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Knowing that I would be getting the bricks back after the event was over, I decided I would build all of the models without any glue (and thus be able to recycle the bricks back into my supply). Since this model has to eventually end up on exhibition in Atlanta, I knew I would have to build it in modular sections that would be small enough to be transportable by car or truck.
Structurally the only 'cheating' I really had to do was to build a large support pillar in the bottom tier to hold it up (it is visible as the white pillar in the center of the base in this picture). Besides the stability, the other tricky part was constructing all of the fragile lattice work.
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As one of the most iconic images in the world, the Eiffel Tower has been the inspiration for the creation of over 30 duplicates and similar towers around the world. A simple bamboo pole turned into a beautiful Eiffel Tower using simple tools and wood glue.

A quick glimpse of the comparisons and facts of the handcrafted miniature Bamboo Eiffel Tower Vs the original Eiffel Tower. Eiffel Tower one of the man-made wonder of the world, is an inspiration to thousands of art lovers. With Matchitecture, the famous concept of miniaturized concept based upon microbeams, create miniatures of the most known constructions. Construct an iconic structure in your home with the Ravensburger Eiffel Tower 3D Puzzle building set.
Machitecture is having easy to build miniature kits on famous land marks like Taj Mahal, Tower Bridge of London, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Toronto CN Tower, Statue of Liberty and also many more simple kits.
I was contacted and asked to build three large landmarks for an event that is to be held in December of 2002. First, had I used black bricks (my first thought), there would be fewer shadows seen amongst the bricks. The Eiffel Tower, of course, is a rather delicate structure, so building a twelve foot tall version sans glue proved tricky. All I knew at the beginning was that the 'footprint' of the base would be 50 inches square; so I started with that and a small picture of the tower and began building. Thus, the bottom two 'tiers' of the tower are build in quadrant sections (see part of tier 1, and part of tier 2).
No special LEGO elements were used, just a bunch of blue bricks and plates (I went through about 30 'plate packs' from LEGO Shop At Home). Just follow their instructions to complete the process, and you'll have your print in a jiffy. But don't fret: come next month, you'll have another 10 downloads to do with as you please! Free products and services are subject to the Autodesk, Inc, terms of use that accompany them.

I am one among them who handcrafted this structure with Bamboo sticks in 1994 for first time.
People have made miniatures of this special tower with various materials like matchsticks, popsicle sticks, bamboo sticks, paper,wood etc. This 216-piece puzzle features a striking design and durable, hinged plastic pieces to create a one-of-a-kind model that requires no glue to stay assembled.
The first I was to build was the Eiffel Tower (I will document the other two projects when finished). Second, I am planning on using the red bricks (my next color thought) for one of the other projects. All of the support pillars, of course, are also made of LEGO bricks (the bottom white pillar is 12 studs wide).
All of the modules had to be moved very carefully, but the whole process ended up being possible as a solo project (here's a picture of me standing next to it -- I'm about 6'3" tall, and the tip of the tower comes in just under the carport ceiling, about 12' high).
Watch the short video presentation of the making of eiffel tower and get answers for many common questions. I personally have made this tower twice so far in 1994 and again in 2013, and the reason to repeat is simple it gives me immense satisfaction and happiness.For some people this might look simple and for some this might appear as useless and waste of time.
And third, blue fit better in the overall color scheme given what I had in mind for the other two models. It weights 7,300 tonnes, while the entire structure including non-metal weight 10,00 tonnes approxmately. Such projects require good creative skills, engineering ideas, planning and most importantly passion and patience.

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