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This project was to build my own 5 string banjo on as low a budget as possible, yet still making something that looks good and sounds nice. Quarter inch cables are an essential part of just about every electric guitar rig on the planet. Through the valley, over the mountain, and across the sea, the Conch's cry echoes.To hear my conch, click here!
Swapping out pickups is one of the easiest ways to drastically change the sound of your guitar. Ever wanted a microphone to chat on skype or yahoo or aim with your friends but dont wanna buy one well heres your answer to that dilema. After my first attempt at luthiery with a Cardboard Ukulele, let's take it up a level.It's not quite a mandolin, or a banjo.
As part of my residency at the Pier 9 Workshop, I explored the analog roots of some audio effects that are very commonplace in the current digital music world. My daughter came home a few weeks ago with a science project to build a musical instrument. This is the story of the ups and downs relating to turning the kernel of an idea, into a fully fledged musical instrument. My lovely wife bought me the littlebits synth kit for Christmas, and I spent several days annoying everyone with screechy sounds. So, I had an small, child-size guitar sitting around that I had been using as a baritone ukulele.
Im entering this jnstructable into the musical instruments contest, if you like it please vote for me cos I'd love a new synth!
Introduction Hello Everyone, First, I would like to thank you for viewing my instructable. Guest625101138 Previous Member   Here is the ASM10 with canopy, prop, rudder and pilot. If you select a motor that has efficiency data it would be reasonably accurate to do performance checks with low cost multimeter.
Location: Gulf Coast USA messabout, I think Rick based his design on the Atkin tunnel-stern Seabright skiffs. To Rwatson: the Bolger's fast motorsailer does have a lot of resemblense but, as kengrome says, that is a planning design wich does not plane with 70 HP ! The Duck flat wooden boat was, as said, also part of my finds on the net which gave me the idea and confidence that what I wanted was possible.
Rick, thanks again for your work, I see you have worked on it again and made it more and more realistic.
The ASM10 is a monohull straight from Godzilla with a little licence to reduce length and make it developable. I am working on the bases that the outrigger hulls are just touching the water so do not contribute appreciably to drag.
2- Why didn't you make the aft end of the box keel a knife-edge instead of pinching it out to nothing? Wider outrigger, if needed, would contribute to increasing beam as well, a win-win situation ?
The questions raised by Kengrome, 1 and 2, are exactly the wording I was looking for, but again, I am no naval architect.
Looking forward to your inout Kengrome and Rick, and see at which point it makes sense to start a model. Location: The heights of High Wycombe, not too far from River Thames A very interesting couple of pages, taking the design process a few good steps further than earlier threads on the subject of electric boats.
The underwater lines at the stern of Narrow Boat Hadar nicely illustrate the second point Ken makes. This is why I published my ideas, since I am no naval architect, they were just ideas from reading through a lot of designs and threads here. Me, I just want the thing to work always, easy to build, no hassle with diesel engines and smells and fun for the family !
The strern treatment would be better suited to an outboard and you could knock 0.5m off the length. Guest625101138 Previous Member   You will see with Godzilla that as a hull gets heavier the optimum tends to get longer with nice rocker providing length is unconstrained. Location: Costa Rica Considering waves and loads that aren't perfectly balanced or fixed for real world use, as opposed to conditions for competitive rowing, why isn't a catamaran the first choice when it comes to electric boats?
I have thought about a CAT for a long time as an option too, and I do agree they tend to have much more usable space.
Actually the second design I did was just the hull as original posted x 2 , since I do not want high speeds or extreme condition cruising, it can be done I think. Prismatic coefficient for deep vee planing hull » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Cheap!!! When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. After looking around quite a bit, here is a PVC Kayak Cart I made from various different designs I found online to suit my needs. This instructible will get you out on the water to fish without pulling too much cash out of your pocket.
I recently purchased a 14' aluminum Springcraft with EZ loader trailer from a local classified site for $500.00. Make your own quick and easy zip tie & ply mini boat - maximum fun for the least money! Intro, Braving the elements?I'm entering this build for the 'brave the elements' contest as this project has enabled me to get out there and experience the elements in my local environment. In this part of the Greenland kayak instructable you will be getting the gunwales ready for building the deck of the kayak. Cut a patch from a shower curtain and use PVC pipe cement from your dad's garage to patch a leak in a PVC air mattress, inflatable boat, dry bag, etc.
I'm starting this topic to both log my experiments and to petition contributions and ideas from others. Spring was just starting to arrive in northern Minnesota, and after a long winter, I was getting anxious to get back out into my little wood shop and start another project.

