardboard (although taped) below the waterline. So I would sit atop the central tube facing forward with my feet held above the water in rope stirrups? It will be better to form the cylinder in its preferred direction of folding but with the cones you will have to work a little across the corrugations.
Rick, could you do a quick sketch to demonstrate the relationship of the parts with the tabs? Although you tin can build a boat in type A weekend building a good gravy holder that will last through multiple races Once you have the flat cardboard depict the design on it.
There are severe limitations on timber products imported from tropical countries to australia. For 20 or 30K you MIGHT be paying duty of 5% (check to see the Phillipines Trade agreement status - eg US made boats are duty free), then Cost +Duty x 10% GST. I teach them how to do things my way, and I watch them like a hawk to insure that they do things properly. I wouldn't bother applying epoxy to boats like these in an effort to prevent rot when there are cheaper alternatives available. If there are imperfections in the wood they seldom worry about filling or fairing them so you will see the 'genuine' workboat finish as soon as you get anywhere near the hull. Most of them -- like you -- are attracted by the low price, but they would really rather have a better boat, so they invariably add all kinds of expensive features that Filipinos either don't bother with because they are unnecessary expenses, or they don't know how to do it anyways such as in the case of fiberglass sheathing. For example, they will not spend more money for three coats of epoxy inside the hull when skipping the epoxy and applying a coat of paint makes it look 'good enough'. Most of them -- like you -- are attracted by the low price, but they would really rather have a better boat. But if you want my personal opinion, I prefer having such a boat re-engineered to be built using plywood cored composite sandwich construction, with bulkheads instead of frames and stringers. The hoops need to get bundled on one point forward above the waterline or a separate skin like in a Faltboot would be another route to go.
They did not exactly converge but this is due the fact that I did not start with a pointed nose in the first place but rather adapted the curves to each other as I drew the 3D shape when I made the plan. I could have two identical boats plus an optional module in the middle for the Mirage Drive. I thought of using the kayak paddle as it on hand and I thought it would be simpler than trying to fabricate oarlocks that would be sturdy enough to last. One of my main concerns would be how to fasten it together; staples wouldn't be much good unless I had access to the back side to clench them.
Instead of epoxy I would use thinned red lead primer inside the hull and save myself a lot of unnecessary expense. This produces a boat with a much stronger and stiffer and more waterproof and rot resistant 'monocoque' structure. But in order to win the overall prize I need to get creative with the above waterline shape and graphics.
Skilful about Design and physical body a human being powered gravy holder made of cardboard which is. It also makes the interior nicer to look at, more likely to remain dry, easier to clean, easier to install furniture and fixtures, and encourages the use of some of the hull interior as living space. So this series of bulkheads make up a frame that has folded gluing tabs to bond to the skin.
Tomorrow I will look for cardboard and contact ROCK 102 and the local Miller Distributor for decals or stickers. You leave find a lot of big information on this page from sample gravy holder designs http forums 3 t Boat Building ll They are identical familiar with the Cardboard gravy holder Regatta and are identical good cardboard boat designs.

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