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I was dismayed to find there were about ten bajillion parts and screws that I had to remove to separate this Nerf Gun into its basic components. But once you’ve got it all separated, you can lay out the pieces, take your gold and silver spray paint, and go nuts! My bottle was clear, so I filled it with water, added 1 drop of green food coloring, and 1 drop of yellow.  Then I siliconed the top shut.  No leaking! Of course, BEFORE I ADDED WATER AND CLOSED THE BOTTLE, I reassembled the gun to make sure it would all fit!
Notice that I had also added Lego embellishments!  I placed these strategically to mask the Nerf insignias. Finally, once the silicon on the bottle has dried, it’s time to assemble it all together for a truly spectacular weapon! I’m working on my own build of this project and I was wondering, how did you get the bottle to STAY in the gun’s housing? And with regards to the silicon, I think (honestly, this was over a year ago, so I’m not sure I remember properly!) I used transparent bathroom silicon, like what you use to silicon a bathtub. If I may suggest something, in case you ever decide you don’t want to glue on extra stuff to cover them, I usually just sand off the goofy nerf logos.
Replacing the trigger valve on a nail gun is very simple process that only takes about 15 minutes. Tired of every time you turn around some politician is pushing forward a new law in Sacramento to further limit our freedoms?  We now have car seat laws, helmet laws that some want to expand to activities like skiing, sign waiving laws, and even a law that prohibits ranchers from removing the tails from cattle. Of course any legislation dealing with firearms is controversial, but beyond that just how much of our lives do we really need Sacramento telling us what we can and cannot do, what we must wear and not wear, etc.?

It is high time to return the California state legislature to a part time status with a very small stipend.
I’m all for this regulation, and the more control over yahoos who want to carry loaded guns around like the old West the better. Even tho not everyone owns a gun, I would bet there is almost as many guns in Orange County as there are automobiles. Private ownership of weapons (guns) by the citizens is a “DETERRENT” from a government gone bad. Why is it places like Florida, Michigan, and countless others that enact and allow CCW permits have their crime rate drop at a faster rate than the National Average?
Sorry about the double post, after I typed and submitted my post it disappeared, so I ended up thinking I lost my data.
Every county and state that has promoted shall issue CCW laws and unrestricted open carry has seen a direct and instant decrease in crime. I never thought of kids…all those twisty ties, screws, and tough plastic packaging… Oh, and decals!
Of course, because this is steampunk, less is not necessarily more, so putting on extra stuff may be more appropriate anyway.
I'm Sooz — a geek for all things Avatar: the Last Airbender, Dragon Age, Legend of Zelda, Firefly, and so, so, soooo much more. Unfinished Gun Receivers and Blueprints (A7) Does the GCA prohibit anyone from making a handgun, shotgun or rifle? This trigger a quick connect style that allows the user to push hose in connector with ease.

And even with all those guns, gun related deaths do not come to a faction of the death tolls that the all mighty auto has bestowed upon society. Maybe they should rethink there position since they are helping the crime rate flourish upward. Oh, and I write books of the epic fantasy, the sweeping space opera, and the gothic steampunk variety!
Lots of kids want a rifle or BB gun well before they are old enough be responsible for them. This gun should be able to take a cut down AR-15 spring as used in the Boltsniper weapons but these aren't that easy to come by in New Zealand. I believe I am legally allowed to buy one but by the time I found that out I already had the Bunnings spring. Using this logic, wouldn’t murderers or robbers choose not to rob places that have a tendency of having armed citizens? Add a wood stock to the front ending in a pointed brass lamp fixture and a grappling hook under neath with a spool attached to the stock on the bottom.

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