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This photo essay documents the steps employed to make a well tuned bamboo flute in the key of E.
Although the tuner will help quite a bit, I will still have to rely primarily on tuning by ear.
I have several of these sandpaper dowels read to go - some with course paper, some with fine paper for polishing the bore.
When you lift your finger from a hole on a flute, you get a higher note as the hole effectively shortens the flute to the edge of the hole. This is deceiving in a way, because it is all the tedious marking, drilling, and enlarging that flute making and tuning is all about. Starting at the most footward hole, and working one at a time, I copied the placement and size of the holes on the Yew flute. As you can see, I'm using the running end of the thread to wrap over the top of the loop.
Like a pint-sized tug-of-war, I'm pulling the loop with my right hand and the running end with my left. I hope to shortly have either a video or sound file prepared so you can hear these flutes as well as see them.
Forgive my crappy playing, I'm just trying to learn the song and not doing so well.? I have other excuses too, but will save them for when it counts! Jim, I've tried playing those end blow anasazi style flutes but just can get a good sound out of them. There is something really cool about listening to the very flute you are making while watching the tutorial.
Sharing materials and info and just photos of what we make is what it's all about for me.
I am going to try this way before I make a split branch as Jim's excellent buildalong seems to have disapeared.

Quest, I believe that if the diameter is larger the tube will be shorter for the same note. Use the longest drill bit you have and start drilling from the center of one edge of the wooden rod.
Soak the flute in warm water for a half hour to moisten the wood and to keep it intact when you drill the holes. Heat up a small drill bit over a flame, and carefully drill through the marked blowhole and finger holes. Insert the metal rod with sandpaper secured around it into the hollowed out body to get rid of any debris.
Flutes have existed for many, many years and have been enjoyed by people with various backgrounds and lifestyles. Learn about making Native American wooden flutes with expert music training tips in this free online instrument instruction video clip. A well-crafted flute made of wood is expensive and will provide the flute's owner with years of enjoyment. Thus, we will have to make adjustments to the length of the bamboo, and the placement and size of the finger holes to reach our goal.
Flutes are tricky to tune because you can consciously (or unconsciously) bend notes considerably simply by blowing with more or less force. I continue wrapping around the flute body and over the loop until I get nearly to the end of the thread. Ken, I took your advice and posted the Youtube at the beginning so people can listen while looking at the post. Be careful to smooth the edges as much as you can inside the wood to create the hollow appearance of a flute.
After drilling, go back and reinsert the drill bit into each hole while holding it with a pair of pliers.

Insert a small drill bit secured with sandpaper around it into each of the seven holes to smooth out any ridges. Wood is an ideal material for carving flutes, but it makes it much easier if you choose a softer wood that is meant for carving, such as basswood, aspen mahogany or butternut. This will take some time because you must be careful and detailed when hollowing out the rod. Once completed, make sure you can see all the way through the flute and that the sides are even to each other. Glue a small piece of cork slightly smaller in circumference to the cap, and insert that into one of the hollow sides of the flute. Hollow out as much as you can with the drill bit on each side, then take a piece of sandpaper and secure it to the drill bit. African blackwood is used by most seasoned flutemakers and can be hard to come by and a bit expensive for the beginning flutemaker. A good piece of maple or cedar is the best place to start.2 Use a wood lathe with a boring-tool attachment. You can use a hand-bore tool, but the process involves scraping the bore and can be a lengthy process.
If you plan to make flutes as a hobby or for profit, it's wise to invest in a wood lathe. You can use acrylic paints to decorate the wooden flute, then add a clear coat of glossy lacquer for a beautiful finish to your custom-made wooden flute.Enjoy!

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