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Oh, and give your self a pat on the back-- a portion of the proceeds will go to the Tony Hawk Foundation to help build skateparks around the country. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
To start you need to shape the chicken wire into whatever shape you want and start putting plaster over all of the wire. Hey here is a good idea, i just recently decided to look at how to make a fingerboard and he used veneer as a mini plywood so what you could do seeing how plywood is flexible is sanding down the ramp and then adding plywood to make it look real then add some stickers!
Sand it down with progressively finer sandpaper (probably like 100 grit to start then work your way down to 600 or something).

First you need to take apart the box and use just one section for the perfect size for the quarter pipe.
Conquer your favorite tricks Tech Deck’s replica street spots including Brookyln Banks and Hubba Hideout. Conquer your favorite tricks Tech Deck’s replica street spots like the infamous Hollywood High located at Sunset Blvd & Highland Ave in Hollywood, Calif.
Conquer your favorite tricks Tech Deck’s replica street spots including Hubba Hideout and Brookyln Banks. I agree with Noodle, you need to sand it down so it's even, and after that you need to fill the spots that have cracks, either with more plaster or with Bondo.

Then, set up your ultimate configuration by mixing and matching it with your other Tech Deck parks.
Like I said, even after that I think it needs paint or decorations, even if you just paint it a light, flat gray to look like cement. Deck with them just as you can do tricks ride unique properties of water molecules, As you probably already knowtony hawk big with them just.

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