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How about letting the children make a pirate ship out of clean junk materials such as boxes, yogurt pots, straws, bottles and tops paper etc and providing them with cellotape and glue, and let their imaginations create their own masterpieces. This is a great activity that the children can use to keep all the special things in or it can be used in a treasure hunt. Dip a teabag into some water and take a plain piece of paper and dab the teabag all over it. Take a rectangular piece of paper and draw on a skull and crossed bones underneath and ask the child to colour or paint it in.
Make a sword shape out of strong card, corrugated is the best, and double up on the handle shape and glue it on the top to make it stronger. Take a piece of black paper or felt and make a patch shape that will fit over your child’s eye. When the ping pong balls would get stuck, he found a way to push them through using his tinker toys. TweetWait until you see this Pirate ship table!  My mouth dropped when I saw it and then I wanted an excuse to make something like this!

Once the paper has dried, to speed up the drying process zap it in the microwave, you can draw on a treasure map trail. Alternatively you could cut out white shapes of a skull and crossed bones and ask the child to stick it on to a piece of black paper.
Put this aside and cut out a hook shape out of strong card, make the bottom of the hook slightly longer so the child can hold on to it inside the cup and cover it in foil. Make two small holes either sides of the patch and thread a piece of elastic into each hole and tie a knot at each end. I remembered seeing this one on Pinterest, so I emailed a picture of it to my husband and asked if he would pick up a few cardboard boxes on his way home from work. These boys are so blessed to have a creative Daddy.
He really enjoyed this game and it was a great way to squeeze in a little number learning for the day, since we ditched our lesson plans in favor of creative play. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.
Cut out a rectangle shape out of card, for a lock and stick it to the front and middle of the lid.

I made a few knots on the other end, but when Little Man showed us that he could successfully pull the knots through the hole, I pinched a binder clip over the knot.
Daddy is building built-in shelves, but there are some big brothers who are famous in these parts for showing some cardboard and duct tape love. If you want to decorate your flag you could add a skull and cross bones to it with white paper and use black paper for the flag base. Your little one can then place their hand inside the cup and hold on to the piece of card inside. For example, the base of the ship can be one of the sides of the box, all you have to do is shape it and round the edges in the front. Measure the width between the two sides and the height from the top of one side to the base of the ship; cut the back piece according to those measurements.

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