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I start by carving out a complete rough sized grip to suit your hand size & shape, bit like this baikal 53m I'm doing at the moment. Or split it in half, chopping out a section the same width as the frame, then you've got the right and left sides to fix each side, giving the best fit. I use a rasp file to rough out, then a half round ########## file to get near, then emery paper.
Air Arms S400 Classic - Hawke Airmax 3-9x40 AO MAP6, SMK QB78 DL - JSR 4x40 Mildot ill.El Gamo ASI sniper, BSA Airsporter MkVI. I still find an electric drill and some small, very sharp, chisels are the best for inletting for the pistol frame, the lower speed does not burnt the wood as much as the Dremel. Dont buy the B&Q own-brand sanding drums, the glue melts when they get hot and the abrasive band unwinds explosively. Think twice - cut once, its easy to take wood off and difficult to put it back (but Ronseal wood in a tube is great for life's little mistakes). Important: Opinions expressed are not necessarily the opinions of the AirgunBBS or any individuals directly or indirectly involved in this website or the companies and individuals associated with it.
Originally Posted By packinheavy: Now you need to get a "holster" to sling it on your back pistol grip up. That looks good, looks fun to shoot too, I have an old stock that came with an 870 I just traded for, I cut it yesterday to make a pg out of it, how did you round the cut end?
Originally Posted By UNIT6639: how did you round the cut end? I mainly used a belt sander and files to shape it.
Review – Markov’s Custom AK Wood HandguardsSo What Is This All About?On June 27th, 2008, comrade Markov announced his intent to offer reproduction laminate wood sets. Yes, those are not so much of a problem, I made one while I waited for Krasni to receive the package. When I started I used knives and chisels but modern technology has prevailed and I now use a mains, variable speed, Dremel with the sanding drums.
He offered to send a sample to someone with real laminated grips to compare them with, and at the time I had a set of laminated AK74 and AKM handguards with which to compare.
At the moment the laminate layers have probably twice the thickness of soviet laminate and I need thicker wood plates to get the bottom part right (you probably noticed that the middle part on the bottom is very broad, compared to the soviet.

I had some paper human half-torso silhouette targets set up at 60yds(Had other guns with me) and with some birdshot and poor mans slugs I was hitting the target pretty easily(Well minus the spread) I had no problems hitting clay's with it, and some spent shotgun shells I would throw up in the air. My wrist felt perfectly fine afterwards. Sounds like the perfect way to knock your teeth out. The gun looks good though! The delay went towards making the wood grips as nice looking as possible, and I can’t fault that desire.
Just had to remove it and went to work. I cut the pistol grip a little differently then what I've seen online. Fortunately, I have a Polish laminate PKM stock to compare against, as well as plenty of reference photos for real Russian handguards plus my own past experiences. It caused the hole to "open" up but it feels a lot more comfortable then how the other's are. That said, if there’s any error here the fault is entirely my own.What Did I Get In The Mail?Markov sent me three items – a laminated AK74 upper, a laminated AK74 lower, and a laminated AKM lower.
However there seems to be a thick layer of clear coat over the wood that makes it so glossy on the original.
I don't even see how I could hit my face with it. ARFCOM has a disconnect with PG shotguns, while they have a limited use, they can be employed effectively. Also the guys on AKForum praised chinese wood oil for the finish, but I tried it and it basically does the same as shellac. All three pieces were honest-to-god laminate, even the upper (which was a pleasant surprise). I wanted to leave some of the old finish on so it would have that "been there done that" look.
Please remember that these are pre-production samples, and more options, finishes, and construction differences may be available.The UpperThe upper is made from several pieces of laminated wood and is bent to shape.
The wood on my sample is peeling at two places, a result of cutting the wood and having it split at the cuts. That said, the peeling is not noticeable except for up close – it’s still worth paying attention to, and after talking with Markov will be addressed in future.The AKM LowerThe AKM lower is in the Izmash style and has a nice glossy red finish. It has four vent holes which are very nicely cut, much more so than most amateur attempts I’ve encountered.

One of the hallmarks of laminate grips is the metal pinned reinforcement, which these lack. Whereas Soviet-pattern laminate wood is ‘zigged’ in the rear of the grip, towards the receiver, these reproduction grips are straight cut. The upper does not match the AKM lower in finish, or vent holes, but my understanding is that vent holes will be offered on upper handguards – at the time of sending these Markov had not finished them to his satisfaction.Photo by Z-Recto on AKFThe AK74 LowerThe AK74 lower is the same color as the AKM lower and is unvented, in the later AK74 wood style.
It shares the same inaccuracies, and one other small detail – the palmswell and relief cut are slightly out of proportion to real grips. Markov caught this detail after he sent the wood samples for my review.The Little QuirksSeveral little things caught my attention that I wish to address here, and are common to all of the items. First, the wood was obviously cut on a nice machine, but the inletting to fit retainers looks done by hand, and is less precise than the machined work. Second, the wood is very nice but several of the glue seams opened up a little in the manufacturing process, and were not repaired with tar or filled with wood paste (wood glue mixed with saw dust). Thirdly, the cleaning rod holes are only deep enough for a Marui-length rod, and not the full length rod of the VFC, DBoys, or newer CYMA AK series of AEGs.
While you can cut the VFC-style cleaning rod, that’s a rather drastic measure should one wish to return to the original furniture. Finally, the wood was solid in the Inokatsu AKM I tried the wood on but very loose on my CYMA CM040 and DBoys RK02. I shimmed it with electrical tape, but it was disappointing to have to do so in light of the obvious overall quality.Recommendations for Future ImprovementIn my opinion the best course of action to solve the fitment issue is to overcompensate for it – make the relief cut longer, allowing the end user to fit the wood as they see fit. Finally, switching to the more realistic ‘zigged’ method of construction would be ideal, if possible (I don’t know Markov’s capabilities). Finally, if stocks are possible, I feel that the complete set would be definitely worth getting.So What’s the Final Verdict, Comrades?These grips are certainly very nice, any criticism aside, and as-is I would happily pay $40-50 for them, shipping included. At the end of the day they are reproduction grips instead of the genuine furniture, and are certainly cheaper and easier to acquire once production ramps up.

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