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August 2009 Cambridge painter Amy Schuyler Clarkson launched a gallery website featuring her luscious oils, lively watercolors, and layered sepias.
August 2009 Noted economist Chris McHugh has a lot to teach you about economics at Maximize Utility.
July 2009 Time-Lag Records just released a reissue of the extremely desirable and hard-to-find Lula Côrtes album, Rosa de Sangue, and Ink Pixels Paper restored the artwork and created the digital files. May 2009 The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center developed training books in conjunction with Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, Municipal Police Training Committee 2009. April 2009 Seltzer designed a new site for The Hip Pocket Orchestra and Ink Pixels Paper handled the site development. March 2009 Humanities International is a Boston-based Massachusetts non-profit corporation specializing in cultural and educational travel programs for groups of all ages — and they just launched a brand new web site.
February 2009 Partners In Health is always busy, and working on training books for HIV and TB education and prevention. January 2009 Partnering with Seltzer Design, we developed a new site for Lourie & Cutler, a Boston-based law firm.

November 2008 The Bridge Fund of Massachusetts has a new home on the internet, and a rebranded stationery suite. October 2008 Cheapo Records in Central Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts, has a new online store. September 2008 We helped Partners In Health with a series of training materials in Kinyarwanda, for use in Rwanda. August 2008 IPP assisted V Design Studio in the redesign of signage for the Cambridge Montessori School and if you're driving in the North Cambridge area, you're far more likely to notice the school now on Sherman and Garden Streets. July 2008 Judy Jetson Salon in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just launched a funky new online presence. January 2008 Radio Bookmark is growing like crazy — just added a ton of new stations. For stock artwork, I’m wild about istockphoto because it allows me to be productive quickly. Also, The Renderers are an amazing band from New Zealand, and they will be touring the United States in March, to support their new release on Last Visible Dog.

If you're interested in learning about design, I've compiled a list of books and resources that might be useful. You can also create some nice origami graphics like plane, crane, flapping bird, airplanes, origamic parrot, etc. Jen is actually notorious for her integrity, so it may seem unbelievable but you can actually trust her to find the best solutions to your puzzles.
Alternatively you can download free Origami PowerPoint templates and backgrounds like this free plane origami design.

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