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With the popularity of the Disney movie Frozen, I think a 3D Paper Snowflake Tutorial is in order. Fold each square diagonally from bottom right corner to top left corner to create a triangle. Use scissors to cut from the side with the double folds toward the single fold of the triangle. This entry was posted in Birthday, Celebrations, Crafts, DIY Decorations, Holiday and tagged 3D paper snowflake tutorial, 3D snowflake step-by-step, Frozen party decorations on January 3, 2014 by Tia Fowles. I tried making 3-D Paper Snowflake Tutorial, But It was too hard and confusing… Can you please E-mail me back with some tips for the snowflake?
The contents of this blog, including text, original photos and ideas are the sole property of the author. About DawnDawn is a social influencer and has been writing about her nerdy side since 2004. Hi April – Yes, I am a Blogger and I am sent these images to use directly from Walt Disney Pictures. Click on any of the images above to see all of the brands I've worked with - your brand could be next. 1Up Box is a Geeky subscription box service that will deliver Geeky goods to your door each month. By now, everyone knows how to make a tissue paper pom pom (thank you Martha Stewart), we just adapted the idea into a beautiful flower for Mother’s Day!
Then, as you would with any pom pom, I accordion folded it, rounded off the ends of the yellow tissue paper and tied a string around the center. Then instead of pulling the layers away from the center to create a round pom pom, I just pulled them all to the same side so there is a flat back.
I rolled a bamboo skewer in some green tissue paper and cut out some leafs from the extra to glue onto the stem.

This entry was posted in Gift Ideas, Mother's Day, Printables and tagged Gift Ideas, Mother's Day, Printables on May 1, 2013 by Tia Fowles. What a great tutorial for those of long past remembering how to make a great paper airplane. I’m always looking for a great kid activity you can take on the road and this sure fits the bill! Using the crease as a guide, fold the outer corner toward the middle crease, making a small triangle.
Draw a big triangle on your board making sure that the base of your triangle is the same as your measurement in the step no.
You will need paper of different complementing designs, a round plate, scissors, glue, and a pencil. They would make the perfect activity to do at a Frozen Themed Birthday party, or decoration to turn the party room into a frozen wonderland! I have made one and it looks great but when i go to find a way to hang it, it does not look like a snow flake.. If you use my text or images in a round up, feature or any other purpose, please link back to the proper post and give credit to Events To Celebrate.
They are downloaded from the Walt Disney Pictures website and used on my site with their full permission.
1Up Box is a Geeky subscription box that is jam packed full of goodies for gamers or geeks of any age.
Or have you got another folding trick up your sleeve that I should know about to wow my kids? You will need a large piece of paper, pencil, tape measure, pair of scissors, and any colored pencils or crayons to decorate your hat. Choose two different but complementing patterns, or you can also choose to use one piece of paper with print and the other without.

These are guidelines on how you can make one.  Feel free to explore other possible ways to jazz up your creations because that is the fun part! Only one photo may be used from any given post with a link to the proper post for more details and images. Also offered will be ticked events featuring wine, beer and spirits seminars and celebrity chefs. I thought these would be really fun, affordable and doable for children in a Sunday school class, school class or your children could make them for their teachers, aunts or grandmas. Turn the paper over and roll the next paper cuts to the center in the opposite direction from the first ones and secure with a piece of tape.
Do not republish an entire post (either the text or photos) or repurpose, crop or in any other way alter my images when using them. They sell really great packets of multi-color tissue paper at the Dollar Tree and you can make several flowers from one packet.
If you love to paint, you can paint directly on the hat and personalize it.  You can also use pastel colors or plain crayons.
Last, turn the paper over again and take the remaining pieces and bring them to the center and secure with a small piece of tape. If you do feature one photo from a particular post, it may not be the collage image typically placed at the top of a post containing multiple photos with a title that is intended for pinning. If you?re making party hats, you can print the name of each guest on the hat to make it even more personalized.

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