I have a large canoe (approx 17 feet long and 4 feet wide at the middle) and more often than not I am the only one physically able to move it (at least until the wee ones get bigger MUH HAHAhahahaha). This Instructable will describe the construction of a heavy duty milk jug raft built out of recycled materials and capable of supporting over 700 lbs.
This instructible will teach you how to build a 17 foot long Greenland kayak that will weigh between 30 and 40 pounds and cost less than $300 in materials.
Have you ever stood on the shore and looked out at people boating and wished you could be out there too? Alright, Finally got a little time to do some work so I made new seats and motor box for the back of the boat.
This Instructable documents how I built a small sailing boat out of a mussel float, and advice on how to build your own! This is a small cabin boat that sleeps 1 person with lots of space and great to have for kids to play in even in the swimming pool. I tried to build the lightest and cheapest (~150€ total material bill) sail-boat I could come up with. I've been wanting to combine my two favorite hobbies - woodworking and sailing for a long time, so I thought I'd build a boat. I set out to make a simple rudder that did not cost the typical $250 but at the same time was a bit more effective than a plank on a stick.
Browsing Imgur one day I saw some guys that made a duct tape canoe, and decided to try my hand at the same. Sometimes I like to get on the water by myself and sometimes a canoe will suit me just fine.
Living in Cambridge near the historical Charles river and watching people kayak down it's length, I nurtured a growing desire to be able to interact with the natural structure on my own schedule.
Epilog Challenge VI: I have entered this into the Epilog challenge please vote on it if you like the build. If you are not looking for super-speed, or want a quiet way to fish, get around the lake, or extend your camping trips, an electric canoe is the way to go!
We haven’t really used this dinghy much in Vizag, the water here is just too polluted (and smells of ammonia and sulphur) to want to go sailing in harbour and the beach surf is too rough to risk putting to sea from the beaches. In this tutorial I will show you a quick and easy way to make a ring with recycled CDs!You can use any CDs for this (like old games or scratched music disks). How to memorize the Resistor Color Code The reason I came up with this is because in High School and in College they taught us the same offensive phrase, bad boys, etc, but Violet gives willingly. As any of you Chromecast owners will know, when you use the TV as the power supply for your Chromecast, your Chromecast will be on as long as the TV is on. After I bought my first printer and began printing for friends, I felt I could use a 2nd printer.
A levitating little Death Star in Instructables invited me to the new project with Arduino. A friend was at a yard sale and bought a facsimile antique wall telephone that was really an AM tube radio.
Got tired of replacing the lead-acid battery in a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), so put together a super-capacitor array to go in its place.
In this Instructable I will be showing you how to make a rotational casting machine using ordinary items. In this instructable I am going to show you how to make Bluetooth controled car with 2 DC motors. This is my first Instructable, so all comments are welcome (positive and negative, as long as I get feedback!).
The A R Drone comes with a 1000mAh Lipo battery, but the short flight time of this cell quickly proves frustrating. I'm going to show you how to make a guitar with your kids out of a tissue box, paper towel roll and some rubber bands! My school recently bought an £800 self build 3d printer from bits-from-bytes which works in a similar way to the rep-rap printer. Of many mind altering substances, I have found that caffeine is a good stimulant when used in small doses. Create a fun light show with your children and teach them about the attributes of light at the same time.
Once the second floor is done, we can start preparing for the floor coverings and finishes. I'm using sub-par recording software; it can't capture the true richness of the sound, so you'll have to make one and hear for yourself. As time went on, drums were made into newer and newer materials, until there were medals, plastics, and many others. It also doesn’t require any power tools to build, which makes it a perfect project for anyone who is both bored and experiencing a power outage of indefinite duration. It has been a path of numerous knock-backs and challenges, of great highs and some deep lows.
After a while I wanted more control over it, to sync it with other things, or to play it from a proper keyboard. I will give you simple instructions to follow so that you too can build your own unique instrument. I have however, like Rick stated, used the Atkin tunnel-stern Seabright skiffs design in the link as well. The benefits of efficient power storage are not far off and in a couple of years or so we'll all be unshackled from the iniquitous prices now being charged for diesel fuel.
Once you can create a good looking electric inland (occasionally coastline) vessel which is moderate in price and cheap to run, you could be in for an exponential growth !
I will plug it into FreeShip 2.6 and do some mods so I can show you what I'm thinking about, assuming the power and internet are available during the current typhoon. You can save a lot of money and build a comparable frame with as many options as you desire!
I live in a town which is surrounded on three sides by water, in the middle of a river estuary.
You will be shaping them and you will also be marking them for later installation of the deck beams.

The hardest decision was to design my own or build from a set of plans that were already available. Problem is, I had one canoe of our own, and a truck, but no canoe rack (and didn't want to drive all the way to the river with a 15 foot canoe hanging out the back). We will show step by step the entire process using materials and techniques proven over many successful rebuilds.
