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Sean Ragan, a versatile maker from Austin, TX built up the useful and fun LEGO model: a real syringe that is able to contain liquid. Despite never having met or worked with Apple's founder and CEO Steve Jobs, I, along with more than a million others, was affected by his death. After Steve's passing, I felt I wanted to show appreciation for Steve and his work, but in a fun way.
Each package contains the pieces to make one complete Lego Steve Jobs, with alternative pieces to create three variations.
The stickers were designed by me and professionally printed by my mates at Pyramid Labels, right here in Malaysia.

A reminder I'll begin packing and shipping on 23rd January, so you should have it within a couple weeks after this date depending on the postal system in your country. You can read some of my ramblings on Lego here and here, and some Apple-related stuff here, here, and here. And the kind maker has listed all LEGO bricks and accessories that are used to build the LEGO creation at his blog.
I'm covering the cost of the Lego pieces, printing the stickers, packaging, and shipping (and of course some beer for Kirk who coded this page).
I'm a Designer, Art-Director, and Photographer from Australia, currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

And if you're really keen, you can read my thoughts on the remarkable design of the conical straw hat. So if you also want to make a LEGO syringe, you can easily understand the whole making process from the list and instruction. I initially held off for fear of being seen as 'cashing in' on such a sad event, but after reading the official biography by Walter Issacson I was inspired to just do it; put it all together and let the Lego Steve Jobs loose into the world.

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