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Step 2: Make the paper mache paste by mixing flour, about a tablespoon of salt (to help prevent mold) and enough water to make a thick paste with a consistency similar to glue. Step 3: Cover all of the balloon except the cut-away portion with strips of newspaper dipped in the mache paste.
Step 4: Once you have at least two layers of dry paper mache covering the balloon, burst the balloon and remove it from the paper mache shell. Step 5: Cover the cut away portion of the paper mache shell by layering newspaper strips as tautly as possible over the open portion. Models can be expensive, especially if you are looking for a large-scale element such as a mountain.
Step 1Find a sturdy base made of wood or cardboard that is wider than the size you want your finished mountain to be.
Step 7Puree the rest of the paper into pulp in 2- to 3-cup increments and add the pulp to the bowl. Step 11Hot-glue miniature evergreen branches, pebbles and twigs around on the mountain if you want to add trees and realistic natural details.

Be sure to use paper packing tape, as paper mache pulp will not adhere well to duct tape, rubber or clear plastic tape. Keep everything as taut and square as possible and try to make a defined line separating the top and bottom halves. If you are a hobbyist or student who needs a mountain for your model, you can save a lot of money by making a mountain yourself. Think about how steep you want it, how many peaks you want, and estimate the overall height and width. This will help hold the shape and provide a smooth, absorbent surface for the paper mache to adhere to.
I’d say the first couple of layers, in which we covered most of the balloon, took about a cup of flour. Cover this with a couple of layers of newspaper dipped in the paper mache paste and let dry. All you need to make a beautiful mountain form are scraps and supplies you probably have lying around your kitchen right now.

Pour the pureed mix into a fine sieve to drain away excess water, then place the paper mache pulp into a large bowl. It made a great, hands-on science project to which I think we’ll refer back frequently as we go through Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space this year.
With some paint and accessories you can give it a finishing touch to make it look authentic. Glue the foil structure to the base, molding it and forming it, adding more foil to it if necessary, until you are satisfied with the shape.

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