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If you are wondering about the actual size of Apple’s new tablet, this 100% scale, high-resolution printable iPad mockup would give you a good idea. UPDATE: instead of cardboard, foamcore and spray-mount adhesive can be used (mentioned by TUAW). If you want a real glowing screen, and real GUI that rotates based on the iPad orientation, you probably need a lot more hardware and resources than discussed in this simple DIY guide.
With their "bikini bodies" splashed on billboards and their glamorous faces in magazines, models have the power to make women feel less than great about themselves.
But underneath the makeup and the hairstyling, and beyond the lithe bodies and smiling faces, models are regular women just like us -- and they often have positive outlooks and wisdom on the subject of body image and self esteem that we can take to heart.
Below, we rounded up quotes from models that will actually make you feel good about yourself.
On the other hand, is the alteration of sleeves sufficient to catapult this top into an entirely different category of shirt-ness, or is it, in fact, stuck in T-shirthood despite its aspirations? And finally, is it possible that this shirt is only the symbolic representation of a T-shirt?
Is it not curious how our definition of “t-shirt” has expanded to include for the most part almost any casual pull-over-the-head knit shirt (as opposed to one which buttons or zips closed)?
Named for Nikola Tesla, the engineer, physicist and inventor best known for his work as a consult at Westinghouse where he developed the modern alternating current electricity supply system, the Tesla Model S is an innovative all-electric plug-in luxury sport sedan.

Dubbed by Consumer Reports as the best car it ever tested, with “off the charts” overall performance, the Model S ranks as one of the most energy-efficient and quietest vehicles in production. There are two versions of the Tesla, both of which are capable of producing impressive horsepower and torque: the Model S and the Model S Performance. The top-of-the-line 85 kWh Model S Performance option produces 416 hp, with a range of 265 miles. In fact, the Model S is currently outselling other full-size luxury sedans such as the Audi A8, Lexus LS, Mercedes-Benz S Class and BMW 7-Series. The lithium-ion batteries, which carry an 8-year warranty, come with a 110-volt standard household outlet adapter, a 240-volt outlet adapter and a J1772 public charging station adapter.
Tesla is also building a network of high-speed superchargers that promise 160 miles worth of charge in only 30 minutes. Professional testers claim it drives just like a conventionally powered vehicle, but it’s difficult to score a test drive because Tesla is the only U.S. It’s a challenge to the traditional auto industry that is meeting with opposition from lawmakers in some states. Undeterred, Tesla has plans to build the Model X, a crossover SUV, a less expensive car and possibly other models.
After having a real iPad or full-sized mockup iPad in your hands, the border will definitely make sense.

I'm going to live until 105 and I'm going to show my thighs every day," the "Girls" creator said at the New Yorker Festival in August 2012.
Various model and battery options provide different ranges and performance characteristics. However, a $7,500 federal tax rebate and various state tax incentives for electric cars put the Tesla within reach of the modestly wealthy.
In the first quarter, more people bought a Tesla Model S than any of the similarly priced, traditionally powered cars from the top three German manufacturers, according to LMC Automotive. Regardless, with its long-distance capability limited and its reliability untested, for most, the Model S remains a daily driver rather than a long-distance traveler. Sticker price starts at $87,400, which includes upgraded drivetrain, interior and suspension. Minnesota, Massachusetts and New York have already defeated legal challenges banning the manufacturer.

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