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It is a basic idea that lets the paper boat flow at the surface of the water rather than immersing down. If you are using paper boat that is well decorated and is designed to support weight then you may like to create a taller sail or cabin in it.
There is no specific standard shape required, but low and flat, short and squat, thin and pointed paper boats can be used to let it flow on water. You can fill your boat with miniatures just as a part of decoration, or add weight to test the buoyancy then a balanced boat is the only solution. This is a common question asked by almost every kids and even some elders who need to know the answer.
One thing you must understand is the water that pushes up faster with force than paper boat pushing down.

However, you need to make sure that the sides of the boat are shaped much above the water level. You can play with the designs of paper boat and find out which one perfectly flows on water.
Also, you will want the boat to flow evenly for which require both the sides of boat to be equally shaped.
Also, ensure that the freight are placed evenly to hold the balance on all the sides to avoid capsize situation. Should you have a question, please feel free to ask it here and I'll do my best to reply promptly. A simple sheet of paper can be folded up at the edges to form good shape like shallow bowl or more complex designs like replicas of real ship.

If one side of the boat is higher than the other then it draws more possibility of capsizing the paper boat. Paper boat in this matter is buoyant when weight of the amount of water and the weight of the boat are calculated. Little Mister sank his ships within minutes… but I presume older kidlets could have oodles of fun floating them in the kitchen sink!

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