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I also added it to Cuusoo, a ship the way I made it might not make a realistic set but it could increase chances of an official Flying Dutchman set eventually. I tried using original rigging pieces (link) but that just wasn't what I want it to be. And because lego strings practically only come in black (which is a color I tried to avoid as much as possible) I decided the costum rigging was the best alternative. Opptional timing system allows for an efficient loading and unloading cycle and smaller dock area.
For whatever mischief they did throughout the history, we all have this romantic image of a villain, wearing his eye patch and cool pirate hat, oftentimes with a wooden leg and, of course, the faithful talking parrot keeping an eye on the seas.

I particularly love the back of the cabian with the seaweed and bits of sea creatures attatched to it. I know you have made some fine MOC's Sebeus but I think you have really excelled yourself this time.
It includes a new (and expensive) pirate ship with cannons that can hideaway to make it look like a merchantman. Perhaps coolest of all is a special set that includes a small prison, a single masted ship (on what I call the schooner hull), and lots of figures (pirates and older styles of soldiers) and accessories.
As a kid, you cannot help but fall in love with these characters.Catch phrases like “Ahoy Mates!”, “Shiver me timbers” or “Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest!

But if you make sure to glue it back whenever some parts fall out, your child should be fine playing with it for a long long time.
I loved seing those scenes in the movies.Since there are quite a lot of wooden pirate ships to choose from, you’ll find a nice selection of them in the box below.

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