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Officials in Jackson, Mississippi, finally took action after residents threw a birthday party for a big pothole. Guy tells his friends they are going for a drive to shoot a video, what they don't know is they are going to drive though a garage door! Pokemon is still going strong today with the recent release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y on the Nintendo 3DS. These The Lego Movie Video Game screenshots show off a world that is built out of Lego bricks (instead of the typical TT Game style of rendered backgrounds).
Lego Plush Guy’s arms move like Lego minifigure guys, so he can give you a high-two when things are going great. This 12″ soft and cuddly Lego man comes with a detachable hat and moveable arms so it does more than just standing there looking pretty.
It was this time last year that I had the brilliant idea to create a family of lego costumes for Halloween.
Each person chose which lego character they wanted to be and as such I had to create hair to match their character. I spray painted the heads yellow and sprayed the hair as well - the easiest of all the steps.

I drew faces on with pencil and hand painted each of them and cut out the eye holes so we could see. With her super orange hair and trademarked blue shorts and yellow tanktop her design is spot on. TT Games and Lego have announced that The Lego Movie Video Game will be released with the upcoming The Lego Movie, which will be in February 2014. The only other concrete detail is that the new game will feature at least 90 playable characters inspired by the film, and 15 levels. Feel free to contact us with your MOCs or Custom Minifigures if you would like to see here.
It’s the perfect gift for adults who want to treasure their childhood Lego memories and for the kids who are still playing with it today! She currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario and is into alpine skiing, biking, music, movies, dining, baking, traveling, spending time with family, friends and her mini goldendoodle.
I'm great with coming up with grand ideas - the follow through on this one was pretty intense and I altered my plans a million times to simplify them. I sent her this picture shortly later from Home Depot to let her know my plan was in motion.

To create the round edges I used 2in foam insulation (it comes with shine paper and the outside, I peeled it off) that I attached to the bottom with Gorilla tape and shaved and sanded the edges to make them rounded. DSLR Camera Remote is a must-have for remote shooting applications like high or low angles, self portraits and children.
This Robotic Operating Buddy originally started out as various pieces of plastic that interfaced with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
These original games, titled Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, lead to a television show spinoff. Seeing them complete gave me the motivation I needed to move on to the bodies because at this point - with all the time they had already taken - I was ready to just be lego heads for Halloween!
It was a trojan horse, used to get the video game systems onto retailers shelves by marketing the NES as a toy. Fair warning - this project is not for the faint of heart - but perfect for the lego enthusiast!

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