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This is a steel multi-chine motor barge for use in the waters of the UK and Europe, crossing the Channel and exploring the rivers and canals of the European mainland. Although this model may be built using plank over frame (Balsa or thin plywood), the principle method of construction shown on the drawings is for stitch and tape (tack and tape). Location: North Devon What make or model boat is this Right I need some help, can anyone shed some light on what make and model this boat is ? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Once the glue is dry, trim excess material and start shaping the rudder to a symmetric aerofoil shape. The shaft tube is a piece of brass tube that the rudder shaft slip fits into - typically sold right next to the brass rod used for the shaft. I then lay the hull down on the table (stern facing me) and place a piece of extra rod left over from the rudder into the tube.

Specifically, this is how I made the rudder for the RC Cabin Cruiser plans that I offer, but the concept as a whole can just as easily be adapted to almost any "recreational" RC boat.
After letting it dry for a while I sanded with finer and finer grit sandpaper down to a 220. The tube must be long enough to extend a short distance above the anticipated water line.I typically purposely drill the hole in the hull too small. If using Cereal box, sanding it down to the darker and courser fibers makes the board easier to seal as it is more absorbent.
The shaft will center automatically on the rudder if its diameter is the same as the thickness of the rudder core.
Also note the chamfer on the inside corner of the cut to relieve the radius of the bent rod.The channel doesn't have to be super tight. In the picture below I secured the shaft onto the core with a couple of drops of CA glue while shimming the upper end of the shaft with another piece of the Cereal box.

The fit to the tube doesn't have to be snug, but it makes things easier if it is tight enough to stay where you put it even when you turn and tilt the hull. Most important is that the skins that will sandwich the core on either side will lay flush without the wire poking at it. As can be seen, the shaft has a 90-degree bend in it to prevent the shaft from loosening and turning the rudder into a pendant.

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