This project took me about four days working on and off and in a rush, so there were many corners cut and compromises made. Item's neededHot glue gunWaterproof led strip from ebay12v 6800ah lithium battery The project cost's $40 total.
It's a simple design where the boat sits inside of the loop and stays on by being pushed forward. The camp and canoeists were running into trouble keeping themselves dry while launching and retrieving the boats! Other times the weather is not suitable for a canoe, too windy, too wavy or I just want to cruise the waterways a little more efficiently. I would use the laser to help me with some really cool projects like laser cut wood objects, led illuminated signs, engraved tile and much much more. It's a kind of chronicle you write to express your thoughts, to make a summary of your activities, to compose a plan or important steps to remember and follow when it comes to different writing assignments, etc. Typically this isn't an issue, but we use an aerial to get our live TV and having the Chromecast on interrupts the signal.
I was reminded of a nice aluminum kerfmaker Instructable posted by Steliart and I thought about building it. Of course I could buy robot arm kit like MeArm and start programming, but making it from scratch teach you more.
The method uses two proximity sensor attached to the door which acts a s a counter whether a person has entered a room or not . I needed a low cost mini computer with high mobility but then i decided to make my own and i start to this project.
GIMP is a free image editing program that looks and feels like many of the higher end programs available commercially. Images are sunk into the pile of the velvet so that you get a textural as well as visual effect. It was while I had the TV mounted on the wall of my apartment, and kept the stand in the TV box, stored in my apartment building's storage room for safe-keeping—or so I thought. As such, it had many similar problems mainly models shrinking,collapsing or deforming fromuneven cooling of the part. This is one of those areas where you will be cussing yourself if your foundation is out of square.Ita€™s really important to get a good fit in the more open areas of the floor.
Ita€™s definitely a lot of work to fit each piece into place especially around toilet flanges and up against the walls.
Dennis is an awesome guy- he had a good idea and instead of starting a company, he started a movement. This is an instructable on how to play the Drum Set Pick your size drum stick Okay, so there are many sizes of drumsticks.
It's free, It's beautiful, It's ugly, fraught with nail holes, knots and cracks but in that sows ear there's a nice purse or a ukulele in this one.
This was my biggest project for my senior year in high school and was the project that I took to compete in the 2012-2013 SkillsUSA district and state conferences.
As can be seen in my original post, I had blunt sharp bow, though the underwater one could be as shown by Rick if that gives better efficiency.
Attached I have sketched something I think is easier to make and a little more in line with my original design, though it might be stupid and downgrading the performance and endurance. And can I assume that the position if these 3 areas is the base for a good weight distribution on the water, so moving the outer contact surfaces aftwards will effect the longitunidal stabililty ? From what I saw on this site there are a lot of smart people on here who can contribute to improvements whilst maintaining most of the original (above waterline) design.
I have to look at the water every time I cross a bridge or pass a lake, and I envy the people I see on the water. I haven't had to do a thing to it, but my needs have changed, and I'm considering converting it to a lounge chair for my man cave.
My tarp tent offers you a 360° view of shooting stars or thunderstorms from the safety of an ultralight, 3-season, 2 person shelter. We dona€™t put the second layer on immediately after the first layer because it can get damaged by building materials, careless workers, and weather.The second layer of flooring is called the a€?under laymenta€?.
Gaps can be filled with flooring putty to prevent uneven areas that can cause excessive wear on carpets and even make holes and bare spots.Screws help hold the sub floor and the underlayment together better than nails to prevent squeaky floors.
In fact the bow both under and above water is just like a piece of pie, so also no odd double twist for plywood. So in other words, by increaing the beam and keeping the same weight and location of the wetted areas, one could have a bigger beam without too much influence on the rest ? Some kinds of wood flooring are very expensive, so be sure to shop around for good quality, but a good price.If you go to a flooring store, the salesmen will probably try to sell you something pricey. The sheer (?) would start above waterline and from flat bar twist into a slightly inverted V shape, like the Atkin's.
But hen comes in the fact that I am new in the boatbuilding, and going for cat or tri in the first go is a little bit too much. If you have a Lowes or a Home Depot handy, any of the salespeople will help you find something of good quality thata€™s in your price range. Another option would be, and much easier to make, a flat section like Rick drawn, but make the two 'sponsoons' out of pre-cut H80 foam which one stick under the flat bottom, then glass it over with the rest. Furthermore, birthing here in the Netherlands is not optimized for CAT's, that is, the width is limited or one comes into the big boat boxes and thus overpaying.
In my 'ideal' non naval architect world, I see this as a easier to build and a positive influence on pushing the water towards the propeller, thus increasing its performance.

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