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You will have to email the creator if you need more details (links are beside the pictures). Thanx eric I built one similar 2 your plans , except mine has a short barrel cuz I `ve only got small rubber bands. I may have a mechanism that might be able to help you out with your problem but, I still need to try it out and can you give me some pointers,thanks. I don't know if it is hideous or not but this review certainly does not provide much in the way of answers. DLuders, you have done a lovely job of previewing the book and providing us with advertising copy.
What makes me nauseous is your abhorrent distaste for handguns in a world that has been forged by them in the last hundred or so years.
My day job has pretty much eaten every spare moment I’ve had for the past six months. My apologies to those who feel I’ve let you down by not keeping the comic and this site as priorities.
My new job has turned out to be a lot more demanding on my time than I thought it would be. I’ll likely be working up the final strip or two over this weekend, but there’s enough interest in my decision to close the book on Brick House to merit an early blog posting or two.
You can build a lot of things with LEGO.  There are those who specialize in castles, those who design space craft, and even crazypants people who make lenticular mosaics out of cheese slopes.
Jeff Boen’s The BrickGun Book showcases five brick-built handguns that very closely replicate the look and features of the real thing. There isn’t a lot of reading to be done – the text portion of the book clocks in at eight pages.
The rest of the book is filled with instructions:  step-by-step, illustrated guides to assembling your own copies of Jeff’s creations. While a quick glance at the instructions shows them to be pretty easy to follow, I thought it would be best if I were to actually try them out. I’ll skip the part where I whine about not being able to find all the parts I needed in my collection in the right colors, and just talk about the build. The 1911 has some interesting action features – a moving slide, working safety, and working trigger and hammer.

There are a few problems with Series 10 – not the least of which is LEGO’s decision to include an ultra-rare chase figure, “Mr.
There is also the normal problem that the sixteen readily-available figures are randomly packed in sealed baggies. By day 30 I’ll also likely be spending a lot of time bitching about how much money I’ve spent trying to complete this set. The comic will continue to be updated, but will likely be going on a few month’s worth of hiatus at episode #1500 unless something really inspires me. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. You should make one of those sheets that show each piece you'll need and how many of each you'll need! This is a video of one of Geekologie Reader Liz's coworkers at the LEGO Store in Minneapolis showing off his homemade LEGO Portal Gun.
Thanks to Liz, who allegedly got to shoot the thing before and sent a LEGO Lord Of The Rings playset to kingdom-come.
See, when you say things like "functional" and "portal gun" in the same sentence, I imagines little LEGO men actually teleporting. Geekologie is a geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome. What's the point of having a discussion forum if everyone just agrees with each other all the time?
Someone's making money by turning my favorite hobby into realistic projectile weapons that can even be used to cause pain. If it wasn't for handguns, and guns in general, the world would be a lot worse because, well, do I need to explain this.
The only problem is you have to buy the instructions for $7.00 but they did have pictures of them so I tried to copy one of the guns.
So there will at least one more strip to say goodbye to this project, and a blog post or two about why I’ve finally decided to close the book on Whiskey and Scotch.
I was working today cleaning and organizing the craft room, and suddenly I felt the desire to put two bricks together.
This first post is a retrospective on the Brick House – a bit of its history and how things progressed behind the scenes.

I’ve moved to Madison, Wisconsin, started a new job, and just now getting a chance to set up my LEGO workspace again. While I’m not a gun person myself, I can still appreciate the quality of the builds, the attention to detail, and the clever mechanics that go into each model. I decided to jump into the deep end of the pool and start with his most complex creation, the 1911. I’ll document with photos and commentary, sharing my thoughts about the figures as they’re revealed. I figured reverse engineering a complex custom model like this would be a good way to remind myself of all the building techniques that I’ve forgotten.
I’m going to start focusing more on writing reviews (both LEGO and Bootleg), documenting building techniques, and generally trying to make this site back into something I enjoy rather than something I just feel obligated to do. It’s perfect for LEGO related crime, and would come in real handy if you ever find yourself in an alternate universe where humans are LEGO people. That way you can take it apart brick by brick to see the inner workings and probably build one. However I'm not going to be drawn into debate because it will only descend into pointless mud flinging. Also, quite a double standard when it seems these same people have no issue with, as far as I know, guns in LEGO themes or Brickarms. But I can attest that is a super realistic looking gun – when I came upstairs from my workshop to show it to my wife I startled the hell out of her.
And, being an OCD competitionist when it comes to these things, I have to complete my collection. Heck, children probably get bricks and build them in the shape of a guns to play, I know I did this when I was young. Doug Glass View October 16, 2009Looks like Glock envy for those unable to deal with the real thing.

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