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I’m thrilled to welcome talented, London based make up artist, Tabby Casto back to Bridal Musings to share more of her bridal beauty hints and tips. Previously Tabby has shared her Top 5 Bridal Make Up Dos and Don’ts and advice on creating a flawless base that will last all day. Now it’s time for the really fun part of any make up look ~ the eyes, the lips, the blush…the colour! Don’t be afraid to use eyeliner and kohl pencil  You need to define the shape of the eye so it stands out.
However, after doing quite a few trials on many brides, I have discovered some people just can’t go without the liquid line!
That’s so true about that feeling when you wear smokey eyes out during the day, it really does feel like everyone is looking at you. Check out Tabby’s awesome make up artistry on her website and visit her blog, The Bridal Stories, where she shares bridal beauty inspiration and her top tips on wedding make up. Will you be wearing a classic red lip or throwing out the rule book and going for lots of colour?
To opt this appearance we have to use correcting pencil and tone cream, then use powder to make it still, remember our main aim is to make a porcelain face, which will look smooth. Second step is to make "doll eyes." The eyes should be quite big and expressive, please recall Audrey Hepburn make up style.
To finish your barbie makeup you have to underline your lips, as they should be plump and ideally traced.
Welke kleur camouflage, foundation, oogpotlood, oogschaduw, rouge en lippenstift je het beste kunt gebruiken, hangt af van je kleurtype en gezichtskenmerken. Dit bericht is geplaatst in Kleur en stijl en getagdblog, kleding, kleuranalyse, kleurenwaaier, kleurtype, lentetype, make-up, oogschaduw, persoonlijk advies, seizoenstype, tips, zelfvertrouwen. We use a mixture of Napoleon and MAC cosmetics to add a touch of color to go with whatever the occasion might be.
I love making tissue paper flowers, this is not a new idea but an old favorite always worth recycling.
Find a small vase, select your favorites and make a bouquet for your kitchen table or guest bathroom. Klutz makes several great books with templates and patterns for learning to make Tissue Paper Flowers. Legal stuffNorth Texas Kids is dedicated to bringing you the best in parenting resources in the North Texas area.

If you are interested in creating unique looks then firstly you have to know about your eye shape and then do things that look the best in your eyes. Down Turned Eyes: This kind of eyes creates an illusion of lassitude due to the downward angle of the outer eye corners. Heavy Lidded news: Girls with such eyes can actually create a little bit of difficulty to their owners. Deep set eyes: Such eye shapes are embedded deep in the socket, with very little increases in the eyelid.
Hooded Eyes: In such eye shapes, a small amount of skin is folded over the sack that creates an illusion of tiredness. Well, these were the five basic shapes that women have and be at any shape, you can always make your eyes look great and expressive by applying make-up in a proper way. This site is operated by Chelbis Company Limited ("Chelbis") a registered in Malta under company number C 44435. This isn’t a rule that you have to follow as lots of colours can work together, but matching two colours like this creates a very harmonious effect and will come across as classic and beautiful. There are plenty of glow enhancers which you can use under foundation (like Mac Strobe Cream or Shu Uemura Base Control) which are not too metallic. Anything with a glossy texture is going to slip off in a few hours and bleed around the lip line. If you normally wear a black liquid liner, perhaps try using a small angled brush with a black eyeshadow pressed softly along the lash line – this can give you the effect of definition and strong lashes without looking too much.
You can use peach or pink color shades and use it on cheeks, at the middle of the cheeks and cheekbones, yet don't overdo it.
The ideal option is to make permanent make up, but if you don't have time and chances to make it, then use pink, not so eye-catchy lip liner and carefully draw the outline.
We used these one year to decorate for my daughter’s birthday and they were beautiful! As at times, one might face trouble in applying proper eye shadow so that the eyes do not look tired and clumsy. As long as it is applied well and perhaps focused on just the top lash line, it can still work for a bridal look. If you have no chance to go for sunbathing, then there is always chance to make your skin browner thanks to solarium.
If you are attending party, then use bright shades, if you are on your way for a meeting then try to use a bit muted one.

You can also use wrapping paper, tissue paper, crepe paper or other light weight paper that is easy to crumple and shape.
However, the excellent option of having such eyes is that you can experiment with colours, but do not apply too much of mascara and eye liner. And, if you have such eyes and want an inspiration to try a certain look then Demi Moore and model Claudia Schiffer can be an excellent source for the same. Houd rekening met je kleurtype, gezichtsvorm en andere gezichtskenmerken voor het mooiste effect.
I think I like making tissue paper flowers the best for their bright colors and fluffy petals but be creative and have fun. As promoted on Television and internet, beauty can be achieved by applying a good load of make-up. In such kind of eyes, to enhance them one need not apply too much of eye liner on the eyelid as it will make the eyes look very small. Heavy usage of mascara is not advisable on the outer lashes and eye-liner needs to be applied with an upward twist.
Applying eye liner on a water line is not advisable and you are free to use lots and lots of mascara. Een kleuranalyse bij vrouwen vind ik daarom niet compleet zonder een persoonlijk make-up advies.
Even, I agree to this statement that make-up can bring out a lot of difference in a woman’s face.
En dan niet alleen door het effect van de make-up zelf, maar ook door het zelfvertrouwen dat ze erdoor krijgen. Once you get started, you will find excuses to make more and more flowers, they are so bright and cheerful!
There are various types of eye shapes that a woman can actually have and accordingly there are make-up tips designed. One should not just go ahead and simply copy the queens portrayed in the magazines, but set an individual identity by doing things that suits them the best.

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